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Is Mariah Carey Replacing Nicole Scherzinger On X Factor???

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is mariah carey replacing scherzy on x factor

We'd still LOVE to see Chezza on the show…but we could be down with this too!

Back in August, Simon Cowell had the following to say about why Mariah Carey wasn't a judge on season one of X Factor:

"She's been very enthusiastic about the show, but then she selfishly got pregnant, which is why she didn't end up as a judge."

Now that she's NO LONGER preggo, we're hearing that Mariah might replace Nicole Scherzinger on the show's upcoming season!

Sources are saying that once Mariah heard about Scherzy's plans to leave the show, she spoke to Simon about joining up!

We'll keep an eye out for updates, but we definitely wouldn't be surprised if we see MiMi on X Factor: season two!

What do U think? Would Mariah make a good judge???

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15 comments to “Is Mariah Carey Replacing Nicole Scherzinger On X Factor???”

  1. 1

    They are gonna need a bigger chair!

  2. 2

    As much as Mariah definitely has the talent and credentials to be a judge (unlike the others), I don't think she should take this position. Not only would it be a massive downgrade for her, but she would suck at it. She's too diplomatic and wouldn't ever give a straight answer to any of them.

  3. 3

    Please stop pushing that no-talent hack, Cheryl Cole (aka, Chezza)!

  4. 4

    Oh my god, removing the beautiful Nicole for the fat ass pop singer turned hip hop ghetto chick would be a disaster. This fat whore has no business on tv for god sakes. Take her gay ass wanna be thug husband and go away.

  5. 5

    Her rider would bankrupt the whole show before it even got started. She behaves as though she has a sincere and enduring belief that she is the queen of the universe, and we peasants will never rise far enough to deserve her respect. She would give Simon a rage-stroke before week 3.

  6. 7897 says – reply to this


    Weather or not you like Mariah Carey she is the ONLY singer on X Factor or American Idol that has the voice, song writing talent and career to JUDGE other singer/songwriters. Period. Not Nicole, "Chezza"or Paula. The 3 of them combined don't even come close to Mariah Carey.

  7. 7897 says – reply to this


    I forgot to mention J-Ho. But, that goes without saying. She's acomplete joke. Can't sing, act or write her own music. All she can do is STEAL music, and fuck one man right after the othe. Insecure, low self esteem havin ho.

  8. 8

    Oh My Gosh If i have too look at Mariah's Boobs all night I will poke my eyes out having Babies didnt calm her Look at Me/them (.) (.) ..I'm better then you attitude .I Cant stand to look at her . Oh the Guys will Love it ,why cant she just dress without showing her fake boobs!!

  9. 9

    Re: pghmusiclover – stop hating on Mariah call her what you want she's still the biggest singer in this game and has the most number one singles (18) so shut up now

  10. 10

    Re: MsTess – mariah would be perfect lol.. stop hating

  11. 11

    Ugh, it's about time they've decided to put someone with some talent on the show. I don't really see what's so interesting about Nicole anyway. Well, aside from being super svelte and very good looking. Plus, I loathe listening to her critique others when she genuinely lacks any semblance of skill.

  12. 12

    That'd be AWESOME. Mariah is a natural beauty with REAL talent. Nichole is a poseur with a lot of hair & make up & minimal if any real talent.

  13. 13

    I agree with the poster who said "it wouldn't matter what Mariah says, we would all be transfixed with her boobs. Shes not shy about letting the girls hang out now is she?

  14. 14

    Perez as much as I like the rest of this article, please stop the Cheryl Cole damn thing right now. She is far more annoying than Nicole, paula and LA Reid put together. No Cheryl Cole please! She is talentless and so annoying. Mariah Carey will be great. For some reason, I don't see anything beautiful about Nicole Scheminger. That hair is too long and her smile annoys me more than her XFactor judging style. And please whilst we are at it, no Kate Perry!

  15. 15

    All the hater-aid is nothing but jealousy. I can see all those queens hating on Mariah because they wish they were her. BUT you never will be! … not to mention you won't admit it, but you KNOW you'd watch the show with Mariah on it even if you didn't before. (a.k.a. shuddup).