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Was Kim's Car Ride With Her Mother Fake?!?!?!?

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It would be pret-ty lame if this was all staged!

Earlier this week, we saw video footage (above) in which Kim Kardashian shares a car ride with mamma Kris Jenner and confesses that she's not feeling good about her marriage to Kris Humphries.

Now, a report has been released with some evidence that the video could have been faked.

Here's some reasons why the video might not be legit:

-Windows are totally blacked out
-No visible lights and the scene has low lighting
-Scene seems contrived, and could have been staged to gain sympathy for Kim

Obviously we can't prove anything, but it's definitely suspicious!

What do U think? Is Kim's car ride with her mother total bullshiz???

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113 comments to “Was Kim's Car Ride With Her Mother Fake?!?!?!?”

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  1. 101

    yes the picture is on starstyle inc of her wearing the exact same outfit.
    same jacket, tshit, pants, red nails and hair. the picture was snapped DEC 6th the day she filmed this. IDIOT

  2. 102

    If you look at the left corner at about 1:14 sec mark you can see a door open and shut this was so staged her voice over is horrible also us magazine online has a picture of her in that same exact outfit on Dec 7th where the clearly write see was spotted leaving an LA Studio. Fake,Fake,Fake.

  3. 103

    Yeees the ride is fake, the proof is here.. h t t p :/ / djustwaiting. tumblr .com /
    Fill in the spaces of course!

  4. 104

    yes it's fake, proof is on tumblr, just search her name and FAKE lol

  5. 105

    It's so obviously fake. Look at how Kim looks at the camera quickly when she says "my relationship". Shame on E! for supporting this scam and trying to garner pity for her

  6. 106

    oh and mama kardash knows everything. THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN GARBAGE . a prime example of why abortion should be free legal and on demand!

  7. 107

    I believe it is fake.. if you have been watching it from the very first episode it shows Kim having that interview she did in Australia i think, AFTER she divorced him and the public backlash began, then it said like 6 weeks earlier or some shit and the show begins from there explaining.. which means they did edit it and have time to show scenes where Kim is coming off as the victim.. so edited..
    most of it is depressing and boring.. fuck the whole show is just showing Mason do what children do every day.. -.- Scott wanting to play piano, Kourtney having a coupon obsession? Whoever writes their shit is running out of ideas.. but yes you can tell this shit is so edited..

  8. 108

    Of course it is fake. Like, it's "like towwww-tally AWWKWARD, LIKE YEAH", that KIM (please get that fat, fake, freakishly, "ANNN-OOOOY-ING" asshole off the air) that she and her mentor, I mean mutha, are not even speaking to each other in ONE FRAME of the car ride! That egotripping, freakishy untalented, walk like a duck because your ass is the size of a Volkswagon, needs to be put in her place….SEACREST? JENNER WOMAN? Get that crap off the air now. No one should even be seeing her name in the news or anywhere for that matter. She should have hit the dumpster at the same time as Paris and her "Sloor" brigade. Enough of this boolshit already.

  9. 109

    okay ive lived in dubai for 2 years and its not unusual for cars to tinted there- they mostly are.

  10. 110

    it seemed like when she was talking and wasnt on screen that the audio and her voice changed. like instead of talking like a baby she was talking like an adult but you never see the words coming out of her mouth. It's totally fake.

  11. 111

    Re: NadiaH – oh honey… u r the ignorant one…

  12. 112

    It is fake .. When kims " talking about her feeling" why isnt the camera looking at her … Because she Dubed the voice of course , and if you notice like at 1:14 theres something weired in the left corner of the camera , and its not the front seat , cuz its gray !! She's BS , and all this young girls looking uo to her ! she F'ed up Humphries career for her own good !! , SMH

  13. 113

    Perez, proud of you for not having your head up Kim's [gigantic] ass! Yes she is a complete man-eater, irrational narcissist, and so on. Poor Kris Humphries, seems like a pretty nice man - he paid a steep price for getting on her train.

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