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The Ugly Truth: Taylor Armstrong's Co-Stars Didn't Believe Her Domestic Abuse Claims

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We actually can't believe we are still talking about this. It's gotten to a point now where we just keep asking ourselves, "How much more can be said on the subject?"

Yet here we go again…

According to a new sources, Taylor Armstrong received ZERO support from some of her Real Housewives castmates during her time of need because some of them didn't believe she was actually being abuse. According to show insiders, when Taylor finally confessed the state of her brutal home life, the other women found that her stories "didn't match up" and they "thought that maybe she wasn’t telling the truth about how Russell was treating her."

Things progressively got more suspicious when the women would offer to help her out of her situation and Taylor would refuse or flatly ignore them. As time went on, supposedly her claims became ludicrious and it was clear that she was embellishing or at worst, lying about the abuse. A source explained:

“Taylor’s stories about the abuse would change and she would amp up the details of the violence so the other women started to doubt any part of her story … Each time Taylor would talk about the domestic abuse her story would change, and the ladies started to think that she wasn’t being honest about what was happening."

Look, there are three sides to every story: her side, Russell's side and the truth. We're never going to know for sure if Russell did all the things she said he did or if these women should have been more supportive of the impossible situation she was in, one that she probably tried to lie her way out of talking about.

But at the end of the day, no matter what went down, this woman has had a hard year and perhaps its just best to lend her a helpful ear rather than rehash the past.

Time for us all to move on.

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21 comments to “The Ugly Truth: Taylor Armstrong's Co-Stars Didn't Believe Her Domestic Abuse Claims”

  1. 1

    yes, but now the pictures of the bruise on her eye have been released!


  2. 2

    There is definitely something wrong with Taylor, she is shady and she is manipulative. That said, Russell displayed psychopathic traits. He was controlling, aggressive and violent. There is no doubt about the fact that he verbally and physically abused her, and dead or alive, he should not get away with that because the person he abused is most likely disturbed herself. He abused because he's an abuser, not because she forced him to do so.

  3. 3

    No one will ever know the truth. I myself doubt that there was physical abuse. Verbal, yes. The pic of the black eye was most likely from just another face touchup by her Dr. She is a very good liar, scam artist and con person. I actually felt kind of sorry for Russell at the White party when they were asked to leave. He had no idea that Taylor told all her friends all those lies about him. Makes me wonder if that was one of the reasons he took the chicken way out of life.

  4. 4

    If Russell killed himself because he knew that he was about to be portrayed to millions of people as a wife beater…when he wasn't…than I don't give a damn how hard her year was.

  5. 5

    She is a liar, I hope some of the proceeds will go to real victims of domestic violence, or at least to all those people she stole money from and is now getting sued by them. I would sue too if I saw 60g birthday parties and a 4 year old getting a diamond necklace

  6. 6

    If she was truly battered and worried about her and her daughter's safety, why would she air all of this dirty laundry on tv?? She was just setting herself up for a nice divorce settlement. She also probably thought she would get a lot of sympathy. That is what happens when you are mentally ill, just don't think clearly. I truly feel terrible for her daughter. This poor kid has a mom that needs a lot of help. If she comes back next season I won't be able to watch the show anymore. It's just too much of a train wreck.

  7. 7

    I still don't believe her - Traylor's "battered" eye looks just like mine did when I got Lasik

  8. 8

    Re: themundane – I am assuming you are being sarcastic. This woman would do anything for attention. ANYTHING. When shouted and flung herself around saying what Russell was going to do to her and her child, there were about 50 people who were privy to that and convos like it. If ANYONE thinks NO one followed up on that, I mean they could get sued if she ended up dead. You're as crazy as that nut job. Of course Russell did kill himself about the time he would have been told Taylor's nasty stories.

  9. 9

    i still don't believe her domestic abuse claims.. i mean she said he broke her jaw, I doubt it considering there were no xrays or even and reconstructive surgery done, it's not like they are commoners, everything they do that's major news ends up in the media, had she had has a broken jaw, there would have been media coverage.. she's a liar. period.

  10. 10

    Re: themundane – makeup and photoshop are modern day sources to embelish a non existent bruise tho…

  11. 11

    I don't believe anything Taylor said about beatings or punches. I believe they argued because SHE screams and yells at everyone. Her stories of physical abuse DON'T add up because they're not truthful. That's why they're all such murky tales and nothing was ever done despite the fact that SHE herself was surrounded by numerous people including those to whom she was telling her tales. She was strategic to never state anything directly about abuse to ERs or producers or camera crews? She was shifty and vague when telling people about some "injury". You don't have a BROKEN JAW and/or a FRACTURED EYE SOCKET and it all go unnoticed by producers, family, nannies, cast, ERS, nurses, doctors and surgeons. A surgeon can tell if an eye socket was fractured by abuse. Yet NONE told authorities? Its the LAW for medical personnel to report abuse. Its all BS which Taylor lived - from finances to abuse to who it is she really is. She's a mentally and emotionally unstable person who has NO BUSINESS being on a reality show. SHAME on her for being a liar and on Bravo for loving and exploiting every minute of it.

  12. 12

    There is something about Taylor that is untrustworthy. I really don't believe she was physically abused. Super sad situation…but the way she then treated the other cast mates made me really dislike her, hope they see through her bull shit!!

