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CBS Speaks Out About The Talk Firings!

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Sounds like damage control to us, but whatevs!

There's been quite a bit of speculation regarding why Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini were dropped from The Talk panel after its first season, with rumors that Julie Chen, who is married to CBS CEO Les Moonves, orchestrated the axing, but CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler has finally spoken out on the issue, and attributes it all to growing pains!

She explains:

“Any show in its first season goes through multiple changes. We were looking at a dynamic, we were looking at the quality of the commentary and we saw an opportunity [to improve the show]. The ratings have stayed virtually the same. The format may continue to evolve over time. Other talk shows have had host changes and survived as well. The most important part was the content and that the discussions have stayed spirited.”

Hmm…so long as the content and 'spirited' discussions are what Miss Chen sees fit, right?

LOLz! We kid, we kid…or not.

What do U think?? Do U like the current line-up of The Talk??

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18 comments to “CBS Speaks Out About The Talk Firings!”

  1. 1

    They basically replaced Holly with Alicia - who is just like….Holly — minus talking about kids…….and just when I thought Leah couldn't get more loud and annoying…….they replace her with an even louder, more annoying, and bigger attention seeker in Cheryl (Sheryl?) —- any way you slice it, it's an annoying show and I thought the fact that they didn't even address Holly or Leah when the new season started was classless…they just left everyone hanging - like did they thunk no one would notice or that the people who watched the show didn't warrant any sort of acknowledgment as to what was going on?

  2. 2

    Re: Gigisweeps – *****Think****** ("thunk"????!!!

  3. 3

    Oops….and I meant *think*, not thunk!! Duhr!

  4. 4

    Didn't like Holly or Leah so yeah, I am glad they are both gone. I like the show alot better than the View. Will not watch that show anymore. Can't tolerate ElizaBitch or BaBa WaWa. I DVR The Talk and if I don't like what they are talking about I fast forward. Simple as that.

  5. 5

    Leah and Holly were my favorites and I can't stand Chenbot. I much prefer The View even though I do not like Elizabeth. I will not support The Talk after the way Holly and Leah were treated.

  6. 6

    For a show that wanted to focus on a mother's perspective, they don't have all mothers any more. Of all the women, though she created it, Sara seems to the one that talks the least and doesn't contribute as much as the others. And Julie Chen is way overexposed. As for the View, get rid of Barbara and Joy and I mean tune it.

  7. 7

    Leah Remini is a joke, the way she raises her daughter is ridiculous. They let her sleep in between her parents (fine but maybe eventually you try to empower your child to sleep in their own space), putting bath-towels underneath her because she wet the bed so terribly because mom and dad laet her have as many bottles as she wanted (over 5 bottles a night) up to age of four, revolting. Then they change the towels and continue with the bottles, gross lack of parenting

  8. 8

    I have watched the talk since the first day it aired! I wanted a lively discussion of topics by a group of women which for years I got from watching The View, however after years of putting up with watching and hearing the Republican mouthpiece Elizabitch I can't stand the show any more! The Talk is a great replacement!! I was not a big fan of Holly's to begin with, and Leah I love her but would rather see her in a sitcom then talking about her husband and daughter! I love the addition of Sheryl and Alicia, andd will continue to watch the show as long as Sarah and Sharon remain on it, the minute they are both no longer part of the show I am done watching!

  9. 9

    I stopped wathing The Talk when they fired Leah and Holly. I don't like how they handled it. I'm glad ABC is putting a new show on up against it - I'll never watch The Talk again - or anything that Julie Chen is on. I watch The View every day even though they all - at one point or another - just need to shut up! Elisabeth is actually not as bad as she used to be.

  10. 10

    Rip off of The View. I watched it every now and then becoz Leah Remini was on it and she is pretty entertaining but now, I never watch.

  11. mesey says – reply to this


    I watched The Talk from the beginning! Now that Holly and Leah are gone I can't watch it anymore. I'm sorry but they were great on the show and CBS f*&ked up!

  12. 12

    I liked the 1st season better…More real people discussions and connections. Not really a fan of the added co-hosts this year -All of the co-hosts are just trying to hard. Trying to be funny (most of the time failing). Trying to be topical - sometimes it's ok, but really, they aren't real world knowledgeable of the topics (same problem with The View over the last couple years)-Yes, I read they NY Times too, doesn't mean that is what your audience is looking for in a daytime talk show. I liked that in the first season they spoke to the actual audience more about subjects that really effected them. They are not a "news" program and they are not who I am looking for that information from…they tend to take themselves too seriously and that they are absolutely right…sorry, they are not.

  13. 13

    Leah and Holly were my favorites and this is BS! If it were just the reason they gave above, then they would've addressed it and no hard feelings, but instead they didnt say a word and it was a mess! i stopped watching once those 2 left.

  14. 14

    'Never liked either Leah or Holly.RImini is best in a sitcom situation. And as a Scientologist, she just never would be fully outright with much of what constitutes her life or decision-making (and be on a daily talk show). So she was fake in that sense. Holly Robinson seems a very nice and intelligent woman. But she was so monotonous on every subject. And she did monopolize every conversation. If one TIMED her musings, she took an awful lot of airtime. The panel now is much better although Sharon Osbourne acts as though she's ready to walk. She's just not contributing much.

  15. 15

    As long as Sara Gilbert is there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then I AM THERE!

  16. 16

    Re: TruthSquad – The Talk IS Sara Gilberts idea

  17. 17

    @truthsquad - EXACTLY… CBS spoon fed us - for over a year - that this was a show about Mother's perspectives. "Friends, mothers, gathering at a table to discuss their thoughts" Then all of a sudden CBS decided to switch that up and not even give us viewers - the people they herded along to follow their "mother's" perspective - a SINGLE word as to why. Apparently CBS' viewers aren't as important to them as we may have thought we were…

    @polochic - I agree completely with your statement that had it truly been what they say it was - they would have hit that head on and dealt with it like professionals. They didn't.

    @bittersweetjudy - correction… The Talk WAS Sara's idea. Sara's pitch to the network was ALL about a show from a group of mothers' perspectives. CBS killed that.

    I've kept no secret over my thoughts on this issue. I started to move on - UNTIL the Howard Stern interview. That was the first time those women EVER mentioned the cast changes - and they literally threw Holly and Leah under the bus. That spoke volumes to me about the class and character of Sharon, Julie, and Sarah.

  18. 18

    Sherl Underwood became the black woman replacing Holly Robinson Peete. This is what they thought of black women until a lot of black women bombarded CBS with messages about how insulted they were. Then along comes Aisha to make up for that error. Sheryl is embarrassing to the show, but she can be funnier than anybody else on the show and she has a following. So Julie can't fire her,…yet. The sad thing is that the image of Les Moonves is tarnished because he has let his wife run him and run the show. Everybody can see it but him. The town is talking!!