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Brittany Murphy's Dad Sues Los Angeles Coroner; Plans Own Investigation Into The Cause Of Her Death

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It's been two year since we lost Brittany Murphy, but still, she is never far from the minds of those who loved her most. Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, especially hasn't forgotten who quickly and how strangely his daughter was taken from this world, which is why he has decided to do a little investigation of his own.

Angelo has decided to sure the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office over access to his late daughter's hair samples. In court documents, it was revealed that Brittany's father intends to reopen the case of her death and conduct his own testing, testing that will prove her demise wasn't attributed to pneumonia and anemia. The docs further stated:

"Plaintiff repeatedly voiced his concerns about these findings as being incorrect, since the testing/toxicology was incomplete and the death of Brittany Anne Murphy Monjak was never fully investigated."

Never fully investigated? That doesn't sound right? Why would they hold back any information? If the tables were turned, we'd understand, but not like this. This doesn't make any sense.

But even still, we just hope Angelo is doing this for the right reasons. Losing a child is a horrific experience, but at some point, he's going to need to find some closure. Maybe this investigation will be just that.

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12 comments to “Brittany Murphy's Dad Sues Los Angeles Coroner; Plans Own Investigation Into The Cause Of Her Death”

  1. 1

    she was great in girl interrupted. gone to soon

  2. 2

    Nothing more disgusting then a parent trying to bleed their dead kid dry by suing everyone after they die…….Amy Winehouse's father is just as bad having concert after tribute concert…your daughter was a drug addict…deal with it.

  3. 3

    Actually, Jay-Z and Beyonce didn't act like their bundle of joy was the BABY JESUS wih their THUG POSSE and all, complaints would have never been filed with the hospital.

    Ever notice how other megastars (Gwyneth, Madonna, Mariah) have babies everyday and NO INCIDENTS OR COMPLAINTS are ever filed? CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YOUR WRECK YO SELF, @S_C_ … MAJOR DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY HERE!!! LMFAO

  4. 4

    Wasn't she estranged from her Dad? If she didn't want him involved when she was alive, why is he doing this now? Purely monetary & selfish reasons…

  5. 5

    Perez, Brother you gotta start editing this stuff. There were around 3 or 4 errors on this, that's too many. I don't expect hard hitting journalism, I realize it's a gossip site, but you need to at least make half an effort to spell things correctly. Also, you should really start citing where you are getting your info from. Again, I realize this isn't hard-hitting journalism, but you need to be at least halfway professional. Thanks for reading.

  6. 6

    Man when you grow up watching someone its like you grew up with them. I was just watching her on my Sister, Sister dvds. It that the first thing she was on, or was that Clueless? Does anyone know? She will be missed.

  7. 7

    If I had to guess, she may have had H1N1. Her symptoms seem to correlate to the flu and it was in full force in 2009. I wonder if that was ruled out?

  8. 8

    i personally met angelo i talked to him many occassion. I can assure you that he isn't doing it for the money. He talked about his daughter all the time and how beautiful of the person she was. He just wants closure. Losing a child is never easy.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: trinigirl123 – The first thing I ever saw her in was a sitcom called "Almost Home" that I used to love and she was great on it! She was probably 16 at the time. I REALLY miss her. I know she's in heaven but I'd love to have her back filling my screen!

  11. 11

    Good to see a sympathetic tone for once from Perez. An apology for calling her crazy when she was alive would seem in order - I notice he still doesn't mention the Julia Davis case.

  12. 12

    Re: missmeow11 – He wants action, not money - namely release of specimens. He and Brittany's mother were divorced and naturally she got custody. How could he have been more involved in her life than he was?