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Mitt Romney Releases His Tax Returns! He Made $42.7 Million In TWO Years!!!

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mitt romney tax returns released

Words like "daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn" come to mind!

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released his tax returns, and yeah - the guy (and his wife) made $21.7 million in 2010 and $21 million in 2011!

As far as taxes are concerned, they paid $3 million back to the government in '10, and they paid $3.2 million in federal taxes in '11.

Over those two years, Romney's tax rate was slightly under 14%, which is still higher than many Americans…but still pret-ty damn low given how much $$$ he's making!

And why is his tax rate so low?

"…His income was derived almost entirely from capital gains and dividends from his extensive portfolio of investments. And that form of investment income is typically taxed at just 15%, well below the 35% top tax rate for high earners."


"He had extensive itemized deductions, which lowered his overall tax liability."

As far as Romney's charitable givings are concerned, he gave away over $7 million over the past two years, which includes $4.1 mill that went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What do U think about all this info on Romney's taxes? Is UR tax rate higher than Mitt's???

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94 comments to “Mitt Romney Releases His Tax Returns! He Made $42.7 Million In TWO Years!!!”

  1. 1

    So..is he running for office because he really cares? Looks that way. He could take his money and say FUCK YOU if he wanted to.

  2. 2

    Who cares? At least he pays them.

  3. 3

    I say hire him. Really Mario 40 million comapared to your liberal friends is nothing. And wowo Mario you forgot to mention he gave 7 million to charity. I really can careless how much he made, HE EARNED IT. and Mario FYI "He had extensive itemized deductions, which lowered his overall tax liability."= CHARITY! dumbass how much do u give to charity Mario?

  4. 4

    High Five Mitt, way to go and achieve the American Dream! Education and hard works pays off! Don't let the silly liberals put you down for being successful! Success is not a participation trophy, it is an achievement trophy!

  5. 5

    He didn't do anything illegal. Perez, you are telling me you would pay extra taxes just for the hell of it? please, you are such a hypocrite. This man has done nothing wrong. And he's hot, just not in this picture though.

  6. 6

    Re: mode101 – We don't know if he has done anything illegal until he addresses the rumours of offshore bank accounts. If he really does have money in the Cayman Islands then he is a tax evader.

  7. 7

    All I can say is, No wonder he didn't want to release his taxes! Jesus Christ!

  8. 8

    And he gave 30% to the Mormon church?????????? We can not have a President that is in a cult. PERIOD!

  9. 9

    hey dickhead instead of making blind comments perhaps you could use REAL FACTS. THERE WOULD be a first. i cannot comment about his taxes, because all we see are bare numbers, not the background. how much are your assets? any of them muni"s ? if you have ANY them you are NOT PAYING TAXES ON THAT INCOME oooo you are a horrible person for not paying your faie share! also i'm sure your scheduled deductions are interesting and extensive. after all everything you do and everytrip you take with your mom you can claim it is in furtherence of your business and therefor is a legitimate deduction. did you PAY over 6,000,000 in charitable donations???? FUCK YOU.

  10. BTLR says – reply to this


    You are so pathetic Perez.. You just go ahead and keep writing all about Romney. You're only making yourself look like an idiot. He pays his taxes and he gives to charity. He sounds like a really horrible person.

  11. 11

    No wonder this type of people can even understand regular people needs. They are Rich and they want just to be Richer !

  12. 12

    includes $4.1 mill that went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." SO FUCKING WHAT IS YOUR POINT??? how much of your donations go to gay and lez orgs? oh that is soooo suspicious. you are an EVIL MAN

  13. 13

    this is dumb. of course these politicians are rich! they all take care of each other - both repubs and dems. do you really think somebody making $12,000 a year is running for office? can we talk about real issues - like who is going to get this economy back on track without bankrupting the system?

  14. 14

    Re: mode101 – I think he "probably" has done a few, if not illegal, then unethical, things to earn that much money. What state was he govenor of? I can't remember. I don't like the guy. He's got people doing wonders on his finances for him though, cause God knows he's not smart enough himself. He's made that OBLIVIOUS.

