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Russell Brand Doesn't See The Need In Keeping A Low Profile

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You know, when most celebrity marriages end, it's like pulling teeth to get the broken hearted pair out into the light of day. They insist they want privacy or they take extra measure to avoid the paparazzi.

Not Russell Brand!

Like, everyday we get sent shots of him out to dinner or taking a stroll or simply just walking right into the open air for anyone to take pictures of himself. Case in point - he went to Nobu restaurant on Park Lane last night to have dinner with friends in London. Could he have picked a more conspicuous place to dine? We think not! Good thing you had those sunglasses handy to shield your eyes from the blinding lights of photog flashes.

Just because you're a whole country away from your problems doesn't mean the problems won't follow you, Russ.

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Russell Brand Doesn't See The Need In Keeping A Low Profile”

  1. 1

    Why should he hide? he did nothing wrong, just something that happens in every day life to every other person on this planet.Atleast he's not spouting his mouth off about it

  2. 2

    rusell seems like he wasnt the fault of the marriage

  3. Mayle says – reply to this


    why is he suppose to hide? let him live and do what he wants. as far as we know he did not have an affair, he is just divorcing his wife… he has to eat and can do that with friends in a good restaurant if he wants to… who cares?

  4. 4

    What "problems"? He seems to be doing just fine.

  5. Wheel says – reply to this


    When is he going to lose that skinny pants look. He looks rediculous!

  6. 6

    So what? Russel should crawl into a dark cave in misery and hide forever and not get out and live his life because he just got rid of a 110pound sack of shit? Get over yourself Mario, Russel is being healthy by getting out with his mates and living. Probably the best he's felt since he married that nasty auto-tuned hack. Leave him alone.

  7. 7

    Such an oddly shaped man. Sleezy Slimey Gritty Grimey And so calculating. How clever to snag Katy's rising star then after her most successful year, dump her and collect the cash. He never loved her. Hey Russell, easy on the conditioner. Your hair is beginning to rival the Gulf Coast oil slick at its worst. #CREEP

  8. 8

    He got divorced, he didn't killed anybody! Why should he hide and what problem does he have? Tons of people divorce everyday, Perez. Stop acting as if it was the end of the world!

  9. 9

    Perez, your comments are so VERY immature. Why should he go hide out? Good grief. Just because that's probably what you'd do doesn't mean we all react like little babies. Life goes on. Grow up.

  10. 10

    Love him!

  11. 11

    It's probably quite healthy for him to go and spend time with his friends, rather than hide under a rock for the next 10 years. Like other people have said, all signs point to Katy being the reason the marriage fell apart. Russell's not shy about the fact that he's a recovering drug and alcohol addict, yet she spent a LOT of her time out partying?! If you claim to love and care for someone, enough to commit to them for the rest of your life, you can give up partying.

  12. sof says – reply to this


    Exactly why should he hide? It's quite healthy to spend time with friends when going through a hard time. That's what normal people do when dealing with break ups. What's with double standards?

  13. 13

    and life goes on.

  14. 14

    How did people know Katy was frolicking with friends on the beaches of Hawaii and not with her husband and family. Because she was. If RB did s/thing bad to Katy then say it, don't try to make him look bad for going to a eatery because she is your friend.

  15. 15

    if u had a relationship with someone besides ur mom, i think u might begin to understand. life does not end becuz u r going thru a divorce. he is pictured alone, not with some babe on his arm. i believe he is being damn classy about all of this and i am not a fan, ok more of a rb fan than a ph fan!

  16. 16

    are people who are getting divorced not allowed to go out and eat with friends? lol. hasn't perry been out partying anyway? that seems way worse than eating out post divorce tbh, i don't like her.

  17. 17

    So hes supposed to be sitting there by himself and feeling sorry about himself 24/7? Good on you Russ, you know what problems that follow you, you will tackle like you have with your past problems. And he went home to his family and friends who are supporting him and helping him through it not trying to leave his problems behind. Hes been famous longer than Katy, so who cares what resturant hes going to. Sorry Perez for the fact hes living his everyday life every day like he did before and for not letting his problems shut his life down completely. Be happy hes not being bitter and stirring up shit and making this world a little less bitchy and a little more peaceful

  18. 18

    Once again your ignorant and immature comments disappoint me. There is no denying your website is the best for up to date celebrity news but you ruin all your post with these pathetic notions. Russell should be out and about and leaving the house! He should be spending time with friends. He did nothing wrong. It was clearly a joint decision to end their marriage so this is only healthy behaviour. Take your head out of Katy Perry's ass for two minutes to see that this guy is just being human.

  19. Kate! says – reply to this


    Why hide? Did he kill somenone or someone he loves is dead? Perez stop kissing Katy's ass! Russell didn't do anyrhing wrong. He went to eat with his friends! Just because he's not hiding, it doesn't mean that he's not hurting! And we know that the fail of the marriage was Katy's fault because all she cared was partying and drinking!

  20. 20

    The dude has overcome abuse, eating disorders and addiction. Do you really think divorcing that immature slapper should be the event that pushes him into depression?

  21. 21

    just because he is not faking that he's hiding, like Katy perry does, it doesn't mean he's not hurting! I'm sure he's hurting more than Katy who spend New Years eve partying. Also, we all saw the pics of her with a big smile in Hawaii! And according to Us weekly Katy is over it and wanted the marriage to end for a while. So put the blame on Katy for once, and leave Russell alone! He's is the innocent one in this story AND YOU KNOW IT!

  22. 22

    He is getting divorced; he's not running around talking about Jesus or being an asshole. Maybe one day Perez you will fall in Love, get married and sadly, the marriage won't work-THEN you will be in a position to UNDERSTAND.
    It's all quite different than taking $$$ to write fluff stories about what a great person a particular heiress is or how exceptional one (way-)overexposed loser family is…

  23. 23

    I think Katy may "repent at her leisure" with her career, and her partying with Ri etc. and posturing for the 'rents, she's going in lots of directions and was probably unable to make good on her commitment. glad russell is carrying on

  24. 24

    Hey, he's sexy and I know it.

  25. 25

    WHAT THE HELL, MARIO!??!? Katy went on holiday with friends and has been spotted ALL OVER THE PLACE! No story about her constant partying, is there? What a hypocrite you are.
    He's looked miserable when he's been out, like he is distraught over the end of his marriage, while Katy looks freaking ecstatic. You disgust me!