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Woman Sues Avis Rental Cars For Offering Gay Discounts

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After a trip to San Diego, Lynn Evenchik wasn't too happy when she found out she'd lost out on saving money.

The Arizona native is suing Avis for discrimination, claiming the gay discounts Avis offers violate California's Civil Rights Act which bans discounts based on sexual orientation.

Evenchik stated the following:

These unfair and unlawful business practices result in many consumers who are not affiliated with those organizations paying substantially higher rental rates than those made available to gay and lesbian renters

Does she have a point? Or is she just targeting the gay population?

Avis partned with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, letting members have discounts when renting cars.

This is going to be a tough case in court.

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46 comments to “Woman Sues Avis Rental Cars For Offering Gay Discounts”

  1. 1

    Guess it depends on whether you have to be gay or lesbian to join the organization.

  2. 2

    If you have to be gay to join that organization then I see her point. Why should gay people get discounts that straight people don't? That would make no sense and would warrant the lawsuit.

  3. 3

    Wow. What an ignorant lady. That's like suing for not having a "National White Pride Day". I think the idea AVIS is trying to get along is giving some benefits to a group of people so deprived already of what is owed to them.

  4. KNH01 says – reply to this


    She definitely has a point. It is completely unfair.

  5. 5

    She is right. Good for her to sue.

  6. 6

    im all for equality but if there was a discount for being straight the lgbt population would be in an uproar. its like having a white people discount, and everyone else had to pay regular rates. were all equal and we should all pay the same amount of money to rent cars

  7. 7

    She definitely has a point. What if they offered discounts for straights but not gays? That would't be fair at all. Give an inclusive discount, not one that promotes divisiveness.

  8. 8

    If it was a discount for only straight people, would you really be asking if she has a point?

  9. 9

    If AVIS is giving discounts to MEMBERS of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, then it's no different than AVIS giving a MEMBER of AAA or any other dues-paying organization that rental car companies offer discounts to. Sorry lady, not discrimination.

  10. 10

    Fuck you Perez, of course she has a point. If it were the other way around, you would be talking about how "terrible" it is. I'm not against gays at all, but I think that equal rights means equal rights, not help out the underdog.

  11. 11

    Re: angela0000 – The gay and lesbian community is deprived of car rental privileges??? I don't think so.

  12. 12

    Avis is going to lose. It's no different than offering the discount to whites only. It's discrimination.

  13. 13

    Now, if the roles were reversed, Perez would be screaming up a fucking storm. Hypocritical bastard.

  14. 14

    lot's of different people get discounts. seniors get discounts, kids get discounts, business men get discounts, triple A members get discounts, frequent fliers get discounts, women get discounts in certain bars, ect, ect….. if she's married she gets tax breaks which could be thought of as discounts which gay people in arizona don't get since they aren't allow to marry. she needs to get over herself.
    being as how she's from arizona she's probably just a uptight racist, homophobic, republican with nothing better to do then complain about something trivial. o.k. just kidding about that last part.

  15. 15

    Re: toleratingothers – Not really. Anyone can join AAA.

  16. 16

    And the member thing holds no water. What if they were giving discounts to due paying members of the KKK. Or NAMBLA (I've ALWAYS wanted to use that word in a sentence.) But it's going to test the courts, that's for sure. Could set a precedent.

  17. 17

    Now Now Gays are to be treated a minimum of equal. But since they are special there is no such thing as giving them to much.

  18. 18

    Re: AttFinch – AAA = Anyone can join. Senior citizen - Everyone grows old. Everyone is kid at one point. Business"men/women". Anyone can be a frequent flier. A bar is a private establiment, Avis is a publicly held company. Knock knock. Hello.

  19. 19

    I just looked up the iglta and anyone can join, meaning if she wanted too, this lady could join and enjoy the same benefits. As for the nglcc, is works as any other organisation that has struck a deal for a discount.

    This is just a poor excuse to make a quick dollar. It has nothing to do with "gay" discounts, as no one is getting a cheaper price by merely announcing them selves as gay at the rental desk.

