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Marc Cherry Will Walk Down Wistera Lane, But Won't Make A Desperate Movie

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Are you watching the final season of Desperate Housewives? Good, because that is the last you are ever going to see of these ladies in one place again.

During the show's TCA panel this week, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry two very important things for long-standing fans. First, he has decided to make good on his promise and make cameo in his show's series finale. He wouldn't reveal how or what character he would be playing, but he referenced the bit being very Hitchcock, so you might actually have to keep your eyes peeled to find him.

Secondly, he confirmed that after much consideration, he's decided that there won't be a Desperate Housewives movie in the near (or ever) future. He explained that after eight years, he feels "satisfied" with the way things have worked out and more so, his vision for the final scenes of the series have come to pass and he wouldn't want to screw with that. (Also, he said, “And I’m just never sending any of these gals to Dubai." LOL)

Everything has a beginning and an end. We're sure whatever closure Marc gives his ladies will be good enough for fans. He has enough reverence for the show that he wouldn't let those who have stuck with him down.

If you don't believe us, just check out his final words from the panel (below). They are really quite touching:

People keep asking me if it’s bittersweet, and I go, “No. It’s completely sweet,” because I’m smart enough to know, when I started this ‑‑ this is my 23rd year as a professional writer ‑‑ there’s no such thing as a job that goes on forever. All good things come to an end. And I was SO fucked. I was in ‑‑ like a $100,000 in debt to my mother. I went through years without an interview for a job. No one thought I was anything. I had friends that didn’t even call for a while. And then, like, I write this script because it was my attempt to show people that I was a better writer than maybe they thought, and all hell broke loose. And right from the start, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster, but I’m smart enough, and the way my mom brought me up, I was humane enough to go, “It’s all good. Even the bad stuff is good. Even those days when I’m exhausted” ‑‑ and for those of you who saw me, I’m, like, 50 pounds thinner than I was the first season because I was stuffing carbs into my face constantly to write because I was writing so much of that first season. That’s why I was so thankful when folks like (exec producer) Bob (Daily) came along to take some of the burden off me ‑‑ that even during the bad times, it was fantastic. Even, like, when some other show comes along and it’s the hot new show, I’m like, “Good for you. Go with it, babe.” This is how this industry works. It’s like life. To everything there is a season. Our seasons are coming to an end. And so I just ‑‑ for all of us, we’re just so grateful for the ride we’ve had because not many people in this business get to experience what we have all collectively experienced. So that’s how I feel, is just grateful and looking forward to the next chapter.

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    What is up with Terri Hatcher's face in the picture?

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    whats up with all of their heads??? photoshop much?