  15. BTLR says – reply to this


    It's also pretty disgusting the way you bring his religion into it as if his acts are less charitable because some of that money went to the Mormon church. Big deal! Charity is charity.

  16. 16

    Re: rosebud99 – Are offshore bank accounts illegal, NO! Is he being investigated by the IRS, NO! Putting ones money in offshore accounts does not make someone a tax evader! Grow a brain, and then use it! I think it's a great idea to diversify where one keeps their assets, especially with the volatile banking in the USA and Europe! You post is pure emotional opinion!

  17. 17

    It is so sad that this country has the general opinion that we don't need to give anything back to the greatest nation on earth. When did we become so greedy? Why do people think it's perfectly fine, or even good, to rake money in with no actual work involved and give so little back? And men and women who get up everyday and work their tails off for a living are the ones sucking the country dry? Really? Maybe instead of God bless America, we should all start begging for God to HELP America. We will not last much longer like this.

  18. 18

    Re: CaliCoyote – Are you kidding? what religion isn't a cult? what makes your beliefs right? god or no god. who gives a fuck? douche

  19. 19

    Re: CaliCoyote – you are as bad as PEEREX. I AM NOT A MORMAN,

    but have YOU I ME YOU PERSONALLY EVER done ANY research about the Church??? no i thought not… just easier for you to vomit out something some other ib says.. i realize you are VERY YOUNG. I'm not…..GUESS WHAT HAPPENED IN 1958-59 PRESIDENTIAL RACE. look it up!!! JFK "DHOULD not,,, could not be elected because he would be taking his orders from the home of the "worst cult" in the world,,,,THE VATICAN. I know you don't believe this but USE YOUR BRAIN AND LOOK UP THE FACTS

  20. 20

    just sayin'

  21. 21

    Re: CaliCoyote
    half of his charitable contributions went to his church and it was not 30%- you are wrong
    ..so what did you give to your church the past year?? if anything

  22. 22

    Re: jedimaster12 – IMAGINE how high PEEREX'S deductions are. nearly everything he does and he gos he will construe them to be in furtherence of his business. want to bet that he isn't going to take the trip to india with his momma off his tax liability.

  23. 23

    He pays 14%? Fuck off.. I am 19 makes 25 $ an hour and pays 46% in taxes .. well if the 46 % gives me free school, free hospital / medical care, free help in almost everthing .. then I'll take the 46 ( and thats kind of low, my parents pay 56 % )

  24. 24

    It's good to be a rich repulbican.

  25. 25

    Re: rosebud99 – not necessarily,,, if he reports them then there is NOTHING WRONG many don't but i suspect he does. he is not stupid enough to run for office and have that skelton. in case you do not know there are questions in the tax forms about foreign accouts and how to compute the tax due on them… please know the faCTS, before you state opinions.

  26. 26

    CLINTON EARNS $75 million on lecture circuit.
    Washington (CNN) - Former president Bill Clinton enjoyed his most lucrative year ever on the speaking circuit in 2010, capping a decade of paid speaking events that has earned him $75.6 million since leaving office in 2001, according to a CNN analysis of federal financial records.

  27. 27

    Re: joehandy2
    what state is he from??
    with Obama from Chicago, Illinois that is a bad point to bring up…
    more crooked politicians from Illinois than from any other state ever!!
    ever wonder how Obama went for nowhere to the top of the heap so fast?
    from Illinois anything is possible sadly

    Rod Blagojevich ring a bell? just to name the most recent in a long line of corrupt Illinois politicans who got caught
    imagine the ones who didn't!!

  28. 28

    Re: rosebud99 – further cayman's accounts pay a LOT more than the paltry 1% you can earn with on-shore accounts… yes i do, and yes i do report the income.

  29. 29

    Re: msloriga – He's running for office for HIS EGO. ONLY. Some people (like you) are so naive.