    In addition to these deals, people associated with chase bank, british airways, best buy and golf holiday internationals all receive benefits.

    Avis also serves a military and veterans discount. Is she suing over this as well? If anything, she is the one discriminating.

  20. 20

    She's absolutly right. If the law states discounts based on sexual orientation, then she's got a case. And one that she will win.

    Can't have your cake and eat it too, gay community!

  21. 21

    She's absolutly right. If the law states no discounts based on sexual orientation, then she's got a case. And one that she will win.

    Can't have your cake and eat it too, gay community!

  22. 22

    This is further proof that GAYS DO NOT WANT EQUALITY. THEY WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT, ATTENTION AND SUPERIORITY. We have seen this with other minorities as well as feminist groups.

  23. 23

    everyone should be treated EQUALLY not one better than the other..either way. isn't that what we are all fighting for? EQUALITY?

  24. 24

    Ahhh. So it turns out that the discount is to an organization that supports gays and lesbians and anyone can join. She is just assuming that all of the members are gays and lesbians. She could join the organization. Of course, she couches it that the discount is for gays and lesbians, but it is no different that have a discount deal for Baptists or Boy Scouts or any other group of people. Both groups receiving the discounts do not discriminate in who can be members. All she has to due is sign up and pay any relevant membership fees. She loses.

  25. 25

    Re: adg100Re: adg100 – Actually yes it is, Anyone can join the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. Not discrimination, Case closed!

  26. 26

    Re: miz_hilton – why should AAA members get discounts. Why should the American Scooter Assoc get discounts, i am not handicap.thats not fair.also you do not need to be gay to join that gay organization just gay friendly which i do not think she is.

  27. 27

    Re: booboo1492 – uh no she is not right. It is an organization anyone can join. you could join its not like you call avis direct and say I'm gay give me a discount. They offer hundreds of discounts to groups in return those groups will market Avis to their members.simple. AAA has it, AARP has it,.im not old why should old people get that they have more money. Religious groups get it i am not religious thats discrimination against atheists. ANy idiot can go online and find a coupon for the same discount for free THINK

  28. 28

    Re: amiller – please use your head. its not a discount for being gay its a discount for being a member of that group anyone can join. even straights. Avis offers discounts to HUNDREDS of groups those groups market avis to their members in return for the discounts less advertising avis does. If NOM applied for a group discount they would get one and they are notoriously anti gay and very straight and gay people probably could not join. Now that is discrimination, except those discounts of about 20% can be had by you right now by typing AVIS coupon in your google.

  29. 29

    Re: vuwildcat – FUCK YOU idiot. they offer hundreds of discounts to many groups that people are MEMBERS of that they join you know like AAA or COSTCO anyone can join the Gay Travel Assoc you don't have to have sex with another gay person to prove it. it is not a discount for being GAY it is a discount for being a member of that organization they offer a discount for the American Scooter Assoc. you are not handicap but do you screen hey that is unfair! grow up

  30. 30

    This is stupid. Don't like it ? Go rent at some other car place… there ARE other choices.

  31. 31

    This is a pure case of anti gay baiting as i just found out that she is a TRAVEL AGENCY owner among other things. Do you know what that means? she gets a BIGGER DISCOUNT that the gay group. SUE SUE SUE she is a liar. and probably a Tea Party member

  32. 32

    Re: angela0000 – Hey dumbass, as a homo myself, it's STILL discrimination and not EQUAL rights for all. What AVIS should have done, was offered the discounts to all, but they could have marketed them heavily to the gay community. "Us" gays complain about having the same "RIGHTS" - yet we get in an up roar because a heterosexual woman is suing because she cannot bennifit because of her sexual orientation - that's just "ghey"

  33. 33

    u really don't know which way to swing do u! fucking illegals leave and we will have more money and time to deal with important issues!

  34. 34

    i believe u r the fourth biological Kardashian puto perez!

