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Sh*t People Say … About Shit People Say Videos

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Aaand it's come full circle!

People of the world: we present to you perhaps the last Sh*t People Say you'll have to see.

This is … Sh*t People Say About Sh*t People Say Videos !

BOOM! We're becoming self-aware! Yay!

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2 comments to “Sh*t People Say … About Shit People Say Videos

  1. 1

    The End.

  2. 2

    How has this not been commented on???? This is a classic Jude Move- I watch videos from my toilet allll the time! And yes I can be a bit racist. I'm Mexican/Cuban raised like a gypsy so I don't have a place called home. So I'm allowed to make fun of people & if people tell me otherwise you've just been bumped up to my shit list!