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92 comments to “Ugh! Elton John's Hubby Is STILL Talking Shiz About Madonna!”

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    As much as I agree with him, he would have been much better off to offer his congratulations, and then keep his mouth shut.

  2. 2

    The popularity of the song has nothing to do with anything! I don't see anyone humming to Elton's song either. Mary would have been the greatest contender, but in the end it was the Hollywood forum press that voted, examined the originality of the song, from its lyrics down to the music, and Madonna came out victorious. No need to bash her win. To say she won because she attended the awards ceremony is a shitty statement; this was her first major film, whom she is very proud of, and of course she was going to attend, even if her film received two nominations. Elton had one nominee, and he showed up. No one cared. Bye.

  3. 3

    This is why I hate Elton John. Such a bad attitude and I guess his bf has one too. If he wrote halfway good music anymore he may have won…just sayin.

  4. 4

    This is just making him look like a really bad sport and a very sore loser!

  5. 5

    Shut up already. Barely anyone knows who the fuck you are dude.. Ergo, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!! Keeping making an ass of yourself. Madonna's probably laughing her ass off while she polishes her awards!

  6. 6

    why did she accept the award for someone else's song?

  7. 7

    Elton John is such a lil bitch. You didn't win. Get over it, talking shit about her winning is just stupid. Elton John = sore LOSER.

  8. 8

    A pair of petulant pansies if there ever was one.

  9. 9

    he has a point, i've never even heard of Madonnas song

  10. 10

    is this a joke? why are these queens so bitter and why are they so jealous of madonna?! lol is it because they would kill to be her…to be a woman…to know what it feels like for a woman?? is it because in canada everyone has heard the rumour that DAVID FURNISH HAS A TINY SKINNY DEFORMED COCK?? is that why elton looks sooooooooooo unhappy and bitter and ugly?? lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this ”feud” is so funny to me… madonna was right when she said, ”let the best man win”!! and she did!! these eunuch's are HYSTERCAL….mary j blige…i think it should have been whitney houston!! lollllllll :-)

  11. 11

    Oh Mario you homophobic bastard

  12. 12

    madonna peaked like 30 years ago GO AWAY ALREADY. shes so narcissistic its disgusting, MY movie MY song, yeah you didnt do it alone you fucking whore.
    mary j blige should have won 100% madonna doesnt deserve CRAP

  13. 13

    He's a bitter old queen.

  14. 14

    Everyone rants and raves. Let him if he wants to. I'd bitch too, Madonna sucks.

  15. 15

    i had never heard any of the nominated songs. i couldn't sing or hum to elton's song either. and as for her winning just because she attended and was a presenter, lot's of people attended and or presented and they didn't win. elton and his kept boyfriend are looking so bitter and ridiculous going on about this. maybe they should go cry on their friend rush limbaugh's shoulder. at least madonna's song wasn't about some animated gnome.

  16. 16

    WTF has a pillow biter famous for being married to someone got anything of worth to say about anyone or anything

  17. 17

    I hope he keeps talking crap. God knows you blamed Paula Deen for other peoples diabetes this morning.

  18. rory! says – reply to this


    I don't think she should have won, Mary should have, but he needs to sit the fuck down.

  19. 19

    Also, for a musician/ artist/ performer/ whatever you wanna call it to bash on his/her peer is just embarrassing and classless. Focus on your career.

  20. 20

    Re: edmonton – his ”husband” david furnish is also famous for having a skinny deformed tiny cock. UGH!! no wonder they're both sooooooooooo angry!! :-)

  21. 21

    I like him!

  22. 22

    Well, guess what Elton. Madonna's song is not even Oscar eligible. Stop worrying about some useless Golden Globe, and just hope that you get an Oscar nod this year.

  23. 23

    Re: ericmtlRe: Aladdin Sane – #drones lol

  24. 24

    stop licking madonna's ass perez

  25. 25

    Bitter old pig sluts!!

  26. 26

    David Furnish has been taking lessons from Kanye West– how to be an asshole.

  27. 27

    Furnie Elton and Madonna have earned the right to be B*tchy queens and act like children or not they are both icons. You sleep with and are married to an icon. Not Guy Richie, I have a career and am talented, married you are Tiaras and Tantrums married. Ride the coat tails HANG the F*ck on and shut your traphole

  28. 28

    Re: d20beckham – shut the fuck up!!