  30. 30

    Re: joehandy2 – he isa successful business man,,, what is there for him to be embarrassed about, and why would YOU crit him for being successful, i suspect because YOU ARE NOT.

  31. 31

    Re: *Sloane – Dumb ass. They just know how to hide money and pay less taxes. People are so ignorant. Why do you think he didn't want to release his taxes? DUMB ASS IDIOTS ABOUND

  32. 32

    If anyone would care to think about it, fo you realize that his money has been taxed twice? Once when he worked and made the money, and the second time when he received money from his investment. This money was made off his investments, which means he had to have the money to invest in the first place. So if his money was taxed at the evil 1% rate, that would be about 25%-30%, and then again as a capital gains tax at 15%. So a rough estimate would be 40% tax rate. I think the man has paid his fare share. And having money off shore is not a crime.

  33. 33

    When will the presstitutes publish WHY both Michelle and Barry Obama lost their license to practice law?
    Think about that. Lawyers have to be really skeevy to lose their law license.

  34. 34

    Re: BTLR – Another dumb ass. He gets HUGE write offs for donating. Don't think for one minute he actually gives that money. It's all covered in write offs and costs him nothing. IGNORANT PEOPLE ALL ALL OVER THE COUNTRY that really need to understand how things work and how much the rich can write off.

  35. 35

    Re: *Sloane – NONE, BUT I'M SURE THE GAY/LEZ ORGS got lots

  36. 36

    Re: CandyAppleRed0713 – are you saying there are NO RICH DEM'S? lets see okra,kennedy, nobama, every hollyweird dem supported, etc ad nauseum..in other words you can fuck off as well

  37. 37

    Re: americangirl2012
    Really? Why do you think those with money don't work hard? Sure, some can relax once they get there, but most don't. It takes a lot of work to become successful and even more to stay that way. I'm sorry if you haven't achieved all that some others have, but they are not the ones to blame. Take a look at yourself, your surroundings, where you came from. THEN, you might be able to see where things went wrong.

  38. 38

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – It isn't hiding money. You pay a smaller tax amount on investments. That is the law. So I guess you are the dumb ass idiot.

  39. 39

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal
    everone who runs for president -past/present/future has a massive ego
    ..how else would you explain that think that they are the one wth the answers for the country
    always has been that way…always will
    they may be smart too- but the ego is what drives them to run for the top job!!
    and once they get it- ego makes them go for a second term!!

  40. 40

    Re: bralle – He pays the legal tax rate for capital gains. Income is taxed at a higher rate. Capital gains tax is at a lower percentage because of the risk in investments. (ie, nobody would take to risk in investments if the tax rate was the same as income tax, hence our economy would not exist.) So Mitt in years ago earned income and was taxed for it, then what was leftover he invested, and now he lives of the investments which he pays tax on. So his money was taxed for income, he invested it and pays taxes on his capital gains. He's paid taxes twice on it now, both income and capital gains!

  41. 41

    Re: *Sloane – joe kennedy bought the chi machine for jack,,,that got jack elected. vote early vote often,,, oh btw joe made the bulk of his money from bootlegging canadian and scotch accros the border during prohibition… another fact. look it up. jack fucked ANYTHING WITH A HOLE AND HAIR.

  42. 42

    I don't blame Romney on making money. I blame the tax code. This guy makes $24 million in one year and pays 15%. I made $100,000 and paid 28% taking every possible deduction I could dig up. Sure it's all legal but it's not fair. Time to fix the code. I'm not a Romney supporter but he didn't do anything that was not legally allowed. Screw the middle class!

  43. 43

    Re: smithygirlRe: raypearson – You are both right, I did comment without thinking. I used to be married to a man who kept a lot of money off shore that he never declared. That was the reason for the off shore accounts. This experience made me a bit cynical and suspicious. Once money is offshore, it is all too easy to shift it into other accounts, or shift it into company names, and not declare it. Once money is off-shore we have to trust that the person will declare it, and there is often no way to prove it. Sorry, but I don't trust Romney enough to simply take his word for it.

