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FAIL! Only 25 People Show Up To Hear Newt Gingrich Speak In Charleston!

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newt gingrich cancels speech due to poor attendance

Looks like people in South Carolina had better things to do this morning. LOLz!

Newt Gingrich was SUPPOSED to give a speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Charleston, SC this morning…but he cancelled after only 25 people showed up!

The most embarrassing part? The room reserved for Newt's speech holds 800 PEOPLE! Ouch!

Here's what Newt's campaign press manager Nathan Naidu had to say about it:

"The campaign came to a mutual agreement with the organizers that based on attendance, we would go ahead and spend more time with the children of Charleston at the children's hospital."

And here's what press liaison for the conference Erin Callanan had to say about the cancellation:

"We're disappointed but we wish him well in the rest of his candidacy. He's a presidential candidate. It's what comes with the schedule. You've got to be flexible."

This is what happens when U treat people in such a disgusting manner, Newt! The world pays attention!

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “FAIL! Only 25 People Show Up To Hear Newt Gingrich Speak In Charleston!”

  1. 1

    At this point it is pretty clear that he can't win - so why bother wasting any more time on him?

  2. 2

    Bill Clinton lied under oath about having an affair, lied to his wife about it too. Yet he's treated like a king practically. Kind of hypocritical, no?

  3. 3

    I live in Charleston and they've been calling us all WEEK about this! It doesn't help either that it's Restaurant Week which pretty much EVERYONE participates in. Oh well…

  4. 4

    Re: thebigboot – It took a while for Clinton to get back some positive response. When his indiscretions first came to light, he was treated as bad as Newt, if not worse.

  5. 5

    IM going to take a wild guess, and say this is not the whole story
    Last night the crowd was up, on their feet, and shouting and applauding Newt
    And than you say only 25 people showed up ?

  6. 6

    Re: rosebud99

    The bottom line was he still did it, so we can forgive Clinton but not Newt?

  7. 7

    I live in South Carolina, and the latest polls, as of about an hour ago, show Gingrich now in the lead over Romney. They've been running neck-and-neck all week, with Romney having a slight lead. I live in a smaller town than Charleston, and the candidates have been swarming us. So maybe most of the Charleston Republicans have already seen him.

  8. 8

    Aww did hims not center his entire speech around gay issues, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  9. 9

    Couldn't have happened to a sweeter guy.

  10. 10

    Not so fast. Newt's not out.
    Intrade has Gingrich at 70% to win in SC.
    South Carolina: Gingrich 32, Romney 26, Paul 11, Santorum 9
    Epic failure is when 20,000 union jobs on Keystone Pipeline are shut down by one man: BARACK OBUMMER
    Epic failure is when every time you go to the pump, the price of gasoline will have huge increases because one man said no to the pipeline: BARACK OBUMMER
    You vote like this only effects Republicans.
    Even you Dems can't unload your house or find new jobs.
    Prisoners all of you, just like the Republicans.

  11. 11

    He's as sleazy as the come!

  12. 12

    Re: thebigboot – the bottom line isthat gingrich who was the house speaker during the clinton blowjob scandal was leading the impeachment against clinton all the while fucking another woman other than his wife for like six years. he then left her while she was sick just like he did his first wife. now, what clinton did was definitely wrong, but gingrich is a hypocritical farce.

  13. 13

    What a fool- he should have gone and given a fantastic speech to those 25 people who took time from their lives to go see him. They were going to give him that- he should have reciprocated. That would have looked way better for him and given him the appearance of being someone who actually cares about his interested followers.
    The same goes for Any public person, whether it's political (left OR right), an author, or celebrity etc.

  14. 14

    We do not overlook Newt's many wives. We hate it.
    We support Newt because he is the most capable of engaging the enemy in, "if he brings a knife, you bring a gun" mentality, to the gun fight with Obama.
    Are Romney and Santorum to polite to get in the gutter? Perhaps.
    We are closing ranks and supporting Newt, because the media refuses to go after Obummer and decimates every single candidate we have. We miss you Sarah.
    Obummer wouldn't last a week if the press focused on him and Mochelle.
    Queen's Rules are no longer in play.

