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9 comments to “Creepy New Facebook App Allows You To Make Postmortem Posts!”

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    I think it is actually a good idea. Especially in the case of a hospice patient or someone who is terminally ill, I think it could be very comforting for the close ones to see all of the loving messages after the person passes.

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    i also think it's a good idea. i hate the fact people die in fear, or die hearing from family "you're gonna be ok"… people are usually just left alone with their fears and die in fear. so so so inhuman… people should be able to share thoughts about their own deaths…

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    idk…. Having lost a family member and seeing their profile still on myspace is pretty painful. I wouldn't want to see fb updates on my news feed from a friend or family member who died.

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    I kinda like this idea. If I died, I would want the people that knew me near and far to hear my last farewell and know that while I was alive, they helped make my life what it was.

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    I would want my loved ones to know that I will haunt them foreverrrrrrr!!! MUUAHHAHAHHAHAHA

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    This is an interesting concept. It allows you to say good bye to the people close to you. What if you suddenly died there would be no closure for loved ones. This would give loved ones closure and allow the person to articulate thoughts into a meaningful message. This would definitely help loved ones through the grieving process and hopefully decreases rates of depression some people go through after a loved one has suddenly died. It helps people prepare for their death and come to terms with it especially in a terminally ill patient. This has the same premise as when you get married to someone and have to set up a file with valuable things such as a will, a letter to your spouse in case you died, and other important information. This could also be used as a oral will, for example, if someone where to have made a video expressing their wises in life extending measures, it could be used in the future as a will if the person were to fall into a coma or be in a vegetative state. This could have many practical uses and am very intrigued by this idea.

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    Re: kustumpainter – Totally Agree!!!!

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    I'll make one for zuckerberger!