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Prominent Spanish Lawyer Plans To Sue The FBI For Shutting Down Megaupload!

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lawyer wants to sue fbi over megaupload shutdown


Yesterday, movie streamers and music downloaders all over the world shouted "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" in unison when the FBI shut down Megaupload.com.

Now, prominent Barcelona-based Spanish lawyer Carlos Sánchez Almeida has announced his intentions to pursue legal action against the FBI over their recent move.

He's complaining that the website shutdown "endangers the legal contents stored in Megaupload, now inaccessible for company customers."

Almeida is currently recommending that Spanish users of the service "gather information about the files they may lose due to the FBI shutdown, in preparation for a legal claim."

So much Internet drama going on these days! And unfortunately, we fear it will only get worse…

What do U think? Does Carlos Sánchez Almeida have a case against the FBI???

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3 comments to “Prominent Spanish Lawyer Plans To Sue The FBI For Shutting Down Megaupload!”

  1. 1

    I am mad because I paid to use Megavideo to stream watching tv shows. >:-( If I can't use it anymore, I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fid says – reply to this


    Of course piracy needs to have laws in placed against in but SOPA/PIPA are not those laws. It's not a point of trying to protect the thieves, it's about protecting everyones civil liberties. This law allows the US government to shut down any site if they think they have anything on it that could be considered copyright infringement.

    I don't know why American's aren't noticing that NONE of their news outlets are covering this issue? Why? Because they are PRO Sopa/Pipa and therefore choose not to cover it. Is that fair and balanced news? Is that the world you want to live in, where media outlets can propagate the information they wish for you to know only?

    Without free and open internet access, you will be concealed from information. If you enjoy this type of lifestyle, you should move to China.

    I'm not American but unfortunately your country has a way of bullying other countries into following its laws. I hope for the sake of everyone, that you guys try to fight this, instead of thinking that the meagre 1% are the only ones who get to dictate laws and have personal freedoms.

  3. Lah says – reply to this


    The case is actually against Megaupload for endangering their clients content…
    …and of course there are probably Megaupload damage disclaimers…