  13. 13

    Finally someone is speaking the truth… Thank You. I never believed for a minute the insane allegations she made about him or the abuse. I have voiced that many times and never backed down, no matter what the backlash was that came my way….I knew she was full of it, and held my ground. How do I know this? Because I lived with Russell for the year prior to him meeting Taylor….When I left him and and moved back to Texas after I caught him with another woman that was it for me. Russ loved the ladies…Granted, he did his best to get me back, and even flew to Dallas to attend a charity event with me in hopes I would return back to LA with him…I refused. Two months later he called and told me he had met someone and I was happy for him. Any intimate feelings I had for him were gone, but I did wish him the best. Another month past and I received a call letting me know she was pregnant…I again, wished him well… con't

  14. 14

    Now, let's look at the facts, you are going to tell me he broke her jaw, beat her so violently on numerous occasions that she couldn't function, yet never left a bruise? IN 6 YEARS! ~ No way. His son's never witnessed it, the camera crews never witnessed it, nor did ANYONE else. Even those living under the same roof. And let's not forget, there were never any police reports or medical records to substantiate her claims. Sure, she has her "Bruised eye photo's", but I find it funny how the media never shed light on the lasik surgery she had at the same time (early July) the photo's surfaced. Google "Lasik Surgery Bruising" and your mouth will drop, the images are identical to what she claims to be abuse from Russell and what we saw at the "therapy session" at SUR. Let's not forget, it was only when she was being questioned about the abuse that she showed up with the bruise. After 6 years of him never leaving a mark on her body and being turned away from Kyles party for accusations of abuse you honestly think he went home and gave her a left hook to the face? Come on people, open your eyes !

  15. 15

    Understand, he loved being a Dad. When it came to his children he was an outstanding Father. They never wanted for anything and due to the circumstances with the Mothers of his boys we had them every other weekend. During those visits, the boys had free reign to eat whatever they wanted and were spoiled rotten…. When I heard her state that he "Grabbed her by the neck, LIFTED her up against the wall and told her he would kill her if she ever served his children a meal without a vegetable" actually made me laugh out loud. All 5'9" of him? ha.. So, that is complete and utter BS. Taylor is not a petite woman… con't

  16. 16

    Look, I will be the first to admit he was no angel. He loved to live the jet-set lifestyle and never settled for anything but the best. But, he was not physically abusive in any way, shape or form to me. Our relationship was tumultuous, and we had some over the top arguments, but he NEVER raised a hand to me…. I gotta give it to her though, the woman is good, very good. When it comes to manipulation and trying to keep the focus on her as much as possible she wrote the book (no pun intended). I feel she is a sociopath that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. That is the scariest part of it all… con't

  17. 17

    Yes, she is a documented con artist, a fraud and actually presented herself as an heir to the Ford Motorcar family to gain investments from numerous well to do Florida businessmen. Which is all documented and she is in litigation for at this very moment…In regards to the show, last April I had business dealings in LA. I adore Lisa and decided to have lunch at Villa Blanca. She was there. She came over to the table and I of course, gushed about how wonderful she was and let her know I was Russell's ex. She asked me point blank "Did he abuse you as well?" That totally caught me off guard…I said,"What? Russell? No… He could be an ass, but he never abused me physically if that is what your asking" I was completely taken aback, and realized at that moment what was about to take place…It was a horrible feeling…con't

  18. 18

    When the season began and I watched it all unfold, I was disgusted. Yes, her cast mates had a storyline to keep viewers interested and ratings soared. Now, they don't. So their true feeling are beginning to surface. I applaud Camille for calling her out and as soon as I saw the limo ride where he said "What she (Camille)is saying is an out and out LIE", I knew he was being truthful. Taylor was a deer in headlights and could not get Russ out of there quick enough when Kyle said "Camille was only repeating what Taylor has told all of us". He was floored… My heart broke for him because he didn't deserve it. We are talking about a man that knew the legal system like the back of his hand. He had been sued more times than you could shake a stick at…He NEVER would have threatened a law suit against Camille unless he knew, without a shadow of a doubt he would win…Problem was, he didn't know it was his wife that was filling these women's heads with lies and stories to gain attention for her own selfish motives….con't

  19. 19

    I have watched the reunion previews and one image stays in my mind. There is a part where Andy asks her about the suicide and makes reference to him possibly being murdered. (Something I have felt and even stated). The grin she displays on her face, gave me the chills. When someone hangs themselves they are not bruised down one side of their body, much less, able to touch the floor, which Russ was able to do…Then we can go back to the Dr.Phil interview where he asked her about a life insurance policy and you physically see her body language change. Her comment after that was "He said we would be taken care of if he passed away" and Dr.Phil said "Were you" and you could then hear the anger in her voice when she responded "No". It was beyond disturbing… Her story does not add up, her lies outweigh her truths and my suggestion to anyone associated with her would be to run as far away from her as possible. She is dangerous and in my opinion, evil walking. I could go on for days with facts, photographs and more proving this woman "Shana Hughes" is a ticking time bomb. I am just grateful someone finally spoke up in their inner circle to show her true colors… Rest in Peace Russ, you will be justified.

  20. 20

    Yeah come on Perez move on from this stupid no news here story. Taylor Shana Armstrong Hughes Ford is NO ONE> has no talent except for lying & ripping people off. She is ugly, whiny & is not helping anyone but herself to more cash she doesn't work for or deserve.
    You & Miss Andy from Bravo have to stop bank rolling this bitch's lifestyle. She is a liar & a crook. & News flash… not interesting or likable. She says every once in a while that she wants to help others in her situation. THEN GO work at a shelter for Abused women & children like I do & stop posing on tv like a skank phoney. I work at Haven House in LA & even the gals there know this women is full of crap. Her husband killed himself to get away from HER.

  21. 21

    Re: Just Kelly – I thought I was the only one that noticed about her expression when asked about if it possibly was a murder. It made me sick, but thought it might of been my imagination