  35. fid says – reply to this


    She's absolutely right. If it were the other way around and only Straight people got discounts then I'm sure Perez and others would be in a tizzy. If you want to be EQUAL then you can't just want to benefit over others because of your status (whatever the status is). It's like a whites only discount, or a mens only discount. Unless the members of this association are paying a membership fee of some sort, that balance getting the discount. Otherwise it's totally discriminatory.

  36. 36

    She has a point, I LOVE the gay community, and most of my friends are gay, but offering discounts just because of your sexual orientation is unfair. I'm a Mexican, why don't they offer discounts for Mexicans. I'm also Jewish, why don't they give discounts to Jewish people. If you're affiliated with that organization, fantastic, more power to you. Point being its still unfair to give a discount to one organization just because you partnered up with them. If that's the case I want some discounts for my people having suffered in the past!

  37. 37

    I work for Avis and there are discounts for just about everything. Generally its cheaper to book online on your own because if you have a discount its usually attached to a higher rate and you end up paying more than someone who booked through the website or sites like priceline or hotwire

  38. 38

    "I think the idea AVIS is trying to get along is giving some benefits to a group of people so
    deprived already of what is owed to them."
    Are you serious. Seriously? Most places say they rent/supply to/etc anyone regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
    "a group of people already deprived of what is owed to them"??? Yes, I'm sure Avis, Hertz, Budget, etc have ALL been denying gays the option to rent a car!
    »» sorry, but had to answer your ignorant response, with a just as ignorant response so that when you read this you can shake your head, roll your eyes, and laugh like a crazy person! Just as I did while reading yours. Think about what you want to say BEFORE you put it down and press send. :: walks away, smh, and giggling::

  39. 39

    (Said in Fran's Voice)Great! She can marry any man she likes yet The gays only get a discount on car rentals!

  40. 40

    If someone were being denied a discount for being a member of one of those organizations, no one would question if they were being discriminated against, but because she's straight rather than gay, it becomes a question? That hardly seems right. Either we are after equality or not, but equality cuts both ways. You can't show favoritism to one group over another and think it's fair. Either gay and straight people are treated the same or we have merely traded one bias for another.

  41. 41

    You do not have to be gay to be a member and it's a partnership… not gay discount… it's like a discount for MatserCard members on a site, if you have a MasterCard good but if you don't then you do not get it. Same thing, are you apart of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (I'm sure they have like a discount code from a Newsletter or a card to prove so) you get the discount. Not because you are gay! Anybody can join because the support what they do. That lady just say a way to sue and maybe get big time money… but she is an idiot. If she called it a gay discount then she is a discriminator against sexual orientation, because it's just a promotion with an organization !!

  42. 42

    I think she has a point. Yes, maybe the organization allows anyone to join…however, it's still targeted toward one group. I have plenty of gay and lesbian friends and yet, it would never occur to me to sign up for this group, simply because I'm not lesbian. It's not AAA or anything like that or everyone knows is open to them and targets everyone, its something much more specific so I think she might have a point.

  43. 43

    This is being blown up for nothing. It is the same as getting a discount for renting a car because you have AAA, which happens all the time. However, to get the discount you have to have AAA. Same difference, to get this discount, you need to be a part of the organization that the discount is offered. From reading this it seems that the discount was offered to memebers of an organization, not just people who were gay. Now, like someone else mentioned, if you have to be gay to be apart of that group then yes she should sue.

  44. 44

    Many car rental agencies give discounts to people who are members of AARP, AAA, some instances you can get a discount because you have a Sears credit card, or something along those lines. Is that fair to those who are not members of these groups, or who doesn't hold a certain credit card? Not really but hey thats BUSINESS for ya! This lady needs to get a grip on something called REALITY and take a freakin Midol!

  45. 45

    You are the EPITOME of hypocrite, Perez. If this discount were catering to ONLY heterosexuals, you would lose your freaking mind.

  46. 46

    Actually, it's not tough at all. You don't want people discriminating against you because you're gay, so you can't discriminate against people for being straight! discrimination laws are meant to stop discrimination ACROSS THE BOARD, not just for the groups YOU advocate for, perez.