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Nancy Grace Rips Joran Van Der Sloot's Friend A New One

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Joran Van Der Sloot is a terrible human being, if he can even be called that, and a murderer most foul.

John Ludwick is Joran Van Der Sloot's friend. Why anyone would continue to call themselves a friend to someone who has plead guilty to egregious murder makes no sense to us. Probably for the same reason that he proceeded to defend Joran and blamed the victim:

“Well she put herself in the situation Nancy, as soon as she found out who he was, she should have left, she shouldn’t have started an argument and fighting with him, and being in an isolated area, where you know.”

It was then that Nancy Grace cut off John Ludwick's mic and called him a fool for setting back victim rights.

Wow. We don't even know what to say about someone who would say those things about a murder victim. Absolutely terrible!

Watch the video above to see it all go down!

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27 comments to “Nancy Grace Rips Joran Van Der Sloot's Friend A New One”

  1. 1

    it continues to shock me how stupid americans are… you are still listening to this Nancy Grace idiot.
    its like you want the world to hate you and think your all F'ing tools. when this is what you show of your coulture.
    news worth reporting… nancy grace's death or sacking due to being an inflamatory hate spreading crazy bitch

  2. 2

    Honestly….he makes sense in one way or the other……. if you accidentaly find out, the guy you're in a hotelroom with….the obvious thing is to make an excuse and leave right away right???? not to sty and start asking a MURDERER about the girl he is being accused of MURDERING??? i think her curiousity helped her make that mistake that lead to him killing her. he's obviously at fault, but she should have left right away after finding out to put herself in safety…..i know i wouldn't wanna hang around with a murderer in his hotelroom…………..

  3. 3

    Re: sienna21 – Honestly….he makes sense in one way or the other……. if you accidentaly find out, the guy you're in a hotelroom with IS A MURDERER….the obvious thing is to make an excuse and leave right away right???? not to sty and start asking a MURDERER about the girl he is being accused of MURDERING??? i think her curiousity helped her make that mistake that lead to him killing her. he's obviously at fault, but she should have left right away after finding out to put herself in safety…..i know i wouldn't wanna hang around with a murderer in his hotelroom…………..

  4. 4

    First of all:
    As dutch citizen I am ashamed of what comes out about this man Joran.
    The sick thing is that he actually likes all this media circus. So PLEASE do not give him even more attention. It does not add to what happened and to the comfort of the family.

    Second: why does the VS make such a big mediahype of this killer? aren't there even more horrible serial killers in your american prisons? Or is it - beacause it sells ???

    The measure we condemn others , we ourselves will be condemned with.
    The Oh -how- terrible- this - monster- is" attitude doesn't sell with me.
    We all are sinners. When Jesus hung on the croos, the murderer on his side said: " Please remember me when you're in you kingdom"
    Then Jesus replied:
    " Today,.. you will be with me in paradise"

    We all have to look on ourselves.
    It is not to us to judge , but to God…

  5. 5

    Disgusting! Words cannot describe how insane and disturbing it is to see him stick up for a cold blooded murderer.

  6. 6

    He's right. We're always like "oh no the poor victim that monster!" Rather it be for rapes,etc..But then if you look at how some of the victims became victims it makes you end up calling them a dumbass. That would be like me, walking out at 2am on an empty sweet in a bad neighborhood wearing a 10,000 dollar watch..and me getting mugged. Thats me being an idiot. I would not want people saying "omg you're so lucky you didn't get shot or stabbed" I would be wanting people to call me a dumb ass. Same thing with rape victims, you go to a club alone, drink yourself into oblivion get on the subway at 2am in the morning barely conscious and you get raped..It would be her fault. It's called personal responsibility.

