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Not Good In An Election Year! Obama's State Of The Union Ratings Were Down!

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And when we tell you there was literally NOTHING else on to watch. Almost every network cancelled their programming for the evening to make way for the President's address … and STILL he couldn't get the numbers he needed.

That's a whomp, whomp situation right there!

Though down 12% from last year (and 21% from his first year), President Barack Obama's State Of The Union address nabbed 37.75 million viewers. Most people watching the telecast on cable flocked to Fox News (3.8 million), while MSNBC and CNN garnered about a million less eyeballs (2.8 and 2.7 million, respectfully)

But hey, if things work out the way we want them to, there's always NEXT year! (Fingers crossed)

Did U watch the State of The Union address? What did U think? (In case you missed it, you can watch it above)

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26 comments to “Not Good In An Election Year! Obama's State Of The Union Ratings Were Down!”

  1. 1

    in a country populated for morons, who would pay attention to what's important? people were too busy watching xfactor and ordering pizza ( with their credit cards, cause they're all broke) and getting fat! shocker!

  2. 2

    lies, lies, and more lies,,, just like the past 3 years. asshole just killed 20,000 direct jobs, and the resulting 100,000+ jobs… but he is the president of the people,,,shit

  3. 3

    The Wiley Coyote administration.
    When Obama told us that our “investments” in green energy were going to create thousands of new jobs, he failed to mention that those new jobs would be for bankruptcy lawyers.
    Que in Ray Charles singing: "Hit the Road, Jack and dont you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

  4. 4

    Re: Alexima – yeah, but why would you watch a liar insult you with his line of utter bullshit. nobama is the WORST president since jimmy carter, and believe me jimmy was BAD. real sweetheart, but horrible prez.

  5. 5

    The State of the Union really isn't important anymore because of all the constant coverage of the president on news channels. It is normally used to announce future plans in which most people that watch the news guess anyway and it is use as political advertising. It not like you need to watch it because the news channel dissect every word as if it all a code for something. I am actually surprise that so much people watch it . I think it is mostly admirers of the president and older people with traditions.

  6. 6

    Where was Bary ?

    He was due in court this morning in Atlanta, but decided to IGNORE the judges order
    Not a fine example to be setting, when we want FAIRNESS FOR ALL

  7. 7

    And Perez it probably isn't a sign of election results.

  8. 8

    ITs all DOOM & GLOOM right Ray?? Worst prez since Carter? Are you huffing glue? The way things are going, Obama is sitting pretty for 2012, and rightfully so. The "Cock Blocking" party has done NOTHING but stall the recovery of this great nation all to win an election. They should all be tried for treason. But I am sure we could piss back & forth on this issue, so I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. Good luck to you, sir!

  9. 9

    Re: Loady Smurf
    Loady, your brave words are empty and based on wishful thinking.
    Too many people are hurting. No one believes you either.
    Under Obama:
    Price of Gas Has jumped 83%, Ground Beef 24%, Bacon 22%
    They predict $5/gallon gas this summer.
    If this only affected Republicans, President Food Stamps would be reelected in a landslide, but dammit to hell, a few Democrats have been also been slaughtered in the value of their homes.

  10. 10

    I didn't watch the State of the Union… who cares? I'm still voting for him! I'll just catch the highlights online

  11. 11

    Here is the reality, both democrats and republican spout off and don't follow through. We live in an age where we all pretty much know our government is bought.

  12. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Manda756 – typical liberal

  13. 13

    If ratings are down it must be that nobody gives a $hit about him, shocking!

  14. 14

    What!?!? The price of bacon has gone up 22%. This country is going to hell.

  15. 15

    just for fun
    Barry Soetoro

  16. 16

    "But hey, if things work out the way we want them to, there's always NEXT year! (Fingers crossed)"
    Dear God I hope not.

  17. REPUB says – reply to this


    why in the HELL would anyone want to listen the that CLOWN lie to us screw him if he wins again I amfucking moving to Canada

  18. 18

    Re: Loady Smurf – please give me an INTELLIGENTFACTUAL RESPONCE to this,,,While campaigning in 2008, Obama called Bush “irresponsible and unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the national debt. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Obama has increased the debt twice as fast as Bush did. Would he call himself unpatriotic? thanks ever so

  19. 19

    Re: Manda756 – really fucking intelligent,,, fuck the facts just vote for this piece of lieing shit

  20. 20

    Re: REPUB – bullshit, your're just like all them lids who said they would leave if bush got elected. fucking blowhard, besides, the peoples republic of canada is MUCH WORSE

  21. 21

    Re: raypearson – oops ALL THEM LIBS

  22. 22

    Re: raypearson – JUST TO CLARIFY 4 trillion in 8 years vs nobama's 4 trillion in 3 years,

  23. Low says – reply to this


    It means nothing… it just seems like there is a speech every other week. Nothing new so many skipped it.

  24. 24

    That wasnt a State of the Union - just another campaign speech.

  25. 25

    I think it is extremely amusing to witness such dislike for Obama! The funniest aspect to all the Obama hating is the fact that the people that need him the most are opposing him! He is essentially a part of the very few individuals or groups with power, that will advocate and assist in change, on behalf of the less fortunate (which is the working middle class and will soon be both middle and upper middle class) for the redistribution of wealth in the United States. Unfortunately most are uneducated and do not understand the benefits for the people and change, that Obama desires. Its too bad he came into government at the time of an extremely alarming economic downturn, and therefore, the changes that he wants to implement, are very challenging….I say turn the television sets off (which are extremely controlled by elites) and grab a text book and start learning about the 1% that control essentially everyone’s existence, and start supporting the person that will make the lives of almost every American citizen better.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    I gather people stopped reading Pravda, too.