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Kris Jenner Has Some Words For Khloe Skeptics!

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kris jenner khloe biological kardashian

Mama Bear's showin' the teeth!!

If you're with the crowd who's calling Khloe a fake Kardashian, Kris Jenner has something for ya!!

Usually all smiles and sweetness with public comments, Kris gave a very firm answer to questions regarding claims that Khlo's real father isn't Robert Kardashian.

Insisting Robert is the father and Khloe is 100% Kardashian, Kris says:

I was there, I gave birth. I know who the dad was, everything's good. We're all good. Don't worry about it. Get a life.

Didja hear that!?! She's not playin!!

And we wouldn't be, either! Khloe was right! That was some low sh*t!!

If u've somehow managed to miss all the dramz we're talkin' about, click here for details! Juicy stuff!!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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41 comments to “Kris Jenner Has Some Words For Khloe Skeptics!”

  1. 1

    Kris just stfu already ! we always knew there was a can of worms but you decided to open it by bragging about your affair while married to Robert..kloe .whatever…

  2. 2

    there's nothing real about any of them

  3. 3

    Coming from a woman that lies about her appearance with all of the butchering she has done to her mug. Don't believe her for a second!

  4. 4

    "I know who the dad was". She just gave it way in that little statement. Anyway, she boned an NFL player who died of Brain Cancer in the 92. A very famous one.

  5. 5

    Hmmmmmm - why not get a DNA thingy to prove it one way or the other.
    All things considered, I am inclined to give the father the benefit of the doubt until they can prove it. Never have understood their draw. They are fat and totally untalented. They are famous for being famous - and thats it - but it is apparently quite profitable.

  6. 6

    It's widely known that Khloe does infact have a different father. The mother was a HUGE slut-pounded any weener that could advance her vain existence. Khloe has lighter hair but dies it darker. She also has to diet harder because if she didn't she would be HUGE (hint she's big bone compared to her tiny sisters) It's sad that mother was a whore and Khloe is the product of it. The mother is disgusting. I'm sure she had her legs wide open on top of her late husband's coffin.

  7. 7

    Doesn't she realize that she gave birth regardless of who the father is? Not exactly a valid argument…

  8. 8

    Oh, yeah, she really told them, didn't she? Sad thing about it is she's probably courting these rumours to gain more exposure for herself. Kristin Wiig had her character down on SNL.

  9. 9

    This family just keeps stiring things to stay in the media. They are so unimportant and yet everyday there is a story about one of them.

    OBVIOUSLY they brought this up again and OBVIOUSLY theywill stoop to anything to stay in the news. If she wanted to end it they would have a DNA test with Kourtney and Khole. That would prove it. Not some big mouthed liar saying "she is 100% Kartrashian".

  10. 10

    PS Khole is BLONDE naturally and she has nappy blonde hair, is a foot taller and has no similar features to the other 3 kids. Keep on lying Kris.

  11. 11

    "I was there, I gave birth. I know who the dad was" - She doesn't deny the fact that Robert wasn't Khloe's father, she just states that she knows who the father was/is. Even that's impressive as I don't expect much from this woman. Robert is not khloe's father, and Kris knows this. I wonder if Khloe's real father is dead or if Kris has no contact with him as she said 'was' and not 'is'.

  12. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    Who cares????

  13. 13

    Back on the payroll are you?? It's a fact this family can't tell the truth about anything… This bitch would make a great politician. She didn't address anything.. just more crap. I don't think there is any question you are the mother, it's a question of who's the daddy, which you avoided. Of course being the cheating whore you are, you most likely have at least 3 -5 picks for the daddy

  14. 14

    Well of course she was there, what a stupid statement but just because she was there doesn't mean that Robert is the dad. Get a life she says to all of us, if we did get a life bitch you would loose your gravy train. Yeah Perez, she's not playin. Whatever.

  15. 15

    "I was there" - am I missing something? How does that line, coupled with the evasive "I know who the Dad was" clear up anything?

    I don't like the Kardashian's, but I feel sorry for Khloe, as Kris is using the confusion over her own father as an excuse for more publicity.

  16. 16

    Damn, her face is starting to resemble Joan Rivers. This mothers as big a trash bag as her pee video making daughter Kim. Time for them all to drop off the face of the earth cause 2 minutes after they do that, no one's gonna remember this pathetic group or Khloee and her horse face

  17. 17

    Khloe's father is indeed the famous football player- Lyle Alzado. Go Google him and see. She looks JUST like him. The nose the expressions..EVERYTHING! Kris is being shallow and lame for not being honest with her daughter and herself….

  18. 18

    That statement does not state that Robert was the father. It simply states that she knows who the father is. So basically she is saying nothing.

  19. 19

    Perez I know you are in bed w/ the KKK's but you say tha Kris is sweetness w/ the public. She she thought Kris H was an "indian giver" if he took back the ring. HE NEVER ASKED FOR THE RING…the cards were leaking fake stories about him. Also she fakes a reality show(which everybody does I know) but also she admits to being a cheating whore on her husband. As for Khloe she did a whole show on how she didn't think she was apart of the kkk clan.

