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Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Divorce On Live With Kelly

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Hey! There is still one more episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York to promote people! Of course she is going to talk about!

Kim Kardashian was Kelly Ripa's special guest host this morning and while the ladies chatted about their charity work and New York's big win last night (Yay Giants!), the focus inevitably went back to Kim and her divorce from Kris Humphries.

Having talked in great depth about this topic already, Kim very quickly went through the finer points of the breakup, talking about moving in with her mom and the toll the marriage took on her mental state. And of course, she revealed her utter horror to learn that there were some nay-sayers out there who believed her marriage was nothing but a scam to make $$$.

Now who the hell would suggest such a thing?!

Check out the video above to watch Kim K's appearance this morning (FF to mark 4:50 to get to the divorce bits!)

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37 comments to “Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Divorce On Live With Kelly

  1. 1

    I started counting the number of times Kim said "I", but I stopped after 43. So self-centered. Never once said, "We both felt that .. " or "it was a decision that was the best for us", etc. It's all "me, me me".

  2. 2

    "Now who the hell would suggest such a thing?!"

    Everyone. Including her father, who told her (from the grave) how disgusted he was with her, and how her and his damn pimp ex-wife have him rolling in his grave.

  3. 3

    Yeah! Porn comes to you via-Live with Kelly. WTG Disney! this is not family friendly programming. You can slap lipstick on this pig but it's still a Cowdashian. Why not just have a spot in the middle of the morning and call it Vivid Entertainment? If you're going to invite those in the porn industry to co-host why not Ron Jeremy?

  4. Honor says – reply to this


    She is going to every show and rewriting history and telling her poor me stories. Even making up scenes for her show. Editing false conversasions into her show. Why can't Kris just say "this isn't true" CNN said when they first broke up the KK camp was was giving stories to tabs that Kris was gay and that he was HOMOphobic. Why can't he just say The KK's don't tell the truth this stuff never happened? Hilary Duff looks cute!

  5. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Meggie246524 – Wow You're right……..Bringing up your deceased father to this circus broke my heart a little.

  6. 6

    I find Kelly so contrived. Having her sit there and be so nice to Kim is just unbelievable. To have Kim on her show and promote her fakery is absurd. I can't watch Kelly at the best of times (she reminds me of Bride of Chucky), but I sure can't watch 14 minutes of her kissing Kim's ass.

  7. 7

    So many smart beautiful talented woman in this world and they pick a stupid fake narcassitic whore to host!

  8. Drita says – reply to this


    Kim K opens up about divorce, she also opens up her azz, opens up her mouth to drink pee, opens up her wallet after scamming young naive lil girls (cause a real woman knows how real life works…), opens up her dad´s grave by claiming his spirit adviced her, opens up the door for her dignity to run away. I used to think she was beautiful, but now it doesn´t matter how many surgeries she gets, or how much make up she plasters on, she has an ugly soul and it keeps oozing out of every single one of her pores.

  9. 9

    Stop booking this no-talent fat whore! I refuse to watch the video and I don't watch that show BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB!

  10. 10

    Really disappointed in Kelly Ripa. So sad how she and Gelman are doing anything for ratings. DISGUSTING that they had Kardashian on at all - let alone as co-host. Disney ABC ought to be ashamed of itself. But it never is as its a greed ratings whore, too.

    Kardashian was about as fake as gypsy whore can be massaging KY onto a customer's dick. She mentions the ghost of her dead father. But why didn't she mention the fact that her mother cheated and dumped the ghost of her dead father? Maybe he's speaking to his daughter because he's still not at rest as he's kept busy rolling around in his grave.

  11. 11

    Do people realize she is only famous for making a porn movie? The cow laid their with a bra on to cover her "real" boobs and she let a guy piss on her. That is her talent! WHY the F are people still booking her. I really think they are getting paid. No one wants to see this plastic pig anymore and no one believes her lies.

  12. 12

    Re: Adorable Kevy – OMG I almost choked on my chai tea when I read your post. You are so freckin funny! LOL

  13. 13

    yet they're almost a billion dollar franchise…they are obviously doing something right, theyre all a lot more talented then they seem, and clearly they are good business women and work hard to maintain what they have. sure they might put on some acts, and script their show, but are you all prepared to tell me that if you were in their position you would not do the exact same thing. if you have nothing nice to say, why the hell are you on her news feed, to bash her? grow the fuck up

  14. 14

    Re: JessR19 – Billion? LOL you have to be a Kartrashian in order to make such a stupid post.

    We all come to Perez for entertainment and post good and bad. It's just with the Kartrashians, there is nothing good.

    Go to any board anywhere on the web and you will see the majority hates these no talent people.

    Looks like you are a minority here. Maybe you need to find a board you can cheer them on :) It's not here.

  15. jshum says – reply to this


    KElly you are now off my list of morning shows. You dam near went up that big A** and looked through her eyes. Such an a** kisser. You've lost your credibility. Quit trying to be soooo nice and (not) funny.

  16. 16

    Not only does Kim's dead dad says it's okay to divorce after a fake marriage, he also says that he's to blame for his and Kris Jenner's divorce. It wasn't because Kris was so obsessed with money and fame OR that she was cheating on him. It was his fault. When will the Kardashians get that no one respects or believes their materialistic family? Kris doesn't send any of her kids to college. She keeps them dumb and needy.

