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The Beginning Of The End Of Katherine Heigl's Career, Brought To You By Groupon

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Did you know that Katherine Heigl has a new movie out? Yeah, neither did we! We saw ads up on buses and billboards and stuff, but to be honest, we thought they were old The Ugly Truth ads people forgot to take down.

Don't scoff! We don't think we're the only ones, after we just got this very telling email offer from Groupon. Seems the studio is pretty eager to get people to go see this movie and aren't too confident that Kat's star power alone can get the butts in the seats. So, if you're in the mood for some run-of-the-mill Heigl film fare, you can go see her new movie One For The Money and save a little at the same time!

That's right — over half-off the ticket price! Two for less than the price of one if you feel like punishing bring your boyfriend along! (How sad to see it come to this.)

Hey, do you think that's why she's been sniffing around to be invited back to Grey's Anatomy? Think she's finally seen the error of her ways? It's an important lesson for us all to learn: loyalty is KEY!

Have any of U seen the flick yet? Wait, is it even out in theaters? How much money has it made? Does anyone know anything about this picture????

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40 comments to “The Beginning Of The End Of Katherine Heigl's Career, Brought To You By Groupon”

  1. 1

    Really? You posted the trailer… this doesn't sound like you…

  2. MJB12 says – reply to this


    Are you stupid Perez? Do you even read posts like this out loud when you write them? This movie is based off of a book that was very popular, and is being advertised everywhere as it comes out this Friday.

  3. 3

    shes done more in the last month than you have over the course of your entire career you fucking bastard.

  4. 4

    You know, for someone who acts so pro animal welfare, it's pretty surprising that you'd do your snarky best to bring down someone who does so much good work for the cause. Maybe she starts in shitty movies, but you know what? She uses the proceeds of those movies for a great cause.

  5. 5

    mmm…..im actually excited to watch this movie!

  6. 6

    The Movie is based off of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series There are 18 books ALL new york times best sellers.

    This movie has been under talks from Evanovich's camp for quite sometime and as a fan I can see Katherine AS Stephanie. Please check your facts before you start slamming something that a few people are at least excited to see. Not everyone can be Angelina Jolie.

  7. 7

    Perez, this is a new low for you. Shame.

  8. 8

    How did you not know there was a movie coming out when you posted the trailer on your page. Its still there if you look up Katherine Heigl and the movie trailer has been all over tv. what the hell is wrong with you? get over yourself

  9. 9

    There are books perez…..She has done more in her life than you ever will please dont bring your self even lower on the pedestal than you already are.

  10. 10

    This is not the first film that has been on groupon and I like the deals on movies cause they cost to damn much!!

  11. 11

    Wow! The first time I even saw the trailer for this movie was on this website Perez! So how are you claiming that you didn't know she had movie coming out. You're so full of shit!!

  12. 12

    I'm not a huge Heigl fan, but I've got to say that yes, this movie has kind of been everywhere. The books were huge & this is the 1st movie made from them. Heigl has been on The View and at least 2 other shows I've seen yakking about it. It's not under the radar.

  13. 13

    The only reason you slam her is because she is/was mormon. You talk that way about every mormon and I'm assuming it's because of the whole prop 8 thing.

  14. 14

    The movie comes out on the 27th - and I will be there to see it. It is based on Janet Evanovich's fantastic book. I just hope they do it justice.

  15. 15

    I'm convinced more now than ever that Perez is no longer writing this blog. First of all, the tone and character of it has changed dramatically over the last few months, particularly the last month. Perez: how can you not know this movie? I'm pretty sure I first saw the trailer on YOUR SITE! I'm a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum series and it's a fantastic book and Katherine actually looks like she does the character proud in the film. It looks so funny. I've been a long time fan but frankly, the tone of your blog has changed and it's not positive, it's underhanded snarkiness and I hate, hate, hate that you've instituted clicks for $.

  16. 16

    Wow I thought you were going to start being nicer! I'm excited to see this movie, stop being such a bully!

  17. 17

    First off, I love the woman and didn't know this movie existed either- and I probably watched the trailer on here too as mentioned…still didn't stick in my head!

    Second, if the lot of you have such dislike for these posts and Perez's news why in the world are you wasting your time to read them, much less comment on them and be so negative towards one individual?


  18. 18

    I'm on Perez's side this time. She is TOTALLY sniffing up Shondra's skirt to get back on Grey's Anatomy. The reviews for her movie are really bad. Let me tell you just how bad the movie must be. They're hyping Sherri Shepard in the movie. They're getting desperate. Katherine has burned too many bridges and makes poor choices in the movies she makes. Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow can't stand her! She made a bunch of negative comments about them after "Knocked Up." They're done with her, and so am I.

  19. 19

    and ps- like it or not sites need to advertise and make money. That's how we get to enjoy/despise them for free and leave our own opinions and comments on them!

  20. 20

    Perez I am surprises at you, the book this movie is made from is soooo famous, it has sold millions of copies. There are 18 books in the series and each one more popular, I cannot believe you do not know this. Janet Evanovich the author of these books has so many fans and we have been waiting years for this book to be made into a movie, Google her. Also you say you are an animal lover, well Katerine Heigl has done so much for animals, have you seen her on Funny or Die its called "I Hate Balls, " its about getting your animals fixed and its hysterical . You really blew it this time, do you really not know about the movie, or the books or do you for some reason just not like Katherine Heigl?

  21. 21

    not one straight guy will go see this movie unless under girlfriend distress. gotta give her credit for getting people to pay her in to be in crappy movies (like the one with gerard butler or even worse that one with ashton kutcher).keep it going girl!

