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Anonymous Protestors Launching Replacement For Megaupload

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Though, for Anonymous, it can never be fully replaced. A new site can be launched online, but the place Megaupload has in their hearts will last forever.

In short: Anonymous REALLY loved Megaupload. Like, maybe more than a friend.

The online collective protesting efforts made by corporations and supporters of SOPA to shut down the Internet is taking their actions to the next level by launching their out file-sharing website to replace Megaupload. Dubbed Anonyupload, this new site is said to be fully functional no later than Wednesday and according to the site, "For your safety, our infrastructure will be out of the U.S jurisdiction ( Russia )."

Why do we feel like that isn't a better alternative?

Regardless, the movement won't be stopping there. There is some talk the activists will launch an Anonymous-themed Facebook alternative, Anon+.

Wait. Wouldn't that be a Google+ alternative? Oh whatever! The point is, the movement is GROWING and they are ready to show the U.S. 1% what is up!

Think you'll be using Anonyupload?

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7 comments to “Anonymous Protestors Launching Replacement For Megaupload”

  1. 1

    No way! Who wants to give their financial particulars and user habits to anonymous willingly? They've already shown what they do with such things… Scary peoples.

  2. 2

    Russians and Asians are the biggest fraudsters on the in-ta-nets. Anyone would be crazy ass to give financial info to them. Use it - surrrre. But support it financially??? HELL TO THE NAWWW.

  3. 3

    Soon the US Government will have chased all internet operations out of the USA.

  4. 4

    This is GREAT NEWS!

  5. 5

    "The online collective protesting efforts made by corporations and supports of SOPA to shut down the Internet"…

    a bit exagerated, no? Sopa did not want to SHUT DOWN Internet.

  6. 6

    Never heard of either of these sites - what are they?

  7. 7

    I love how Megaupload claims they were completely legal. They were famous for posting movies illegally. People would go into the theater with a video camera and tape it, then post it.