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The Stars Come Out For OVO Premiere

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And we were there!

And we LOVED it!!

It was opening night of Cirque du Soleil's OVO in Santa Monica.

Cirque du Soleil’s OVO described itself as:

"[…] an immersion into the teeming and energetic world of insects."

All we know is it was completely amazing!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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42 comments to “The Stars Come Out For OVO Premiere”

  1. 1

    man you need to get your liver functions tested…you look sick

  2. 2

    The facial hair is a great look for you Perez - you look terrific!

  3. 3

    Looking good but that shirt - poor pocket placement.

  4. 4

    Sounds cool and interesting
    The look is as myself at times.Lends itself to bohemian feel and its good to be rough lookin sometimes

  5. 5

    I can see that the chief insect made an appearance.

  6. 6

    Re: Cashmere Jay – ""chief insect"" arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr arr

  7. 7

    What an insult to bugs every where

  8. 8

    The stars came out and the only one you mention is yourself?

  9. 9

    Your a star?! You wish!

  10. 10

    your arm looks so weird

  11. 11

    Hope everyone who went had a good time~

  12. 12

    Why wouldnt oyu enjoy seeing Cirque de so Gay!!!

  13. 13

    Why do you say the stars coime out and just feature a pic of your gross self? YOU are not a star piggy! And fucking shave you hypocrite. the amount of times you tell guys who grow a bit of a beard to shave and now you're sporting some growth? We all know its to cover up that herman munster chin anways

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    WHY!?!?!??!! you are FARRRR from anyone important you talk shit about everyone! I hope your the next 2pac!

  15. 15

    You're a great example about how losing alot of weight still doesn't change the fact about how damn ugly you are. Yuck.

  16. 16

    By "we", I take it that means you and your usual date; the Momma. You are one gross and dirty looking human being. It's no surprise you can't get a real date and have to resort to pay sites.

  17. 17

    u know what a razor is right? yourve got amazing shoulder structure yet ur arms are like sticks im posting u some razors and some protein shakes ..!!! the stars ARE there and all we get is u hairy with a very ugly grey top on and yes i still adore u ..but if ur arms get any skinnier theyll snap off..perezalina

  18. 18

    sorry if i was harsh still adore u do some weights!!

  19. 19

    Mario it looks like your thinning out and loosing your hair! Karma's a b!tch, considering you use to talk smack about Nic Cage and Travolta losing their hair.. now you can join the club you fugly sack of sh!t!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Re: Meggie246524 – I agree. Great picture. I don't agree with everything Perez says, but I don't feel the need to get nasty about a photo.

  22. 22

    You look amazing Perez!!! Looking better and better every year!!!!

  23. 23

    WERK!!! You look hot Perez1!! In that charcoal color you are totally channeling James Blonde in Dragon Tatoo. Nicely done!

  24. 24

    Just because you started a celebrity blog doesn't make you a star. Just because you started a children's blog doesn't make you a father. Just because you started an animal blog doesn't make you a vet. *Reality Check*

  25. 25

    Perez isn't a star, he just has good gossip on his site….

  26. 26

    I think you look Fab hon!!! I'd let my son date you : )

  27. 27

    Breaking News…
    Newt wins South Carolina.
    Romney supporters are rioting in Charleston.
    They’re not wearing ties, and threatening to start jaywalking. It could get ugly.

  28. 28

    LOLL. Wait.. are you saying youre a star???? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Aww its cute how highly you think of yourself.

  29. cika says – reply to this


    The beard looks great in you! Love!!!

  30. 6one9 says – reply to this


    All the STARS came out ““““““““` and then there's a pic“ Perez!!
    well alrighty then!

  31. 31

    Perez, U Look Mahvelouss!

  32. 32

    YEah….you're getting bald, no doubt about it, just embrace it. You can stop losing weight now, you're starting to look ill…and makes you head look more enormous than it already is.

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    No, you're not cool with the faux glasses you transparent mongoloid looking douchequeen.

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    Lmao, you're wearing the same shirt as Chris Colfer did in the earlier story you had of him. Must have been a sale in the pansy section of Walmart. Or maybe I'll play the gossip columnist and assume there's something going on between you two and you borrowed something from his closet. Icky, but not surprising considering you're two of the most effeminate queens in Hollywood.

  36. 36

    Re: boopadoopld64 – You must hate your son.

  37. 37

    You look good, Perez. You look so much better when you don't wear something so over-the-top. This shirt is nice.

  38. 38

    you are not a celebrity Perez…..you are an ugly gay man pretending that people in Hollywood actually like you.

  39. 39

    Perez - you look great. Seriously. Keep it up!

  40. 40

    You look good Perez.

    Can you approve my picture already? Do you hate Asians Perez is that why you won't approve it?

  41. 41

    talk about narcissistic.. the stars were there.. and you post a picture of you from the side.. what about some group pictures, or a picture of the venue.. that would be more fitting. YOU ARE NOT A STAR.

  42. 42

    Yeah…so?? The Stars came out… who were they? Not you, thats for sure. Enough self-promotion Prez…its old and annoying. Yawn… let us know when you start reporting on REAL stars.