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Sneak Peek Of Ryan Seacrest's New Show Hello, We're Persian Shahs of Sunset

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MJ wants to live the American party girl way while her mom wants her to get married. Reza is one of the few openly gay Persians in his community. And A$a lost a bet with Ke$ha considers herself the epitome of a girl living the “modern Persian gypsy bohemian lifestyle.” These are just a few of the Persian peeps that star in Ryan Seacret's new show, Shahs of Sunset.

If you love the Kardashians, but wish they were richer and acted more like the guidos from the Jersey Shore, then THIS is the show for you!

Check out the video for a sneak peek at Bravo's soon to be new hit show. (above) We kid you not, it follows the recipe for a perfect reality TV to the letter: Crazy culture, mixed with outrageous individuals with loads of drama and a gay for good measure!


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11 comments to “Sneak Peek Of Ryan Seacrest's New Show Hello, We're Persian Shahs of Sunset

  1. 1

    like ALL HIS SHIT ,,,,, tasteless and REALLY stupid

  2. 2

    omg, and we thought we were already stuck in imbecility with the Kartrashians! so frustrating!!!

  3. 3

    It's IRAN not Persia! Iranians always say they are Persians. like that makes a difference. An American hating Arab is what it is, This douche-bag brought us the Kardashians and now this rubbish.

  4. 4

    Persian, my ass! It's IRAN!!! That rat-bastard Seacrest knows that if he marketed a show based on an IRANIAN family, no one would watch. But he'll call them a PERSIAN family and the 14-year-old girls who will watch this show will think they are watching Jasmine from Aladdin.

    Kris Jenner will be pissed that her daughters will have to share some of the E! timeline. Right now, she whores out her daughters' shows in 4-hour blocks. OR is Kris Jenner a producer of this new IRANIAN show too???

  5. 5

    Whew! That was close, Kris Jenner. The Iranians are on BRAVO.

  6. 6

    Seacrest is Satan. He's like a slightly more masculan version of Perez, slightly…

  7. 7

    Ryan Seacrest is responsible for the continued dumbing down of America and he's getting rich off of it. It's our fault for watching this cr*p.

  8. 8

    We have more Iranians who have class here in Potomac ( MD) than these wannabe in BH.
    true Iranians dont show their wealth and they dont talk like that.

    " It's time to open the baby factory"

    We are educated and proud to what we have become here in the USA. Again Mr Seacrest does not have a clue about other countries and custom.

    What a shame!

  9. Ejoon says – reply to this


    I don't get it. I'm Persian, I was born in Iran, I even went to Beverly hills high… And I have got to say: THESE ARE THE UGGLIEST PERSIANS I HAVE EVER SEEN. that guy needs to shave his mustache. And the cast in general has no class. Such a disgrace to the community

  10. 10

    Re: CaliCoyote – You're obviously an ignorant, uneducated c*u*nt. Persians aren't even arabs. And for the record, the country's name has changed over the recent years, however the Persian civilization and culture is thousands of years old. Matter of fact, Persians are the very first civilization to be recorded in the history of mankind and are considered to be the true Aryan race.

  11. 11

    Dear world, FYI , you all have been so confused. Persia changed its name to Iran in the 40's to describe the ancient Iranian plateau whose people speak a farsi (persian language ) . It is the land of of many tribes. there is baluchi Iranians , Kurd iranian , Azeri Iranian, Lori Iranians , Armenian Iranians , Turk iranians… ect. PERSIAN IRANIAN.IT WILL ALWAYS BE .Now all persians are Iranians Yet not all Iranians are PERSIANS… again there are many tribes. when someone says they are PERSIAN. it is because they are PERSIANS…. PERSIAN food PERSIAN music , PERSIAN literature , carpets , cats , dance PERSIAN ect…this word, culture , people is not going away … and please know that they are not showing off saying they are PERSIANS… all the cool things you think of.. IT is a very distinct, sensual , beautiful , powerful historical existance. after all the Persian Iranians in this show are total cheez and rich idiots.. please know they do not represent PERSIANS at all. and if you think they are wanna bees ..it is because they are , not because they are PERSIAN IRANIANS! They are just nasty . all of them .. sorry guys… I know you wanna flaunt ,its just nasty …ewww… LMFAO … just saying .