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21 comments to “J. Lo's Boyfriend Tweets Up A Storm About Their Relationship”

  1. 1

    Gross she's 18 years older than him? She may look good for her age but who knows what her vajayjay looks like after all the men she's been with :/

  2. 2

    If I follow your advice Caspah, can I too drive a nice car and fly in a jet while the world snickers at me?

  3. 3

    Oh please if she wasnt both pretty and rich he wouldnt touch her with a ten foot pole. FIve years from now when he wants babies he will find himself a younger hottie just like Ashton.

  4. 4

    LOL, omg this situation is almost identical to britney and kfeds ;love;.

    l0l0l0l omgdfgsdjfglk

  5. 5

    Cash in while you can, kid!

  6. 6

    Wow, you 3 posters are either: woman hating "men" or nasty little girls. Men go out with and marry 20 yr old girls when they are in their 50's and 60's and beyond….THAT is gross. A woman does it and you all get bent out of shape. So stupid. ZELDA1…uh how do you know how many men she's slept with…did she tell you? LAHRRY…if u were good looking and talented yes you might…if u could would u be worried about "snickers"? Doubt it. BABYCAKES…Your just so bloody jealous coz you can't get yourself a younger man. Too bad, so sad.

  7. 7

    This is a sex tape and tell-all book in the making. This guy is scum and JLo is just stupid.

  8. 8

    Re: ElleFromVan – ehhh nope, he was using the verb "to snicker (at someone / something)", not the noun describing a sweet chocolate treat.

    check yourself, then carry on defending all us women. but i recommend not wasting your precious time trying to talk sense in every trolling comment on this homepage;
    either it wasn't meant seriously, or the securtity of the internet gave them balls of steel to overexpress what they do think, or they are funny little derps who won't change their minds regardless.

  9. ozmed says – reply to this


    Save that for movies. You are a n00b and no were near Shakespeare. That just goes to show how gullible and a hopeless romantic the guy is and will be crying in a few years when he gets unceremoniously dumped.

  10. jpez says – reply to this


    In other words until her money runs out or the botox stop working

  11. 11

    Re: ElleFromVan – Wow i love u my comment disturbed u so. Its the internet and its a gossip site. Get over it its not that serious. It was just MY PERSONAL OPONION buddy. I could care less about celebrities i dont get star struck ive seen a few living in california. Theyre not a big deal as ur not a big deal :) good day. Kisses.

  12. 12

    Re: ElleFromVan


    Seriously all his messages have true and sweet words of wisdom imo! He may be good after all! We shouldn't get all judgemental on others so easily… they both are adults and they know what they're into. They have fun and look good together! BTW JLO can get ANY man she wants on this planet just with her looks! (stay pressed jealous girls! ;)

  13. 13

    Re: ElleFromVan – Let me break this down for you and @Pan since both of you are clueless. The huge difference is that the older men just throw their money at the younger girls and spoil them with gifts and vacatio trips. Jlo gives Casper a $10,000 a week allowance so they can fake it and act as if Casper is the one paying for her gifts and dinner, whenever they go out. Jlo was tired of coming out of pocket and embarassed when they would go out and she would be the one handing over the cash or credit card. This makes her look pathetic because she's being a fake and dating a guy who's Not on her financial standards, which leads to believe that she's just dating him so she can be in control.
    Ps> Not everyone who doesn't like Jlo is a hater, they just don't like her.

  14. 14

    Re: pan86beat – Then why doesn't she Find and most importantly KEEP a man who she doesn't have to give an Allowance?!? Its because she just wants a young thing she can control because if he steps out of line, he's gone. Plus, she's a mother and making her kids call Casper, "Daddy Casper", is just gross and irresponsible. Poor kids are going to see guys coming in and out of their lives. They're so young, but they see and hear everything. Truth!

  15. 15

    Perez…it's more like Sugar Mama lol
    Damn, he better be writing love notes like that since he's getting paid $10,000 a week and going on jet trips everywhere. Make it last while it can before she hops on the next dancer or maybe she'll upgrade to a stage prop manager lol who knows…

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    He writes prose for his money. Nice.
    I kid. Hell, I think she should forget the 10,000/wk and just whip out her credit card and hand it over…and smile.

  17. 17

    Re: Sweetness24 – …and you know this how? I suppose she got on the phone and informed you personally? Get a grip.

  18. 18

    Re: Sweetness24 – Ah, thank you so very much for your insightful wisdom and setting us all straight. I know all you say must be the absolute truth because you and Ms. Lopez are personal friends therefore she tells you what is going on right? Otherwise, what you are saying is "info" you gathered from other gossip rags/sites…which is JUST like getting it from the horses mouth…and I'm clueless? *eyes rolling* What's good for the goose is definitely good for the gander, hon.

  19. 19

    Re: Zelda1 – Was just commenting on your insightful comments…shouldn't have bothered, using "gross" and "vajayjay" should have tipped me off, you ARE a cute little teen aren't ya?

  20. 20

    Re: miafrea – Yes, I wasn't thinking of a snickers chocolate bar…lol…perhaps I should have said "if u could, would u be worried about people snickering?" instead of "if u could would u be worried about snickers?" I am quite familar with verbs…use them everyday in fact! NOW that we have that cleared up, can I go on defending all women? I just get sick of girls/women attacking each other while giving men passes to do whatever the hell they want…it's bizarre to me.

  21. 21

    There, that was fun, thanx all you guys for your funny and some stupid comments, love jousting with you all! Let's do it again sometime!