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Bye Bye Bionic! Xtina Talks New Album!

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After hearing about Xtina's rumored new single, we had a feeling an announcement like this was coming!

Check out the video (above) in which Christina Aguilera talks about The Voice season 2…AND about her next album!

Here's what she has to say about her upcoming release in the new Voice promo:

"I’m recording my next album right now, and I’m really excited because I find myself in a very introspective stage of my life."

"I’ve learned so much, have experienced so much, in leaps and bounds. It’s a journey of growth for me, continuously throughout my career. I’m excited to put it all down on paper through my lyrics and my voice."

Good luck, Xtina! And send us over that new single ASAP! We're very curious to hear it!

What do U think? Will Christina Aguilera's new album be better than Bionic???

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24 comments to “Bye Bye Bionic! Xtina Talks New Album!”

  1. 1

    This woman is so full of herself. Can't stand her ugly voice and ear-killing singing.

  2. 2

    Re: HereIamGuys – Sit the fuck down!! Christina has one of the best voices of our generation!!

  3. 3

    Floptina that has never been lol

  4. 4

    Re: SlaveMeh – Christina fans use that 'best voice of our generation' excuse for everything when there's no proof to support it. If she was so great, she would have sold much more, but she hasn't. If she was truly the best voice of our generation, she would have more critical acllaim, but she hasn't. So, fuck you.

  5. 5

    This chick has 3 octaves…loud, louder and screaming. If all it takes to be a great singer is to sound like you straining and do the same runs over and over on a track then she is the best there is. This cd will flop and another star has stolen her image, and is way more popular…SNOOKI. Now come watch my videos for music, comedy and edutainment~ youtube.com/mediamyselfandi

  6. 6

    Say what you want about Xtina, but girl can SING! Just listen to a few of her ballads like Beautiful and you will see! :)

    Love you Xtina! Can't wait for your new music!

  7. 7

    Re: Sweetness24 – NO, the lyrics are beautiful in the song, it isn't like she is that great of a singer. Mariah, Whitney and Beyonce could sing the alphabet and it sound good. All xtina does is holler like a bansheE…

  8. 8

    Seriously if ANYONE says Beyonce has a better voice than Aguilera is INSANE…

  9. 9

    Re: keepsitreal – mariah cannot sing anymore or at least hasnt shown us she can in years, and beyounce cannot sing. serously beyounce has a very auto tuned voice and even then she still sounds like she is yoddeling or like she is spinning around a poodle by its tail.

  10. 10

    she says this about almost every album she sings on. this one is really her b.s please non of them are her as she doesnt write the songs and that marketing trick is old

  11. 11

    She talks about season two, oh and her new album. About right. SHows you exactly where the priority to music lies with these sell outs.

  12. 12

    Re: HereIamGuys – Well she was the 2nd most succesfull female artist of the last decade behind madonna. as far as crtical acclaim…from Whitney to Aretha to Celine to Justin everyone has priased her for her voice and talent. Look it up!

  13. 13

    I'm so excited for her new material. She's gonna prove the haters wrong and slay! Show these newbies what the queen is made of! ;)

  14. 14

    She's an amazing performer, and I think her album is going to do better than Bionic. Not that Bionic was a bad album, on the contrary, it is incredibly underrated, I think people who say it's not good, haven't listened to it at all. On the other hand, even though she has sold 50 million albums all over the world, won 5 grammys and was called one of the greates 100 voices of all times by Rolling Stone magazine, I must say that considering someone good or bad just based on sales, it is pretty lame. Christina wether you like it or not is a successful singer and don't come with the poor bionic sales thing, we all know she is here to stay.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    can't wait to buy her album i love her sooo much she's my favorite singer and the one of the reasons that i love her is that she doesn't care about the bad things that people say to her so all the haters if you don't like her u don't need to tell her that or say bad things about her don't like her then we the fans don't care we love her and that's it so you better fuck the hell off and she has the best voice of our generation and all the singers said it like celine dion and justin timberlake ….. so please next time u wanna say something about her well keep it to yourself because we don't fucking care

  17. 17

    let me guess, she's so excited about it all. blah blah blah…..

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I hope she goes back to her back to basics and stripped kind of singing. She never needed auto tune like some other artists out there ahem* gaga*. I am excited to hear it cause I'm still a huge fan of hers. That album stripped got me through so many things and has to be my favorite album of all time. That is my opinion and others may say that she's not a good singer they are horribly mistaken listen to the songs on stripped the whole album and then tell me she can't sing.

  20. cuete says – reply to this


    well i have to give my opinion. there is no need to go insane and call her names, and to me bionic was the best album ever made. name one artist that can sing and perform as well well as she does. and i wish that her so call fans can stop saying i wish she would go back to her roots . her roots is bionic there she can show u how music should be done. every song in that album beats every artist. yes she screams yes she forgets words on songs. she is fucking human for god sakes! oh and she can be a bitch we all those moments ok………………..

  21. 21

    Re: keepsitreal – I'm sorry, but you really asked for it with that hateful comment. "Loud, louder, and 'screaming'" would refer (rather poorly) to dynamics, not octaves. The fact that you don't know this very elementary concept that should be understood by any 5th-grader in the country demonstrates why any music critique you provide should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, if you knew Christina's recordings well enough, you would know that she is certainly capable of singing melodies with little-to-no melisma. You would also know that she is quite capable of singing at soft and moderate dynamic levels. I really hope that you are a "tweenage" or teenage person. I would hope that an adult would know better than to shoot their mouth off like that with such little understanding of the topic at hand.

  22. 22

    Re: J.rose6 – I think that the Stripped album helped save my life when I was in college. I was in a lot of pain, and [most of] that album felt like a hug that I desperately needed. (And yes, particularly "Walk Away," "Fighter," "Cruz," "Soar," "The Voice Within," and "Keep On SIngin' My Song" from Stripped show just what Christina is capable of as a vocalist.) From what I've read and heard, it seems that her next album is going to be more along the thematic lines of Stripped. I just hope that it's really ready when she puts it out. She usually spends a *long* time on her albums, and if this one is coming out in the spring or summer, she will have spent a year or so putting it together. On the other hand, maybe she'll keep it to a typical album length of 10-14 full songs, so she won't need much time to put it together.

  23. 23

    "When you talk all I hear is Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.. Hold up, you're making no sense, You're talking out your ass.. like a waffle head, you bobblehead.. Just keep your trap shut like your mamma said.." Bobblehead - Christina Aguilera

  24. 24

    Christinas new album will be AMAZING!! Just like every other album. Will it sell 10 million coppies? Maybe, maybe not but i know her music will come from the heart and not be peer pressured to be molded into the main stream music scene we ave now.2012 will be the year of XTINA!!!