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Are The Friendships On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Staged?! Duh!

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Be still our heart!

Our favorite ladies of the canyon and their friendships are…STAGED?!

Well, according to sources, the answer is yes. They spill that although the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actually seem like besties on camera - it's only there that they get along!

A source reveals:

"These women aren't friends, at all. It's all done for the show. These women are all very different, and the only thing they have in common is the show, period. Bravo wants to bring new cast members on board for season three that are actually friends with the ladies. Expect Kim Richards to not return for the next season, she is battling to stay sober, and she just can't be relied on at this point. Producers are asking Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne and Kyle if any of their wealthy female friends would be interested in appearing on the show. It's an open secret that Camille most likely won't be back for a third season. She came off as such a bitch during season one, whereas this season she has been very reserved, and she isn't exactly eager to return."

Well, we hate to say it, but DUH!

Is ANYTHING on reality television actual reality?

And although we're happy to hear that Kim may be sitting next year out, we have to say it again: KEEP CAMILLE!

Gurl may have toned it down this year, but she's quickly become one of our faves!

What do U think?? Who should stay and who should go?

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19 comments to “Are The Friendships On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Staged?! Duh!”

  1. 1

    Get rid of Taylor, all she does is lie and cry and has no money that's why she's hawking her book of lies so hard. Plus every time she smiles I feel like I am watching Shark Week

  2. 2

    Get rid of Kim. She looks like she's in her 70's. Get rid of Taylor. She looks like a large mouth bass. She is a grifter. Finacially Kim or Taylor don't fit in with the others. I like Adrianne and Lisa and I can put up with Kyle but she rubs me the wrong way sometimes. Brandi is a wannabe BH woman. She is living off of LeeAnn Rhimes monthly child support that Eddie sends her out of Leanns account. If she doesn't get that she would be working at Mickey D's.

  3. 3

    I agree, get rid of Taylor and Kim, and maybe Camille. Camille has NO story line except she's dating a guy who they wont show on camera, like so what? Who wants to watch her get manicures and pedicures.

    Dana was ok but kind of a snore and Brandi is ok but annoying after a while.

    I love Adrienne and Lisa, and Kyle is ok but judgmental and bitchy.
    Im ready for 3 new women with Kim, Taylor and Camille OUT.

  4. 4

    That was debunked by Gossip cop… two days ago !

  5. 5

    i watch housewives except atlanta does that make me gay?

  6. 6

    Re: IKARUS – YES!!

  7. 7

    Re: DanoStar – thanks for clearing that up. i also watch dead walking does that make me a gay zombie? eat only male zombies? please help!

  8. 8

    the more you watch, the more you realize that the whole show is scripted, I mean let's be realistic… most people who watch this show already know that.

  9. 9

    get rid of Taylor…. Keep Camille, you can get rid of Kyle too.. but Kim definitely has to go. Bring on brandi and some of her fun friends! I can't imagine Lisa having any "fun" rich friends and please please please do not bring there one friend who always tells people how much her stuff costs (i forget her name.. but the one that had the game party) she is so uninteresting.

  10. 10

    KEEP Camille!

  11. 11

    Get rid of Camille so tired of her plastic personality, no wonder Kelsey divorced her she is boring! Get rid of Kyle (I can't stand her, truly I now understand where Paris gets it from) but keep Kim (the woman needs the job and it will help her out with sobriety!) After all she is the one true former celebrity on the cast!! AND Keep Taylor, now that her husband is dead she could use the steady pay cheque because his insurance sure didn't pay out - no insurance company pays for suicide!! And the show could help her thru this rough period. Kim, Lisa and Taylor are the only reasons I watch the show. Kyle makes me wanna hurl ( I get the same feeling anytime I see a picture of Paris Hilton or hear her!) and Camille makes me wanna get a gun and do stupid things with it like put a bitch out of her misery. And the rest of the cast just are boring.

  12. 12

    If they were real friends they wouldn't go after each other at the reunion.

    Kyle is a fake bitch. She just wants to be the next Kim K. with the attention and her stupid book.

    Adrienne can't stand Lisa…….Lisa ended up moving because she can't stand living across the street from Adrienne.

    Camille doesn't care about any of them because she has a lot of her own friends off the show.

    Taylor is looking for her next scam since she has to do the con artist thing by herself now that Russell left.

    Kim is a stupid drunk who really doesn't like Kyle because she screwed her out of money.

  13. 13

    I want Brandi, Lisa and Camille to return next season. Since I love Paul, I suppose Adrienne has to stay too. Get rid of Kim, Taylor, for sure. I'd be thrilled if Kyle would not ever appear on my TV again.

  14. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Camille was a lunatic in season one and a bitch in season two. Taylor and Kim are to pathetic for words. Kyle is so self absorbed (all about Kyle all the time). Lisa is an ego maniac (ESPECIALLY during her daughter's wedding) and Adriane is cool.

  15. 15

    We want Brandi to be a fulltime housewife, she is so much fun! Dana is okay,but kinda weird.

  16. 16

    Re: triple M – Actually, Lisa has already said that she would sell the house once Pandora got married. That's why she moved. She and Adrienne had been good friends long before the show started. And Kyle didn't screw Kim out of the house. Both Kim and Kathy (Kathy Hilton, their other sister and Paris' Mom) sold their shares of the house to Kyle - legally.

  17. 17

    Brandi and Kim should go. Brandi because she is boring and vapid, and Kim because of her mental state. Taylor… No.

  18. 18

    No Camille, please! Kim and Taylor need to go, too. What do all these women have in common? Self centered drama queens with bad dye jobs. If Taylor and Camille have any more work done on their faces, soon their faces won't move at all.

    Lose the three drama queens!

  19. 19