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Suzanne Somers Reunites With Joyce DeWitt After 30 Year Feud!

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This is truly touching news!

After a 30 year rift, during which neither of them spoke, Suzanne Somers and her Three's Company co-star, Joyce DeWitt, had an emotional reunion on the former's web series Suzanne Somers Breaking Through!

As Suzanne explains:

“I was fired for [asking] to be paid what they paid the men and everybody turned on me. Yeah, it was a problem. [Then] I thought, you know, everybody’s gone from that show. John [Ritter] is dead, Norman [Fell] is dead, Audra [Lindley] is dead, the producers are all dead…It’s just me and Joyce, and we shared a moment in time that will never be again. So she comes out and it was so emotional. Here I’m looking at someone who I spent such a moment in time with and I hadn’t seen her for 30 years and she looks great – you should watch! Of course I cried. I mean, it was just like, what a waste. And then it made me think of John and how awful it is that John is gone. I still can’t believe John Ritter is gone.”

Very true! We're so happy to hear that these two were finally able to put the past in the past, and honor those involved with the classic series who are no longer with us by reuniting and celebrating each other!

We certainly cannot wait to tune in and see this for ourselves!

It's going to be a tearjerker!

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10 comments to “Suzanne Somers Reunites With Joyce DeWitt After 30 Year Feud!”

  1. 1

    Wow, she got fired over that? Shame. They sure must be feeling really fucked up for turning on her for wanting equal pay and not being a slave to the sexist rules. Too bad they aren't alive today to give her the apology that she rightly deserves. Sad times :/

  2. 2

    Bravo to Suzanne for reaching out to Joyce DeWitt. You can see 3's Company on the Cable channels. They were so funny. Why waste time anymore with a silly feud.
    Life's too short. Have fun girls.

  3. 3

    We can all thank Suzanne for standing up for women. More women need to do it. Last I checked women still make about $.75 on the $1.00 compared to men. It's ridiculous. Fight back women! I do all the time. I quit a job fighting, and will continue to do so. They told me the "male" at my office gets double my raise and bonus because he's a male and raising a family????? (I was single and only had a cat to support according to my boss). OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

  4. 4

    Kudos for Suzanne Somers for standing up for her rights. The women of today would not have gone through all that. But she landed on top. I would be upset if a man made more than me and we did the exact same job. Ah, I don't think so!! Anyhoo glad these girls are friends again.

    Peace out!

  5. 5

    the real deal was that after the first season Somers and her husband thought she was so valuable to the show that she could demand the same salary as John Ritter
    John was the star of the show- he was the one out of the 3 roommates on the sitcom with acting experience/likeability and a fan base
    Suzanne's one dimensional character Chrissy became an early fan (males primarily) favorite - thanks to outfits that showcased her body a lot more than scripts to showcase her talent (if she even had much)
    so she became full or herself thinking she was worth more than she was
    that is how it went down
    I remember it very well!
    the show called her bluff and her character became history- and for the longest time she couldn't really get work
    whatever way she chooses to remember it I really don't care
    but I do remember the truth
    she was too big for her britches
    a little like David Caruso jumping ship from NYPD Blue after season one (when he appeared to be one of the shows breakout stars) for a movie career that never really took off
    ..also a little too full of himself!

  6. 6

    I dunno. I was around back then during this tv scandal/firing of Somers. And while she may have wanted more money "like the men", the more truthful thing which happened was that she and her husband were demanding an astronomical increase based on what FARRAH FAWCETT had received as she was negotiating and leaving Charlie's Angels. The same network even gave FARRAH a difficult time but came to terms - which cost them a ton of money. Problem then was that Somers thought that she was FARRAH. But she wasn't. She and her husband got GREEDY and the network was not going to pay and repeat what it had just settled with FARRAH (a MEGA international icon star at that time). Somers over-estimated her appeal and power - and LOST. It wasn't about "women's rights" and all this other spin 30 yrs later.

  7. 7

    Richard Kline–"Larry" is still alive. Last time I looked

  8. 8

    Larry is alive and well. Did Chrissy fall and hit her head again?

  9. 9

    Wow its nice to know the truth Sloane thanks for sharing

  10. 10

    I loved Joyce's mug shot, it blew me away how crappy she really looks, and no amount of hair dye or makeup will change that.