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Boo! Dane Cook Performs A 'Vicious, Misogynistic, Cruel, And Arrogant' Stand-Up Set!

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dane cook performs deplorable stand up set

Sounds like Dane is gonna need get his PR people workin' overtime to clean up this mess before his comedy series hits NBC!

Two nights ago, Dane Cook performed an impromptu stand-up set at El Lay's Laugh Factory, and both audience members AND fellow comedians were NOT impressed.

Here's what comedian Daniel Kinno had to say about it:

"Watched him spiral for 45 minutes before I left. Could have been worse, he could have done his act."

Ouchie! And here's more from YouTube star Jenna Marbles:

"Dane Cook took a s**t on everyone. Might as well have been literally."

AND here's more from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer Ali Waller:

"Glad Dane Cook stopped by the Improv tonight, otherwise I'd never hear the story about how he 'chainsaw-f***ed' a 'disgusting wh*re's c**t.'"

And here's an excerpt from comedian/actor T.J. Miller's detailed review of Dane's set:

"…And then last night, he got on stage and was vicious, misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant. He talked about not paying for an abortion. He talked about finding some wh*re to f**k to take out his anger at his ex-girlfriend. He talked about how girls would do anything for him 'because I'm me.' He got mad when people were texting. 'Dane Cook is onstage,' he said. 'Have some f***ing respect.'"

Absolutely disgusting! We'll be eagerly awaiting that apology of URs, Dane…

What do U think? Has Dane Cook jumped the shark with this deplorable stand-up set???

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Boo! Dane Cook Performs A 'Vicious, Misogynistic, Cruel, And Arrogant' Stand-Up Set!”

  1. 1

    Aw did hims say sumpin bout de gays, aww.

  2. 2

    Under an ABRAHAM FUNGUS JR. administration Dane Cook would be forced to pay a 110% entertainment tax, and immediately hauled off, for an indefinite detention at the Lindsay Lohan Correctional Center and Rehabilitation Spa.

    ABRAHAM FUNGUS JR for president………………………2012!

  3. 3

    Which means its going to be fucking awesome.

  4. 4

    What, the guy tells the truth and people go fucking insane.

  5. 5

    #1 - no, he didn't. Yet another closeted Republican on this site. The closeted ones are always obsessed with all things "gay."

  6. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    He has always been offensive, that's kinda his deal. Sometimes he does go overboard though. In one of his older videos he makes fun of handicapped people which I found distasteful. I think he just doesn't think things through all the way sometimes.

  7. 7

    He hasn't been heard from in a while so he did something over the top that people would talk about. So I'm pretty sure he succeed because you are talking about him. Now he will have more people at his next few shows to see if it happens again.

  8. 8

    Everyone can't take the truth and make it funny…….He's one of those people. He's never been funny…ever!

  9. 9

    Fuck off and keep waiting for that apology. Maybe you should go back and read some of the comments you've made about women without apologizing. But of course, you spun it saying it was your character, not you. You've never, ever taken responsibility for your actions but now expect everyone else to conform to your present self (or is that still a character)? If he came out as gay you'd be proud of him.

  10. 10

    I never thought Dane Cook was funny.

  11. 11

    He's never been funny, always hated women. What's new?

  12. mre says – reply to this


    Re: Mtl23 – Which would be fine, (I guess), if he were even remotely funny, but he isn't. He says very unfunny things for shock value more than anything else.
    I'm not even quite sure how or why he's "famous".

  13. 13

    He's not only ugly, he's stupid too.

  14. 14

    Whoever is writing the URS shit instead of typing out "yours" needs to be fucking fired. What the fuck? You're cleaner than this, Perez. Why are you letting illiterates write for you now?

  15. 15

    This guy is losing it.

  16. 16

    He's always been incredibly douche-y. The only time he's sorta-kinda funny is when he steals other comedians' material.

  17. 17

    I think he is funny! Why do people take everything a comedian says so seriously all the time.