  17. 17

    Re: JessR19 – They're not talented at all!!!

  18. 18

    I had the prediction that this was going to be self-centered orientated. I was right.

  19. 19

    think about it people, if the majority of people hate the kardashians, then they wouldn't be making money. they wouldn't be in the public eye. they wouldn't be able to sell tons of products and have two stores and like 50 shows. they wouldn't be able to sell magazines and be guest hosts or boost ratings. your logic is broken.

  20. 20

    i hope kim k gets bells palsy.. or a incurable case of facial warts…either on is ok i guess

  21. 21

    Re: JessR19 – Another dumb ass..

  22. 22

    what a COW! And I don't mean Kelly . . . please! Let her die out like Paris

  23. 23

    i cant bring myself to say anything mean

    libra self obsessed didnt look at kris as a person thought marraige would just fall into place naturally.. - wrong u have to get to know the other person as a person not just some peice of ur fantasy world ,start just being honest about ur self obsession and u might not lose all ur fans noone wanted to see the disaster u created ..admit u we selfish stop blaming kris it was ur circus he was just a performer..

  24. 24

    Is Kelly mildly retarded?

  25. 25

    what is your obsession with this whore?/?

  26. 26

    I deliberately did not watch Kelly this morning because she was on. I cannot believe out ofall the talented people Kelly and Gelman subjected their audience to her?!?!?!

  27. 27

    NOT a fan of KK at all, however I think they feed of people hating on them. Seriously the stories posted on her have the most posts

  28. 28

    I love how she kept saying "I'm a hopeless romantic". Her mom has done the same thing. I love these girls they stick to one line their PR gives them and state it over and over. Notice I she kept interrupting Kelly to talk about HER view and how shes such a hopeless romantic and is so sweet and innocent and couldn't believe how it happened. Like shame on everyone to burst her romantic bubble. Ugh it is so annoying. I give her PR team all the credit. But come on hopeless romantic/ fairy tale?… If you thought of it like that you would not have gotten out of it as quickly considering Kris seemed to be the same way before the wedding. I also love how she uses " If people thought I was making money off of this then why would I get divorced so soon". Really!!!? Because the divorce happened right before your premier and your moms book. If you stayed married it wouldn't have been that big if this didn't happen. Honestly I wouldn't hate her so much if she was just REALLY HONEST for one and owned it. I think that's why people like Kloe out of all of them. Because she at least usually owns her faults and the silliness of this realty show.

  29. 29

    kelly you are a dumb bitch for interviewing this fake ass bitch!.. I see right trough your fake plastic ass Kim.. you are not a "hopeless romantic" You are just a fucking idiot… Karma will get you! xD

  30. 30

    Re: radiogaga22 – they may as well just finish at im a hopeless slut..

  31. 31

    Big surprise….They are pretty girls but not to bright…..plus Kim likes douche bags so she should just start preparing for an emotional brake down part 5, 6…..24…

  32. 32

    Re: Drita – very observant

  33. 33

    Kim K. does nothing unless it is to benifit her, and her mom(that needs to grow up)! It's all business to Kim, why else would she have gotten married 4 times!! She does NOT know what love & respect truely is(I wonder who taught her that Kris Jenner)! What Kim needs to do, is stop with the face adjustments! Her bottom lip needs to be deflated it poofs out too much making her chin look like the moon from McDonalds!! And can someone tell her mom she looks alot like Michael Jackson (was that the look she was aiming for?)

  34. 34

    How can anyone watch Kelly Ripa show, and especially when they have phony
    guest like Kim! She is the biggest bitch, and is there anyone with less personality.
    She is a joke!

  35. 35

    How can anyone watch Kelly Ripa show now?? And especially when they have a bitch like Kim on there. Is there anyone out there with less of a personality! She is such a bitch!

  36. 36

    Has anyone watched Snoop Dog video on Kim and Humphries it is very interesting am so glad he is telling it as it is. Snoop Dog is the latest star to share his hatred for the Kardashian clan and for Kim in particular. His advise for Kris is a little too late in the video Snoop tells Humphries that you cant make a hoe a housewife and that he should not have tried to reinvent the wheel he accuses Kim of destroying any man she dates, including Reggie Bush and Ray J. He speculates that she will release a book soon talking a bout all the men she has been with and how she played them, she calls her a cold blooded. No matter how Kim tries most people dont believe her she seems to have too many haters if I was her the best she could do have a very low profile for sometime but she is too greedy to step a side. Humphries is better off without Kim and he will be fine while Kim will never get real love again. Kim was once married for four years therefore she has got no excuse at all for what she has done to Kris plus I did not see her returning her gifts so she made money, got a diamond ring close to 2$ million, gifts worth 200,000 then files for devorce immediately she got paid, please I cant buy any crap from the Kardashinas all she wanted was for the TV ratings plus the money and be in a fairy tail wedding she has ever dreamt of. Kim is a phony, she wanted so much to be in a white dress.

  37. 37

    love you kim. you have a beautiful heart. people can't judge you, they may be in the same situation one day. keep your head high and worry only about your family and nothing else. remember if people don't talk about you, you're not relevant. I bet all these lame people leaving negative comments will be the same ones watching your show, boosting your ratings. get your money kim and keep it moving.