  15. 15

    Confused about what's constitutional and what's not?
    NY TIMES #1 Bestseller: "Ameritopia" by Mark Levin

  16. 16

    Re: luvs2hustle
    The U.S. Pipeline Safety Administration has not yet conducted an in depth analysis of the safety of diluted bitumen (raw tar sands) pipeline, despite unique safety concerns posed by its more corrosive properties.
    TransCanada predicted that the Keystone I pipeline would see one spill in 7 years. In fact, there have been 12 spills in 1 year. The company was ordered to dig up 10 sections of pipe after government-ordered tests indicated that defective steel may have been used. KeystoneXL will use steel from the same Indian manufacturer.
    Keystone XL will cross through America’s agricultural heartland, the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers, the Ogallala aquifer, sage grouse habitat, walleye fisheries and more.
    The agency was not adequately accounting for threats to wildlife, increased pollution in distressed communities where the crude may be refined, or increases in carbon emissions that would exacerbate climate change, and a variety of other issues.
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  17. 17

    Stephan Colbert and Herman Cain had their rally in downtown Charleston and there were HUNDREDS of people…

  18. 18

    Stupid Fat Arrogant Moral-less Fat F*CK ! True Colors are revealed…..Two-faced Pervert !

  19. 19

    He is ugly, and stupid. Really - a worthless piece of crap !

  20. 20

    Re: rosebud99 – I realize it took awhile for Clinton to get back lookingt positive but this incident with Gingrich is 20 yrs old. How long do you think the liberals will take to realize it was a LONG time ago????

  21. Rossi says – reply to this


    That's because the better, more interesting half of his bifurcated dick was in Vegas, sliming up the Lola Falana pole at the Bellagio. Meanwhile, Calista was sucking off the stumps of castrated pigs and cows in hometown Whitehall, Wisconsin, where everyone knows her name and what a whore she is.

  22. Rossi says – reply to this


    OMG!!! I just heard that Newtipoo is Khloe Karkuntian's dad. What a piece of DNA shit!

  23. Rossi says – reply to this


    How does this loser, fat fuck, windbag, piece of herpet-laden shit get women? This explains how Calista's lobotomy & glass eyes & IV drip of morphine get her through the day.

  24. 24

    Okra Panfry's Bucket-O-Wings , you said he is as sleazy as they come. Really? How about John Edwards hiring his mistress with his campaign money and knocking her up when his wife is dying of cancer? You probably forgot that one because the media didn't want to cover it. The National Equirer had to expose it because the media would not do it!

    Or how about Clinton shoving a cigar up a 20 yr olds vaja

  25. 25

    That got posted while I was still typing…wierd???? Anyway….Clinton was getting blowjobs under the desk and shooting his wad on a 20 yr old and shoving cigars up her vajayjay while his daughter and wife were in the other room.

    Do you want to still say Newt's affair from 20 yrs ago that he admitted to is really the most sleazy???? Liberals really have a wierd way to spin things.

  26. 26

    Re: Rossi – Quit lying. You are just a desperate liberal

  27. 27

    Re: Rossi – "How does this loser, fat fuck, windbag, piece of herpet-laden shit get women? This explains how Calista's lobotomy & glass eyes & IV drip of morphine get her through the day. "

    What the fuck are you talking about????? When liberals have nothing to say, they just spew attacks and nonsense as is the case here. So find some liberal forum that wants to hear your stupid comments that make no sense.

  28. KLCan says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – um maybe because Newt was one of the main people who were calling for Clinton's impeachment over his affair.. yet turns out he was doing exactly the same thing, yet wants to be president now?

    And don't be like "Well it was more because Clinton lied." It was none of anyone's business in the first place. All politicians are sluts who cheat on their wives. But the point here is Newt was one of the people sooo against the very thing he does.

  29. 29


  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well gee, and mainstream all have him winning. Hmmm.