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Chippendales Dude Reveals He's Gay!

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A Chippendales dancer has let the world know he is out and proud!

Jaymes Vaughan, the lead singer and emcee for the fabulous male revue came out on the pages of magazine, QVegas.

While he was already out to his family and friends, Jaymes wanted to be public about his sexuality so he could serve as a role model as one of the few openly gay entertainers in Vegas.

The Chippendaler said the following:

I hope to be able to take advantage of a platform so that my fourteen-year-old self that was sitting in Chesterfield County, Virginia, might find some hope.

The fourteen year old that had no one to look up to; whose mama told him he better not be gay; whose church told him he was going to hell; whose best friend killed himself because he didn’t “fit in.” Because he didn’t have any hope.

I thought for so long you had to cover up who you were to be successful. I’ve realized you can be more successful by being yourself.

Well said, Jaymes!

Jaymes is also lead vocalist for Show in the Sky, which is on the same night as Chippendales!

We're proud that Jaymes wants to be a role model to gay youth.

Plus he'll always have our support. Yum!

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19 comments to “Chippendales Dude Reveals He's Gay!”

  1. 1

    Is this ANY surprise?
    To ANYONE?
    Congrats though!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    NEWSFLASH— They are ALL Gay!!!

  4. 4

    A gay stripper. Who'dathunk. Groundbreaking news Hilton.

  5. 5

    Holy Shit! Stop the presses! A Gay Chippendale dancer? What fucking idiot would think any of them wouldn't be gay? PEREZ??? How stupid can you be?

  6. 6

    whoopee shit. only here would this be news.

  7. 7

    They all look pretty gay to me. HOT AND GAY.

  8. 8

    "…wanted to be public about his sexuality…"
    and that's the problem with today's society…sexuality, either gay, bi or straight, simply doesn't need to be public.

  9. 9

    Just the one???

  10. 10

    Actually almost all male strippers are straight (even the ones dancing at gay clubs).
    These are people that are personal trainers and body builders (body builders are naturally tacky so it comes off as flamboyant) and they just fall on these jobs for extra money.

    Also, male strippers are no role models, for anyone.

  11. 11

    I actually thought it was a pre-requisite….

  12. 12

    He wants to be a role model? I'm sorry, if one day I have a teenage son struggling with his sexuality, I'd much rather him look to people like Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris as role models…not a stripper.

  13. 13

    This is news why?

  14. 14

    surprise surprise all those chipendales boys are gay! HELLO
    good for him…

  15. 15

    That brought tears to my eyes! I am sure this wonderful man has given hope and pride to many young people! Its about time this world gets a clue, and understands that being gay is not a choice, and its also nothing to be ashamed of! Being out makes a person more confidendent asnd more successful! Everyone should be proud of who they are! I am a supporter of gay rights, and gay marriage!
    If we all let our loved ones know, they can be themselves and be proud, then we will give our youth power! "I am a little old Grandma of Five"

  16. 16

    Big deal. I doubt hes the first.

  17. 17

    Who the fuck is this?

  18. 18

    DUH!!! most of them are! hahaha!!

  19. 19

    Wow. The haters are comin' out (no pun intended) on this story huh? Here's the thing: You took the time to read the story, and Perez felt it was news enough to talk about it and here you are hating HARD on this guy!!! Who are YOU to pass judgement on anyone?!? This isn't an easy thing to do. Good story Perez!! Jaymes - good for you and good luck with all of your success to come! You seem like a really down to earth guy! Keep that with you! Let the haters hate…when they talk about you, it just let's you know you're on their mind. So either way……….you win. ;)