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Martin Solveig Talks Working With Madonna!

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But of course!

She is a professional, through and through!

Martin Solveig has been hard at work, producing a variety of tracks for Madonna's upcoming album, M.D.N.A., and in a recent interview, revealed how surprised he was with her level of involvment, and how easy and communicative she was during production!

He explains:

The simplicity of the communication. The simplicity of the way we communicated on an organisation level. Recording those songs for that album was something that quickly became very natural and I think that really helped us to paint something interesting. She is as involved as you can be in the recording process. This was a very good and big surprise for me! I was assuming that she would spend only an hour or two in the studio per day and come and see where we were and say, “Ok I like this, I don’t like that. I’ll sing this. Bye!” And absolutely not… I mean we co-produced the track and it’s not just written on the credits “co-produced by Martin Solveig and Madonna,” we literally co-produced the tracks. I mean, at some point she wanted to choose the sound of a snare drum or a synth and that kind of stuff. She was really in the session!

Well, duh!

There's a reason she's just as popular, if not more, today as she was when she began her career!

Girlfriend knows her SHIZ! And she has an INCREDIBLE work ethic!

Ugh! This needs to come out NOW!

We don't want to wait anymore!


[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Martin Solveig Talks Working With Madonna!”

  1. 1

    “Ok I like this, I don’t like that. I’ll sing this. Bye!”

    Thats whats wrong with the music industry.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    martin solveig has a huge donkey dick.yummy. :-6

  4. 4

    can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Cant wait when this shit leaks in full… gonna be a mix between her 80's crap and updated oldies we hear today. In other words gonna bomb and lacklustre like hard candy.

  6. bcb says – reply to this


    This board is so negative…Madonna is an icon…i think sge deserves the benefit of the doubt….people on this board seem to love to see people fail…her track record speaks for itself..ill bet she delivers again

  7. 7

    It's been a long while since I've been excited about Madonna's music , an am still not excited.

  8. 8

    Re: xcalibur – lol you're such a loser. #littleturdpower lolllll

  9. 9

    Re: Nicco Street – you type like you've got three vaginas!! lollllllll

  10. 10

    You mean she was ACTUALLY in the studio being involved in producing the music that is being recorded for her album? omg. What a talent. I mean whoa.

  11. GIO says – reply to this


    She always has been. Erotica was produced in a home studio. She has always been "in production" she is very involved. Yes it takes talent to do this. She is a pro. She could just sing "by numbers" but she works hard and is in control.

  12. 12

    when madonna started she ws SUPER POPULAR… now she still #1…. ppl atill crazy about her…. some more some less but she defemily the only artist that knew how to keep a career.shes everywhere

  13. 13

    she needs to retire…her voice is tired and so is her face!

  14. bcb says – reply to this


    U dont get a 30 year career without being talented and smart…She has a long way to go before retirement!!!

  15. bcb says – reply to this


    Re: whutwhut – clearly many artists dont do what she does…otherwise he wouldnt make that comment..

  16. 16

    I heard her demo & at first I thought it was just ok but it gets really addicting after the first listen. The only album I have of Madonna's is the Immaculate Collection but I'm getting excited for the new one.

  17. 17

    Re: kirknyc24 – shouldn't u change your username to '*kirknycTinyMeat”?? lol ur comments are always so bitter. p.s. have you given birth yet? LOLLLLLLLLLLL :-)

  18. 18

    Re: DimeDime – me too!!

  19. 19

    Re: GIO – hey baby baby!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  20. 20

    Re: bcb – PREACH!! these haters are all little turds ie virgins, the bullied, and fat!! lol xo

  21. 21

    madonnas always been a perfectionist she would practise everything for hrs till she got it right this is why she was successfful gaga needs to take a leaf out of madonnas book that 13 min video was rubbish that gaga did both seem to be workoholics but its no use being a workoholic if u not a perfectionist as well

  22. 22

    yes and want to add she also was in helping produce the movies her and her husband made and her own music etc and her daughters fashion shoots etc so shes used to production stuff