  29. 29

    Guys like David Furnish give gay men a bad name– textbook definition of a "drama queen." I'm ashamed he's from the same country as me.

  30. 30

    It's all rigged, so I'm not sure what he's so upset about. He knows this, Elton knows this, they all know this. The people are the ones who should be upset, if any. What a farce.

  31. 31

    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle

  32. 32

    Madonna clearly shouldn't have won…her movie hasn't even been released yet. That said, David needs to get over it. He's the only person on earth who takes the Golden Globes seriously…everyone else knows they're the poor man's Oscars

  33. 33

    He is such an incredible artist, I find it hard to believe he is crashing and burning over a Golden Globe award, wow. Sir Elton, try to find the high road, please.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    is he still upset about it?? and by the way…. I dont think anyone knows Elton's song either….. and for Mary J I heard the song when I watched the movie and it was good but nothing to remember… so at the end of the day they had to choose between a bunch of unkown forgettable songs and they chose Madonna… big deal

  36. 36

    Her song is pretty forgettable. It's one of those "eh" songs for me. I don't love it nor hate it. She's done better movie songs, IMO (This Used To Be My Playground, Live To Tell, I'll Remember).

  37. Aries says – reply to this


    Madonna's an asshole…lose the FAKE accent already! Oh yeah and your arms are gross

  38. 38

    Team Gaga. Thx

  39. 39

    Team David and Elton! As much as I love Madonna, I feel as if she does have this fake persona about her.

  40. 40

    All thee of them are assholes.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: bunny281 – lol!

  43. 43

    Re: GoodBoyNC – live to tell IS a masterpiece!! ;-)

  44. 44

    Re: Talia88 – david furnish and kanye both have small dicks. lolllll

  45. 45

    Re: NaughtyAngel – team david furnish? you're cute. lol :-)

  46. 46

    Re: Aries – you're against muscular arms? lol! wave those bingo arms, baby!! lolllllllllllllllllll :-)

  47. 47

    Re: all about it – elton wants to BE madonna. elton has always wanted to be a woman. he's seething and it's sooo hysterical. what about his 'husband' with the small deformed cock?! that's a husband?? he throws a hissy fit in defense of his partner, elton?!?! you can just imagine the two of them slapping each other silly when they fight!! lol :-)

  48. 48

    Re: bunny281 – you cant be serious??

  49. 49

    The fact that he is still harping about it is what's really psychotic. Get the fuck over it dude. You're rich! Or you're at least married to someone who's rich. It's been many times I have watched award shows and the person who I am pulling for doesn't win, but life goes fucking on! And if life goes on for me and I don't have a fraction of the money that these queens have, then it should definitely go on for them.

  50. 50

    He has a point in saying stick to what she is good at. As in put her energies into one area and not spreading herself so thin that nobody knows anymore what she is doing. A gilm director performing at half time. I still do not understand that.

  51. 51

    Team Elton

  52. 52

    Elton + David = two frustrated diva wannabe. Stop your pathetic words please

  53. 53

    Re: Average Jane – lol…ya might as well say #TeamDeformedDick or #TeamSlapEmSilly or #TeamLowSelfEsteem or #TeamPrincessTinyMeatZ LOLLLLLLLLLLL :-)

  54. 54

    I like Elton's music but he and his bf are bitchy bitter queens. And got to love the GaGa fans talking shit on Madonna. Fact is Madonna was fairly complementary in her comments of GaGa. When she was asked about Express Yourself/Born this Way she was honest….punish her for saying what we've all been saying for a year? It's her damn song after all. Elton bitching is one thing, David is even more pathetic…what does he do besides spend Elton's money? Madonna is just getting started this year.

  55. 55

    Re: jp1988 – thank you. madonna was actually really nice about gagales's flop this way. her fans are bullied though…so they just react. lolllllllll total losers. they are jealous of britney, of rihanna, of katy and now madonna!! so sad. as for elton and his ”husband”, well, they're having a hissy fit right about now reading our comments and slapping each other silly!! lol P.S. did you know that david furnish is famous for having a skinny deformed cock?? :-)

  56. 56


  57. 57

    your husband song sounds like a remake of a Beatles song!! you stupid fuck!!! it not the most original and even the music and the way hello is sung sounds like a Beatles rip off!!! you are really just helping Madonna more and more!! this is why she is famous because she knowS how to stay relevant, AND MAKE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HER!!