  7. 7

    Re: NookiesWA – people are going to tear you apart for saying that but I have to agree with you - although i think there is a difference between victim blaming and questioning a victim's stupid actions. this girl should have left the hotel room, but we also don't know exactly what happened inside the room, we only have Joran's words so who knows how reliable those are

  8. 8

    I am assuming that as soon as she saw the info she tried to high tail it out of there before she would end up murdered too…but he was able to overpower her- try to convince her of his innocence- an arguement ensued because she did not believe him- he prevented her from leaving and killed her
    sadly we will never hear from her what happened
    we only have the words of a double murderer aobut what took place in that room
    and who would believe him
    she does not deserve this
    it could have easily been your family or friend who accidentally met this psychopath and ended up dead

  9. JVE2 says – reply to this


    First- I think Nancy Grace is an idiot and I truly hate this women, she is a loud mouth and she cuts people down to make her point (even though this guys kind of deserved it but still).
    Second- Though this girl could have reacted different in her situation, we really don't know what happened in there and everyone reacts differently is serious situations. If you head was completely clear and you thought about it you would probably say to yourself hey I should probably get the hell out of here before he kills me too, but when you're in panic mood your head isn't always on straight. I don't think this girl should be remembered as the girl that made a stupid mistake and "provoked" a killer into murdering her, that's terrible news!

  10. 10

    how can she provoke him by bringing up natalie halloway if he is innocent of the Natilie halloway murder!! What a stupid fucking idiot it was vandersloot who did that horrible crime and he should be killed the same way he did her!!!!!

  11. 11

    I'm pretty sure she tried to escape after that point, but the guy is huge. She didn't stand a chance. Also, his friend is insane! Clearly he isn't ready to accept that his friend is a cold-blooded murderer. "Things happen"?!? Well, murder should never, ever "just happen". Oh man.

  12. 12

    that john ludwig douche, should be locked up himself for thinking that anyone deserves being murdered for asking a simple question. Your insane dude, i swear no one has an appreciation for "living" anymore. It utterly disgusts me, americans just keep proving to show themselves as complete ignorant idiots. First american troops urinating over talibans dead bodies which is absolutely absurd, to a man claiming a female provoked her own murder over asking what she "thought" was a friend in confiding with her. Your an idiot john ludwig.

  13. 13

    Did we expect his friend NOT to be a douche-bag???

  14. 14

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people? How can you even remotely agree with what this psychopath is saying? Just because a person is at the wrong place at the wrong time and doesn't react perfectly to ensure their safety, doesn't mean they deserve what happens to them! Some times when you're in danger your mind doesn't think rationally. Blaming the victim of something like this absurd and down right wrong. What if it were somebody you loved? Would you still be like, "Oh well! It's her own fault, she should've done things differently!!" Uh no, probably not.

    And to the girl who thinks if you get raped, than it's your own fault… Hopefully you won't ever have to go through that in your lifetime but, if god forbid you do, I sure as hell hope that on top of the pain and trauma it causes you, you don't encounter people like yourself, who look at you in disgust, and put all the blame on you because "your an idiot" and "it's called personal responsibility".

  15. 15

    he just got 28 years of jail time. good for him !

  16. 16

    ….looks like were gonna need to hire some more stalkers…..

  17. 17

    Re: Mimosa45 – it's such a big deal to americans because he is also the killer of natalee holloway, an american! all many have wanted from this man was justice and the fact that he was able to go free after such a crime is disheartening. it would be absolutely ludicrous to believe that he go free for another heinous murder. we are all sinners and we will all face judgement one day, but his crimes deserve punishment now.

  18. 18

    murder is murder people… this was a disgusting brutal murder…. I am sure she freaked out when she saw the information. and to compare a murder to getting mugged on a street..how ignorant. for the person who compared this to getting mugged….How stupid are you..yes you are an idiot …. your comparison makes nooo sense. yes you would be stupid for knowingly going out in a bad area with 10,000 watch on. This girl did not knowingly go to a hotel room with a murderer…. she found out when she got in. We only have the murderers word… i am very sure she most likely DID make an excuse to leave… or try to high tale it….. geez for those of you who agree with this person, I hope you pray at night….