  44. 44

    Re: Douche Hunter – I know how it works and have worked for MANY RICH. I am completely aware of how they can hide money in different corporations etc., to save on taxes.

  45. 45

    Thank you Democrats and State-Run-Media, who focused on vilifying Palin’s wardrobe and her redneck accent, rather than the junior Senator from Illinois, BHO, with no experience outside of crackpot Black radical Leftism and Chicago political machine hackery.
    Welcome to the President Foodstamps Obama & Jarrett Utopia!
    -No to the Canadian Keystone Pipeline
    -Dodd-Frank Regs
    -Green Jobs Grifters
    -Excise Taxes
    -War on business
    -Crony Capitalism
    -War on Fossil Fuels
    -Class hatred and divisiveness
    -Wasted resources for trumped up projects
    -High-speed rail to nowhere
    -Decimate the military and NASA
    -Home values going to pot
    -Hundreds of Czars appointed by Obummer as absolute ruler

  46. 46

    then he's not qualified to solve our country's problems –he's one of them

  47. 47

    Sad. Romney pays taxes at 15%, he's a rich prick, and he's outsource more jobs than you would like to believe. Yep America dream. Anyone believes he gives a crap about your broke azzes think again. He pays 15% while we all pay 28%. Really are people really justifying this. Wow. SMH

  48. 48

    He gave 7 million to charity, 7 MILLION!!

    He didn't donate his time or his celebrity status or do a PSA telling other people what they should do while getting paid for the PSA he gave willing 7 MILLION.
    Pretty stand up of him.

    AND he actually pays his taxes

  49. 49

    He's so handsome.

    Better looking than Perez Hilton even at his age.

  50. 50

    It's not illegal. It's frustrating as hell but…can't do anything about it. Even if/when he loses the election he'll still be pulling in the $$$ from speaking and books.

  51. 51

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – But in this case you are wrong. Capital gains are a lower rate because they are considered risks. He isn't hiding money when he can invest it.
    And almost all of his money from 09/10 is from investments.
    It is legal and good for him.

  52. 52

    Re: americangirl2012
    STOP OCCUPING and get your as$ a job!
    Why should i get to live off what someone else has made. I will not be mad at him or his father for being succesful.

    Who would give extra to the GOV? The GOV doesn't seem to have good money management. THEY ARE IN DEBT and why?
    Bc the rich arent giving enough or is it bc there are too many people sitting on the a$ses waiting for Romney to pay their bills, and which are you?

  53. 53

    3 million isn't enough for you? LOL

  54. 54

    Glad you posted this because now I can only imagine that you will be posting everyones name that did not pay any taxes this year.

  55. 55

    Hey there, Sarah Palin,
    When you come on FOX to give 'Teaparty analysis', I love you but your accent is really difficult to listen to. You sound like a God damn hick.
    My hubbie hates you, because of it.
    You know, you can fix this. A speech coach, please.
    It's what actors do when they're learning a new accents for a movie roll.
    You suffer from, 'fat girl thinking'…."people should love me the way I am, so I'll never lose weight".
    Come on, Sarah. You can do better. Step it up a notch.
    Thanks for giving Newt your nod of approval!

  56. 56

    His tax bracket puts him in the salery range of a couple filing jointly that makes between $17,400 and $70,700 per year. There is no way that this is fair. He makes 200x more than my annual income, yet I pay 28 percent of my income to the federal government, and he only pays 14.

  57. 57

    Re: luvs2hustle – Its people like you that gave people the idea of genocide. Fat, disgusting, un-educated and posts pictures of stupid pets. It;s a role/not a roll. You must already be thinking about a dinner roll tonight.

  58. 58

    Re: rosebud99 – Thanks! Now if you don't trust Romney, look at the parts of his character. (ie, good son, good husband, good father, good citizen, good friend, ect.) if the all look good than you can usually trust someone. But saying someone isn't trustworthy without proof is wrong! We all are only as good as our own character!