  58. 58

    Team Madonna

  59. 59

    Talking about "Bullying!"
    Move on already and just accept your defeat!
    Madonna doesn't give a rat's ass to what you are saying!

  60. 60

    Correction - film.

  61. 61

    Clearly, Team MADONNA!!!
    Those two need to get over it, he should have never said pre- show that Madonna didn't have a chance, When Madonna was told that on the red carpet she laughed and had a sense of humor, Elton was so pissed when she won , because he knew he would have to eat his own nasty words, and his sad little husband had to go off on her , cause he new Daddy was gonna be in a shitty mood for weeks. grow up up boys, your acting like stereo -typical Bitchy Queens. Congratulations Madge !

  62. 62

    im torn i love them both … the look on eltons face was priceless.. it was a little unclassy being mean about madonna but maybe he was only joking i thought until i seen round 2 then i thought ok not joking they really are annoyed but hey at least they are honest .. which is nice.. as much as im a madonna fan i dont think she should be winning any awards in this day and age ..except for maybe her films .. so im on eltons side that way as for madonnas comeback all hail the queen and hey gaga ur history get out the building ur dunzo,, and perez has dropped u too sorry au revoiur

  63. 63

    I have to say that Madonna's acceptance speech didn't seem particularly narcissistic to me. I'm not always a fan of how she talks to people, but I appreciated that she gave some insight into how the song came about. I find her to be endearing in her own way, but she just has an "aggressive" sense of humor that bothers people. Not everyone is "warm & fuzzy," and I appreciate that she doesn't try to fake being "warm & fuzzy." As for Elton and David's comments, I think the two of them should try to not take awards shows so seriously. Making music should not be about the awards. Additionally, they should refrain from commenting on Madonna's words regarding Lady Gaga. That should be left between Madonna and Gaga, in my opinion.

  64. 64

    i want to add these boys make a delicious couple going on the attack together as couples should but madonna just grows bigger with the attention up up she goes thats her style

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    You know what he should be saying to Madonna?

  66. 66

    LOL loves it

  67. 67

    img AGAIN??? get a life liitle man…. who are u to advice madonna?? u that dont even work… get a LIFE TRANNY…. desperate bitch….. madonna sticks to what she knows best…music…and she won a golden globe about music dahhhhhhh,,, and her movie is amazing..its funny when ppl get pressed they act like kids…dear i nevers aw madonna being rude at u,,,, she actually was amazing with u..saying elton was amazing and he will win next time….u are ghaving a tiny behavior…SAD… JEALOUS…. PRESSED…. AND U PLEASE GET A JOB…..

  68. 68

    lol love the fact he says i love madonna music… he says that now cause he is getting terrible reaction even from eltons fans…. i read many elton fans reaction and they are on M side…. elton and his little tranny husband should be more educated.. and who are they to criticized M work… she can do music or movies.she decides… bitch is pressed

  69. 69

    A couple of bitchy gays? There's something you never see.

  70. 70

    Re: Lady Who? – lol!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71

    elton totally wants to BE madonna. elton has always wanted to be a woman!! :-) he's seething and it's sooo hysterical. what about his 'husband' with the small deformed cock?! that's a husband?? he throws a hissy fit in defense of his partner, elton?!?! you can just imagine the two of them slapping each other silly when they fight!! lol #TinyCocks #SlapEachOtherSillyLadies :-)

  72. 72

    He is a sore loser, but he is totally right. That song is awful, it really *should* have gone to Mary J. Blige!

  73. 73

    It doesn't matter HOW you LOOSE because no matter how it happens… you are still a LOSER

  74. 74

    Re: mamaboots – mary j. who?? jiggaboo?? lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :-) get back to scrubbing those toilets, aunt jemima!!

  75. 75


  76. LLPR says – reply to this


    Hubby still talking Shiz about Grace Baine the new girl too? www.imdb.com/name/nm1140761 see what the talk is about hubby trashing her on her new green carpet at the globes see gracebainetv

  77. 77

    Sounds like sour grapes, err I mean apes, no I mean gay-pes. And these are adult men we're talking about and seniors at that. What an example they're setting… a bad one for the community - perpetuating the awful stereotype.