  22. 22

    @Perez you're such a little bully bitch. She does more then you do at work, real life, and for charity. Practice what you preach, BULLY.

  23. 23

    Perez I can't believe you're making fun of the fact that the tickets are selling two for the price of one yet you said nothing when gaga sold her entire album for less than a dollar. You're such a phony and a loser.

  24. Laura says – reply to this


    remember when he said he wouldn't bully anymore? yea, i don't either.

  25. 1finn says – reply to this


    perez, please go back on Ellen and tell her how much you hate women. It seems most of your posts that you BULLY are about women, you pick on working actresses all the time.
    I am not a big fan of Katherine but love the books the movie is based off of, not that you probably read much, unless it is about ga ga or some other flash in the pan. You constantly pick on and make snide remarks about Jennifer Love Hewitt who seems to me has a very successful career, with movies and tv series that last a long time. STOP THE BULLYING perez. Yes, you are a Bully, and not only gay kids are bullied.

  26. 26

    WOW - You really are out of touch, arent you…. You would have to live in a bubble to not know how wildly popular the books are that the film is based on - or to have missed the ads saying it opens in late January. As for Heigel - she's been in other columns for her desire to return to Greys, for her work with animal welfare, and for this film for the past several weeks.

  27. 27

    i want a link!

  28. Lushh says – reply to this


    "Was it even in theaters?"… you posted this about getting tickets to see it for half price in theaters. Wtf Perez.

  29. 29

    Re: TheDEfeCtKid – You lost Perez at "book"! HAHAHAHA!

    I am not a fan of Katherine Heigl's films either, but this entire post is just mean spirited. Regardless of how many crappy films this woman has done or will do, her list of accomplishments certainly exceed that of Perez's. He still hosts the Bad Girl's Club for pete sake! How is that show still on and who is watching that?!

    As for Katherine herself, my only gripe with her is how she dissed "Knocked Up" when that has been her only decent movie. Since then, she's done a bunch of the same, lame, romantic comedies as Jennifer Aniston. Hopefully, Heigl starts venturing to different projects soon. Aniston is in her mid forties and has yet to film a movie with any depth, what so ever. I understand when you're a struggling actor, you take whatever parts you can, but by now, both of these women are financially stable enough to where they can start turning down ridiculous roles and get on that Oscar hunt.

  30. Glen says – reply to this


    You know what is really funny? The only way you would know she was "sniffing" around to get back on greys was because she has been asked it in EVERY INTERVIEW she has done for this movie….including the VIEW she just did two days ago…lol which I am sure you saw…not to mention like everyone else has said you put the trailer on your own website…so yes people have heard of this movie….I agree with everyone else who the hell is writing your site? You have done Howard Stern several times..so why would you say no one listens to his show in a previous post?? Did you outsource your site to offshore writers or something???

  31. 31

    Well, maybe advanced ticket sales aren't doing well but I'm super excited about this movie! I read the books by Janet Evanovich and they're hilarious!!

  32. 32

    "the error of her ways" love how none of you mouth breathers caught that one. fucking retards.

    *slow clap* post author. did you mis-hear this term somewhere? seems like ya did!

    also, we're pissing our shit over a goddamn janet evanovich novel. who gives a fuck? worthless grocery store garbage. have fun getting upset over that shit's "representation" in film.

    you deserve heigl.

  33. LDawn says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Katherine but I love Janet Evanovich's books. Janet has a very strong fanbase. We have been waiting for this movie for so long. Maybe you should visit your local library and check out One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.

  34. pax says – reply to this


    Wow, really Mario????? Shame on you!!!

  35. 35

    I don't know how you couldn't know about her new movie… every 5 mins there's a preview on the tv for it!

  36. 36

    #30 - when Perez said that no one listens to Howard Stern's show, he was being fascetious. You didn't get that? Maybe you just skimmed over what Perez wrote. If you had read it in its entirety, you would've caught that. Be critical of Perez when it's warranted (i.e., when he misspells his articles. . .which is 90% of the time); but not JUST BECAUSE you hate him. Get the whole story before you attack.

  37. 37

    I don't watch critically acclaimed movies, I go for fun. I am looking forward to seeing this one.

  38. Glen says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – I read the whole post - if it was supposed to be sarcastic it did not come across that way at all (normally when he tries he put a "we kid" in the post or jk..He just put it out there…and not for nothing if you knew anything about media the argument actually is that no one listens to Howard Stern due to it being on SAT and the are no ratings for sat…

  39. 39

    First off I saw this stinker of a film & she sucks in it. The brown wig looks wiggy & fake almost as fake & awful at her amateurish try at a NY/NJ accent. I am from NYC born & raised & she ain't even close. BLOWS LOUDLY. Also, she isn't a nice person go on any fan site star or whatever & there are tons of reports of people who have met her or tried to talk to her that she was snotty & rude too. Sandra Oh who worked with her on Grey's always had problems with her. She is over. Loved her in The Ringer & Knocked Up where she plays the same character she always plays but now we have Emma Stone, Zooey Dechanel, Jessica Chastain & so many other good, pretty, comedic actresses. Katherine can stay home & take care of her kids. Buh bye now.

  40. 40

    Yeah & too bad Janet Evanovibitch who writes mostly about Italian families but isn't Italian didn't have more of a say in who was cast. So many great Italian American & Latin American Actresses (Jennifer Esposito, Eva Mendes) and she sits by while this poser gets cast. Sorry its a stinker.