  59. 59

    Re: tuesdaybeautiful – please look at the taxes laws! Income and investment gains are not taxed at the same level, because investment capital has already been taxed for income. Romney took his income taxed money and invested it. What Romney is being taxed on is the gains he makes from his investments. Please try to wrap your head around this!

  60. 60

    So we don't like tax loopholes?
    How about that 12% flat tax for eveyone, so we all have "skin" in the game.

  61. 61

    Re: raypearson
    already knew that
    that is why you'll hear a lot of people say "the sins of the fathers……" when talking about the terrible misfortunes of some of the Kennedy sons

  62. 62

    Re: luvs2hustle – so then we'd be subjecting people who now pay no tax to you 12% flat. People who make less than 15+ pay 0 taxes now so you are going to charge them 1800.

  63. 63

    a while back I heard that one problem in the US is that if they start to tax the wealthy too much there is the possibility of them taking everything they have and moving to another country
    that is always a fear
    and with a global economy it's a very easy thing for them to do in this day and age
    then it's a lose/lose for the US

  64. 64

    Re: big_momma – He writes off what he gives due to tax loopholes for the wealthy. Think about it and get back to me. It didn't cost him a dime.

  65. 65

    Re: Ripp52 – He supports the tax codes so he can get richer. What about that don't you get?

  66. 66

    Re: *Sloane – They are the answers for this country? Is that why the country is in the toilet? Come up with a better argument. We are in the toilet due to GREED.

  67. 67

    Re: *Sloane – i was not referring to the "sins" i am talking about super richliberals/.democrats. joe earned his money illegally and you can bet your last dollar that HE PAID EXACTLY ZERO DOLLARS TAXES on that income,,,, kinda like AL CAPONE. can you argue the truth of this fact???

  68. 68

    Re: raypearson

  69. 69

    Re: americangirl2012 – BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WASTES OUR TAX MONEY!!!!!!!

  70. 70

    Re: bralle – You are either lying or misunderstand your taxes. We are only talking about federal income tax, not FICA, Medicare, or state/city taxes.

  71. 71

    Never be happy when someone else's taxes go up, only be happy when your's go down.

  72. 72

    Re: raypearson – -
    Isn't the system supposed to be equally fair to everyone?
    The 'free lunch' mentality of half the people in America is over, because it's "unsustainable", the new word Libs love to use .
    Of course there's exceptions.
    More people would understand what 'being taxed too much', if they were taxed and paid the consequences of that.

  73. 73

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – You don't know anything about tax law. You are repeating every lib sound bite without first checking the facts. I have yet to read a post from you that wasn't emotional opinion!

  74. 74

    Mitt Romney makes his money from investments, which is why the taxation is so low. It is taxed under the cap gains rate, with the belief that this will encourage him to greatly invest more and more. He clearly did this, so although 15% looks low, it is working and making the economy better in my opinion.

  75. 75

    Re: philsphan13 – Glad to hear from another smart person who understands this!

  76. 76

    Re: raypearson – Why don't you go suck a hot cock, republican ass licker.

  77. 77

    Re: big_momma – You bought into their lies :(

  78. 78

    Re: americangirl2012
    It's called personal responsibility Sweetheart. Which part is a lie? The Gov in Debt??? NOPE, so?

  79. 79

    Re: Bobsyerunkle – I believe that poor people in this country, in general, work much, much harder than rich people do. I also believe that success and hard work rarely go hand in hand, but more often, success is passed down in already successful families while poverty is passed down in already impoverished families. The way out is education, and a good education, generally speaking, takes money and family suport. If you are lost in poverty, these things can be very difficult to come by. I don't blame the wealthy. But I don't understand at all the majority of Americans applauding the efforts in this great country to give back the absolute minimum possible to the country that opened the doors to your success. It just blows my mind.