  19. 19

    I think what people are failing to address here is that Nancy Grace is a moron and she is even more lame for televising this isiots point of view. Although I agree on a certain level. We as individuals are partially responsible for our own safty. How the heck did she NOT know who this guy was if she knew who Natalie was and why was she with him to begin with. I wouldnt go hangin out with Osama Bin Ladin and asking him about his whereabouts if I had a brain in my head. The fact that Nancy Grace is interviewing him and giving this man any sort of media attention is only to show once again that she is a "tough guy" and can cut someones mic and belittle them because they dont agree with her. All she did was show shocking pictures and ask him his opinion over and over again and throw in some insults! I could have done that. Award winning television by any means. Would have been a better interview if Geraldo Rivera did it!

  20. 20

    You people who agree with him disgust me. Whether or not you like Nancy Grace or not, this person is taking up valuable air space on this earth. NO ONE deserves to die–regardless of the situation If you believe that you need psychiatric help and I fear for the future of society if its made up of people like you.

  21. 21

    Re: Molly03 – Agreed!
    And this friend of Joran's seems just as crazy as the murderer himself. Somebody should probably keep a close eye on him, too. If he thinks that someone asking a simple question means that it's their fault that they get murdered, then something is seriously wrong with him. Besides, this whole story about her asking Joran about Natalie is something that Joran said happened. The guy isn't exactly trustworthy with his stories, so it could have gone down completely different. He could have just killed her for her poker chips and money (I believe this is the reason), but told everyone it's because she was snooping in his laptop. The emails she supposedly saw were never seen by the police or discovered by anyone. Yes, he could have deleted them, but there's ways the police/computer forensics experts could have found them. The poor girl was heinously murdered by a psycho, stop blaming her for her fate. God forbid anyone here ever has anything even remotely close happen to them. Don't forget to blame yourself for what's happening while the blade slices through your skin.

  22. 22

    "tell me who your friends are, and i'll tell you who you are", he probably says the same things about the women he rapes "its their fault, they asked for it", he talks like a potential killer, police should investigate him, he sounds just as insane as the other guy.

  23. 23

    obviously that guy deserves to be in prison for the full 30 years but there is no point to this interview at all. nancy doesnt let the guy talk and calls him an idiot, yes he is but he is defending his friend, and shes trying to get him to turn on him, which he clearly wont to so why keep trying? she is completeyl useless and pointless to any crime anywhere. she makes herself look like a bitch in EVERY interview she holds where she doesnt agree with the person. get her off the air just as much as get the friend off the air. SHE ISNT ALWAYS RIGHT.

  24. 24

    Nancy Grace is appalling here (and every place else, too)! If she had him on her show to begin with as his "friend", she had to know he might have a different point-of-view about him. He's not media savvy, or experienced in talking with hostile district attorney-like lawyers. He made a valid point about the victim. It doesn't lessen the crime. Nancy Grace insulting him and shutting off his mike like that was outrageous! She milks that role she plays as a bitch to the hilt, for ratings.

  25. 25

    Re: efitz86 – "i think there is a difference between victim blaming and questioning a victim's stupid actions."

    The problem is, most people are tards and considering questioning a victims stupid actions to be victim blaming. People treat those two as the same. In which they should not.

  26. 26

    I believe his friend John Ludwig is a killer too and someone needs to serve justice. he believes that his monster friend was justified in killing an inocent person becouse she made him ANGRY enough !!!! and for you Lucyintheskywithdiamonds : OKe doke Hypocrite , do us all a favor and examin your own self before you go thinking you are just about smart enough to make a judgmant an a whole country, dumb ass!!

  27. 27

    This is the real John Ludwick, Nancy grace sees every crime so one-sided, i have to support my friend to the end. And you think she ripped me, i see it as i broke her. she was completly flustered and unprofessional. And if you happened to catch the episode of her show i was on the previous week before that, then you would of seen me with a great showing when jean casarez hosted.