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Do You Know How Many Videos Your Eyeballs Absorb On The Internet? 23 Hours Worth!

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This is rather inneresting.

According to a study done in the month of December, in one month alone, 182 million U.S. Internet users watched 43.5 billion videos. The highest ranked site for video content watched was Google sites - which includes YouTube - with 157.2 million unique viewers. Well behind, but still impressively enough, was VEVO with 53.7 million. Yahoo! sites came in third with 53.3 million viewers. (Viacom Digital with 45.8 million and Facebook with 42 million rounded out the top five.)

But now, what do all these numbers mean? Well, the data was closely examined and it was determined that people, on average, spend close to an entire day watching videos online in a single month. If we're being exact, 23.2 hours were spent by the average person watching online video.

That means we're essentially blowing one day a month off just by watching stuff on our computers. One nearly full day. Isn't that CRAZY???

Good thing this year's a leap year!

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