  80. 80

    Good for him! Success is a good thing.

  81. 81

    I want to see the tax returns of every celebratard and you. Wouldn't be shocked to see that you write off your anal plugs as a work deduction.

  82. 82

    Re: americangirl2012 – there is only one way out of poverty, and it's called hard work! You work hard at school, you work hard at jobs, 60-80 hr weeks on crappy shifts! You put yourself through college and pay your own student loans off. Then you get your fist real job and you work harder than you ever have to prove yourself! You don't get yourself into debt and you start to advance your career! This is usually more effort than most want to put into their own success! The people that are driven will succeed. And then when you've made it, and are in the top 10% of income earners in the USA, some group of lazy people like you come around and want something of mine for nothing! FAIR is when you've earned it, not put you hand out!

  83. 83

    Re: smithygirl – Paying your fair share of taxes has nothing to do with putting ones hand out. Why the personal attack on me? You think because of my opinion that means I haven't worked hard or that I am living off the system? I am noticing that more and more when people are asked about taxes the conversation immediatly goes to our social contract (which is a major factor in why other nations have such amiration for the United States). Tax dollars pay for a hell of a lot more than welfare. The things that our tax dollars buy are what makes our country great. There is nothing bad about paying taxes. I don't get government benefits. I am an intelligent, educated, successful mother of three beautiful children. I just believe in equality for all. That is what America is supposed to be about.

  84. 84

    I dont remember seeing Obuma's info like we see the GOP's! God forbid we ask to see his Birth certificate!! Learn from this, if you work hard you too can make money! Education does work!!!

  85. 85

    Re: americangirl2012 – I used to run a crew and I had labors under me to do the digging and when needed I had to jump in the trench. I had a african american tell me I was the big money and I should do more then him. I told him to read the blue prints and tell us what these pipes are for and where are going with them!! This is why I make the bigger money. Enough said!! I NEVER stopped anybody learning how to read the prints! How many ever asked? NONE!!!
    This is a very big percent of the work force in AMERICA!!!!

  86. 86

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Hope you make a lot of money because you know how the rich move money and how they cheat! You also seen Obumas BirthC too with Woopi G!!

  87. 87

    Re: americangirl2012 – Your right with more & more hands out and spending like Obuma does! Your right I will go and have another baby and I will get mo money mo money!!! Stop paying for more babies would be a great start. Government pays for one after that your on your own!!!!!! How many illegals in this country collecting???

  88. 88

    Re: Yenkme – Keep pouring more blood and dont stop the open wound that is bleeding!!! This is the entitlements and the lefts way of working the system…

  89. 89

    Re: americangirl2012 – – I am fully aware that taxes pay more than welfare honey, but when we have a president in office that is raising entitlements(handouts) at rate that our economy cannot keep up with, so to pay for all these entitlements our president starts his class warfare BS and says the 'rich' need to pay their fair share to cover his entitlements and then people like you believe it. Do you know that if the top 10% paid their full paychecks straight to taxes it would not begin to cover the amount of entitlements(handouts) Obama has started. The top 10% already pay 75% of the total taxes collected in this country! So, I already pay my fair share! So when you hear Obama say "fair share", and you inhale it as gospel and repeat you'd better expect a personal attack, because myself and others are not going to stand by and watch people like you get away with it! Understand?

  90. REPUB says – reply to this


    Re: CaliCoyote – You are an idiot we cannot have four more yearsos Obamas spend spend spend either

  91. 91

    So what - do wish he would make Social Security non-taxable if he gets elected - thought I already paid taxes on that.

    He worked hard and earned his money.

  92. 92

    I'm sorry but I've never seen you be shocked when a star like Byonce makes 80 million in a year or when a movie star makes 20 million a movie. You're such a hypocrite. He works hard for what he makes and he shouldn't be prosecuted for being successful.

  93. 93

    Re: smithygirl – Good for you! :) People need to be told the truth instead of listening to the lies of this President.

  94. 94

    Society sucks.