  20. 20

    the truth hurts. get a life? we have one, its watching you ang your family slowly hang yourselves. Funny, they expose soooo much of themselves and spin in in a way that is good for them but as soon as someone actually points out some flawed actions they want left alone. i would bet my life this ho still regularly sleeps around and i bet scott has even fucked her or at least got some head in one of her drunken stupers. her children constantly talk about her drinking and infer she is an alcoholic. i have no problem with it though, because we men know how easy it is to get a drunk ho to go down on you. drink up kris im sure with all that practice and being married to a bitch like bruce many more guys will b tapping that;.

  21. 21

    Proof it once and for all . No one doubts she is the mother . The father is the one in doubt.

  22. 22

    She opened the can of worms. I feel for Khloe.

  23. 23

    Re: puddinallluvbaby – Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I did the search and holy crap does she ever look like Lyle. Unbelieveable. He played for the Raiders about the same time period of when Khloe was born. She looks more like Lyle then Robert. If I was Khloe I would definetly take a paternity test. For sure.

  24. 24

    Surprised that she whored around? NO. Surprised that she can breathe through the side of her face? YES. Seriously, Kris. One more tuck and your nose is going to be behind your left ear. DARE TO AGE GRACEFULLY. You are NOT your daughters.

  25. 25

    …omg ! alzado is sasquatch !!…

  26. 26

    Oh please…I use to think KJ a smart woman. I would not put it past these people to have planted the story to try and garner sympathy since they torpedo their own careers. They care not what they say, or do which they prove time and again. All sorts of new lows in store for us while the popularity plummets.

  27. 27

    she could say that but remember Khloe is a blond she only dies her black so she can look like her sisters. Besides her mom is not gong 2 admit is she really is a kardashian, of course she was there the question is who really is the daddy? lol

  28. 28

    Re: anniebanannie51248 – I Know RIGHT!!! Her lips/mouth are even shaped like his. It is amazing the features they share. Khloe will snoop further into this I am sure because it has been heavy in the media now so she will want the truth!!

  29. 29

    The real daddy is actually O.J. Simpson

  30. 30

    Yeah, that totally didn't clear up anything. *sarcasm*

  31. 31

    that as usual was a very vague statement that didn't explain shit.. she just wants to egg this on to gain more publicity and attentions from moron people in society..

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Re: puddinallluvbaby – Aha, so her father *is* indeed dead as I thought? I looked him up, they share many physical features. So if Kris did sleep with him at that time, it would make a lot of sense.

  34. 34

    Okay so here she says it was all good but in her new book which she shills at every turn she admits that in the mid to late 80's she was having numerous affairs. So she was there, so Robert was there and stayed. Obviously someone else was there too. & If she wants people not to question it, not to talk then GET YOUR NO TALENT KIDS OUT OUR FRIGGIN FACES AND GO LIVE QUIETLY IN YOUR BUBBLE YOU STUPID BEESH>

  35. 35

    Damn, Khloe looks EXACTLY like Lyle Alzado, one of the dudes her mother bonked!

  36. 36

    OMG I kept racking my brain as to who Khole reminded me of and I saw Alzado'sphoto..she is the spitting i,ahe of him. I believe RK's ex wives. I am sure also that Rk was good to Khole but he divorced her fior cheating on him and I am sure he told he new wives that the kid was not his. If the slut had not written this say nothing book about her cheating and how she could have saved Nick Simpson this probably would never have been in the news but with people talking about the difference in the kids looks it sure helped with this storm. You look up any Armeinan famlu and you will see the kids looks just like the parent that is Amernian. Khole can thank her mother. he needs to take a DNS test with the tramp sisters and put it to rest in her own mind. BTW all humans bones are the same size , there is no such thing as big boned people. Khole is a big girl and weighs more than the rest of them, Too bad those girls got their mothers big ass and mouth and morals.

  37. 37

    Re: puddinallluvbaby – I knew this 3 years ago. It's so funny how the mother is completely bullshitting about this.

  38. 38

    I dnt believe for two seconds tht Khloe is a Kardashian she dsnt evn look like any of her siblings..kris jenner can suck it forreal tht women has lied more times thn shes had plastic surgery on her face..rumored dad is lyle alzado former nfl player and also rmumored to have been with kris before she got with robert..now i believe thts her dad cuz as soon as his pic popped up u can see the nose the mouth the forehead the eyes she gets from kris and thts where it throws u off but i strongly believe lyle is her dad..i have hated the kardashians from the momment i heard about them u got khloe the ogre kim the half whit slut kourtney the ablivious one rob the fat one tht nobody cares about kendall the one with the fuck'd up face and kylie the one tht looks like bruce before his face became frozen..if i were a friend of the kardashian i'd take hair samples from khloes hair brush and one from the others since this bitch is to scared to admit herself wrong and if she wuznt a kardashian thn i'd blast their business alll ovr the media in less thn the speed of liight

  39. 39

    I think Khloe inherit her height from her mother. Kris is tall. About the hair, sometimes it happens that one of the kids born with different hair. I have a friend her husband has black & curly hair, she herself is brunette and curly, their daughter has straight & blond hair and she is 100% their kid. There is no need to talk about who is the father of Khloe. She is a Kardashian!!! To tell the truth I hate the woman who spreaded bad news like that. That's mean and heartless. Shame on her!!!! What she ups to? 15 minutes fame? She is disgusted me. Khloe, don't be skeptical!!!! You are a Kardashian.

  40. PRH says – reply to this


    ALEX ROLDAN is Khloe's father.

  41. 41

    Now that we know OJ is Khloe is father…maybe its time to see if the glove fit Kriss… yes she had a motive…she was screwing OJ