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Be Wary! There's A Ghost On The Loose In Wisconsin That Will Kick The Crap Out Of You!

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At least according to this charming fella!

Michael West of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was arrested last week for punching and strangling his wife, causing her to blackout from the incredible pain. When the police arrived on the scene of the domestic disturbance, his wife Rebbeca was "crying very hard and was bleeding out of her nose." She told the cops her side of the story, but then Michael told his:

"A ghost did it!"

That's a direct quote, people! A not-so-friendly ghost got handsy with his wife!

At first, when Michael was questioned by the cops, he tried to cover up the ghost's cruelty, claiming that his wife had "fallen several times, injuring her face." Then, when the police noted the marks on her neck, proving she was strangled, Michael had no choice but to confess the truth about his ghost friend.

Crazy enough, the police couldn't find the fiendish ghoul DIDN'T believe him and placed the blame on poor, innocent Michael, who in return, cursed at the cops and resisted arrest.

How rude! Such an oversight by these men of the law! There's an apparition running amok in there fair town, beating on people for now rhyme or reason and they are just going to let it go?

This sounds like a case for Dr. Peter Venkman and Co!

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9 comments to “Be Wary! There's A Ghost On The Loose In Wisconsin That Will Kick The Crap Out Of You!”

  1. 1

    While I understand that his claims are ridiculous… I find it absolutely sad that you would remotely JOKE about domestic violence let alone joke at all. You talk about how violence is never the answer perez but you resort to jokes when it comes to a woman suffering abuse that has OBVIOUSLY gone on for some time. Next time… think about the direction of a post when it involves ANY of form of violence. Because I am sure that woman didn't find ANYTHING funny about having the crap kicked out of her and being STRANGLED.

  2. 2

    I find it absolutely sad that you would joke about GHOSTS!!! How can you joke about a topic so scary and serious? Good Lord, Perez, have a heart.
    And for any women who is attracted to a handle bar mustache, they have their own "demons/ghosts" to deal with. The abuse is the least of her worries…..

  3. 3

    is this guy a celeb??? no. then why the fuck is he here?? just wondering

  4. 4

    is this guy a celeb??? no. then why the fuck is he here?? just wonderingRe: DanoStar

  5. 5

    Re: DanoStar – gullible much?? are you serious? GHOSTS!!!

  6. 6

    Re: raypearson – HAVE no idea how i am double posting this shit

  7. 7

    Re: raypearson – OOOOOO EMMMM GEEEEEE! You're gullible if you think I was being serious!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, get a sense of humor and quit double posting!

  8. 8

    Re: raypearson – sarcasm. look it up

  9. 9

    if it was man on man domestic violence, you wouldn't joke about it.
    you're such a misogynist.