  18. 18

    How this guy ever became successful is beyond. He is not, nor ever has been funny.

  19. 19

    I've always hated Dane Cook… not only is he not funny, but apparently he's also a jack ass

  20. 20

    He deals with the lowest denominator or class of people, the same people that find his "remarks" not even going to call them jokes, funny also find Maury and Jerry Springer high brow tv shows. He is as relevent as Andrew Dice Clay.

  21. 21

    There's a thin line between being funny and just saying shit for shock value. Dane Cook did the latter. Everyone knows that. So people need to stop saying "he's a comedian, get over it'. You can tell when someone is being a comedian, and when someone is being just pure hateful/bigot and is hiding behind the whole "comedian" persona.

  22. 22

    I've never found this twat to be funny.

  23. 23

    Re: Samilla – DITTO! Re: ohmynoooo – DOUBLE DITTO! I am not surprised that he was obnoxious. I am surprised that people went there with the assumption that he was going to be funny. The only thing remotely humorous about Dane Cook, is the fact that he is a PAID COMEDIAN!

  24. 24

    I thought his 15 minutes expired like 2, 3 years ago…

  25. 25

    " 'Vicious, Misogynistic, Cruel, And Arrogant',,,, oh, kinda like YOU

  26. 26

    Re: PeabodyJen – JUST LIKE PEEREX

  27. 27

    Never thought this idiot was funny. He's just a fucking jackass. Like most Hollywood "actors.". They are all completely out of touch and incredibly narcissistic with their ridiculous "oscars" and what not showering each other with awards and honors and patting each other on the back for a job well done..lol. Jesus get over yourself. The country would be a lot better off if California would just fall off into the ocean and rid America of these bafoons… At this point they're just rehashing shit anyway…hadn't been anything creative and original come out of Hollywood in a decade, at least. Jersey shore and Charlie sheen. That guy was your top paid tv actor at the time? Hollywood sux

  28. 28

    ok yeah he was offensive and wasn't funny like he was trying to be, but i'm not surprised at someone saying things like that. how come it's not always this appalling to people?

  29. 29

    Re: raypearson

    Genius Ray! what a reply…

    Although you a very handsome fella not much between the ears..

  30. 30

    What do U think? Has Dane Cook jumped the shark with this deplorable stand-up set???

    Nope he is fine, IT IS YOU!

  31. 31

    nbc is stupid for supporting this.

  32. 32

    Dane Cook is so untalented and unfunny, so it doesn't matter what he says.

  33. 33

    Any negative thing said about women is mostly true, all women are prostitutes..its just to what extent. Women are a rather inferior and useless gender thats never really contributed anything major to society (taking childbirth out of the equation since thats THE ONLY thing women have to use)

    Good on ya dane. Men are bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. Deal with it.

  34. 34

    Re: misscheriamor – Thats where you're wrong. Obviously what he says matters or it wouldn't of ended up on 234098 sites. Right now, people are talking and reporting on it. Failed logic.

  35. 35

    Well the idiot has to do something to get attention…fail

  36. 36

    Re: NookiesWA – You are a fucking idiot.. so sorry vagina intimidates your stupid ass.. stick to shoving your little peen in hair man ass then..btw your mother must be proud of how you speak about her.. your ugly ass wouldn't exist without a female but i'm sure after hearing how you talk, your small brain couldn't possibly understand.. don't bother replying i wont be back to read anything a pointless, worthless human being has to say xD ha pathetic vagina envy!

  37. 37

    one look at him u can see hes a rage attack waiting to happen

  38. 38

    Love me some Jenna Marbles.

  39. 39

    He's as funny as pubic lice.

  40. 40

    Re: Bloody Jenny – Jenny, don't even bother replying to comments like this, they are only made to get someone to respond. NookiesWA always makes idiotic remarks, I and most of the other posters have learned to ignore it. It's probably a 13 year old boy anyway so why bother?