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The War Is On: "Anonymous" Hackers Shut Down MPAA, Department of Justice, RIAA & Universal Music Websites

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This one is for Megaupload!

The online group protesting SOPA known as "Anonymous" has begun their retaliation against those who seek to close off the Internet by taking down major websites.

Operatives for "Anonymous" started targeting sites of contributing corporations after Megaupload was officially shut down and four people linked to the popular file sharing website were arrested. Their first target were the Department of Justice and Universal Music Group, the largest record company in the United States. Then came the downfall of RIAA and MPAA.

And this won't be the end! In fact, one member of the movement promises “more is coming” if more isn't done to stop the attack on the web.

This is about to get ugly! No doubt, these major corporations are NOT going to stand for this kind of fight. Wonder what site will be the next casualty.

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8 comments to “The War Is On: "Anonymous" Hackers Shut Down MPAA, Department of Justice, RIAA & Universal Music Websites”

  1. 1

    Perez, try not to run your mouth about things you don't understand. Anon is more than SOPA. Hopefully, they'll take your site down.

  2. 2

    Next will be: sony.com, sony.co.jp, sonymusic.co.jp, sonymusic.com, vevo.com, sonypictures.jp, sonypictures.com, vivendi.fr, vivendi.com, CBS.com, NBC.com, ABC.go.com, Disney.go.com, CBSNews.com, cbscorporation.com, newsccorp.com, Fox.com, FoxNews.com, newsint.co.uk, Viacom.com, MTV.com, CMT.com, VH1.com, mynetworktv.com, Paramount.com, Nintendo.com, Nintendo.co.jp, xbox.com, microsoft.com, live.com, msn.com, esrb.org, theesa.com, Capcom.com, Capcom.co.jp, CNN.com, Konami.com, Konami.co.jp, EA.com, GoDaddy.com, square-enix.com, square-enix.co.jp, and any artist's website that have been signed by Sony Music and it's subsidiaries.

  3. 3

    Wait — doesn't that SUPPORT the whole argument of "protective" measures? Doesn't sound right.

  4. 4

    set julian free

  5. 5

    Re: Average Jane – Yeah, this sounds counterintuitive. It's all getting too messy, and the whole reason for the stance is getting lost in the chaos. But maybe legislators won't want the hassle and this group and its supporters will win.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Well, I guess this means the revolution won't be televised.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Newtons Third Law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".