  78. 78

    Madonna is a stuck up bastard. Fuck her.

  79. 79

    Elton John earned 1 million dollars for playing at homophobe Rush Limbaugh's wedding. Who is that bitch to judge anybody?

    I don't care that Madonna appeared selfish and narcissistic, she wasn't the one trashing other peoples' characters. She seemed to be the reasonable one in it all.

  80. 80

    Trying to make it up to Madonna for when she got snubbed for Evita. Madonna and Elton are two of the most obnoxious, self-absorbed, childish gay men in entertainment. Someone, let's forget them.

  81. 81

    Re: mamaboots – Mary J. Bilge.

  82. 82

    Re: claire m. – the globes snubbed madonna for evita? really. u might wanna confirm that. #Turd

  83. 83

    Re: scubasteve – BEST COMMENT EVAH!! ELTON AND RUSH L.!!!!! TOO MUCH!!!! LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!! :-)

  84. 84

    Re: mal770 – lol…too true!!

  85. 85

    Re: claire m. – 4 comments? FAKE ACCOUNT!! LOLLLLLLL!!

  86. 86

    team elton and david ftw!

  87. 87

    Oh wonderful - two of the most famous gay male celebrities, not to mention of the few gay male celebrity couples - and they both act like childish babies. They whine more than a 2 year old. Picture a barbie doll between two babies and David Furnish and Elton being the babies whining because they weren't given the barbie doll - that's really all they are doing here over an award. They are whining cause Elton John has been jealous of Madonna for years dating back to when he slagged her off at the Brit Awards in 2004. She married a Brit, moved over to his territory in England and sort of took over for a little while which is the main reason why he doesn't like her. That aside, he's also extremely jealous of the fact that Madonna has outsold him in record sales and sells more tickets for her live shows.

  88. 88

    its obvious HES the jealous NARCASIST desperate one these ignorant pigs dont know what they even talking about! him and that pierce Morgan he truly has the face only a mother can love! Isnt his show about to be canceled for very low ratings? And Isnt he about to do some well deserved time for that phone hacking scandal when he was in charge of news of the world?

    its funny how bitter some of these English teabags like himself our toward Madonna all of a sudden its like they all in cohoots. Like that ELTON john and is miserable wife! Who dare to say that bullcr*ap

    But if he won then only the awareds have merit? Talked about a DELUSINAL NARCASIST!

  89. 89

    And another thing BERNIE TAUPIN WRITES ALL ELTON songs as he has done for years including the song in mentioned that lost! And Madonna has always WROTE HER SONGs and produce or co write them she writes the lyrics and melodies and her co writers write the music so get ur facts right b4 u open ur mouth to say ignorant nonsense like that! And also Madonna never SLAM GAGA! SHE WAS GRACEFUL AND POLITE U might learn A THING OR 2 FROM HER! CUZ IT WAS TROLLS LIKE URSELF AND MEDIA FOLKS WHOS TRIED TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SHE SAID SOMETHING BAD WHEN SHE DIDNT! Its also very obvious that people like u are among the jealous desperate fools that have been trying to take Madonna down and trying to replace her. Thats why u happen to be best of friend with gaga all of a sudden out of nowhere! And if one investigates this they would see that all the fools that been slamming Madonna over
    the past few years happend to be really close to gaga! So ur not fooling anyone the truth is out there u pigs! Like many people mentioned ELTON started to get mad at Madonna when she surpassed him in success and became the most successful solo artist in the would which to correct a post mentioned earlier she did in like her 8 or 9 albums Around the time confession on a dance floor came out. And right after is when ELTON started bithcing about Madonna lol

  90. bcb says – reply to this


    completely classless!!!!Elton and whatever his name is should have just congratuled the queen!!!

  91. 91

    Always at the Top, Fit as a Fiddle and Bigger than Ever — thats the Madonna i Love!!

  92. 92

    I usually cant stand ppl with big ego`s however i totally love it when someone can talk the talk and walk the walk. that`s madonna she has every right to be full of it bc she is truly unique and different….she looks healthier and hotter and sexier in her 50s then ppl in their early 20s like gaga…..ppl started hating gaga when she started acting all stuck up and full of it bc we all know its an act so its just pathetic but madonna is the real thing so u cant hate her for it