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Who Wants New True Blood Spoilers!?!

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true blood season five spoilers

After that epic spoiler post we gave you a while ago, we're super excited to bring you Trubies even more spoilers for the fifth season of True Blood!!

Now, we've been over this! If you want to be surprised, move along and read about Demi Moore's hospitalization!! But if you love knowing all the hot info, then keep reading!!

Season five is going to spoil us with violent flashbacks and erotic strippers!!! We just hope one of those strippers is a male… LOL!

Thanks to a revealing casting call sheet for Episode 4, we have some juicy insight into Terry's storyline and some new characters as well.

Ready for the deets?? Here ya go:

[TODD JEFFRIES] Seen in flashback to Iraq in 2003, this U.S. Marine joins his squad (which includes Patrick and Terry) on a trip to a small village, where their plans to party and wreak a little havoc go tragically awry. 5 lines, 1 scene (26).

[JEMARCUS KESSLER] Seen in flashback to Iraq in 2003, this Marine Lance Corporal is traveling into a town with his squad (which includes Patrick and Terry) and is preparing for a night of partying and mischief-which goes tragically awry. 7 lines, 1 scene (26).

[IRAQI BOY] YOUNG LOOKING ARAB 18 YEAR OLD. Seen in a flashback to 2003, this Iraqi boy whose village is being blown up by American soldiers speaks out in Arabic to the soldiers. 2 lines in Arabic, 1 scene (28) MUST SPEAK ARABIC OR BE FAMILIAR WITH IT.

[IRAQI MAN] Seen in a flashback to 2003, this Iraqi man whose village is being attacked by American Marines as a lark speaks out in grief and rage after they murder a 12 year old Iraqi boy. 1 line in Arabic, 1 scene (29) MUST SPEAK ARABIC OR BE FAMILIAR WITH IT.

[IRAQI WOMAN] Mother of the Iraqi boy seen in a flashback to 2003, wails with grief. Recurs in episode 505. [Non speaking in episode #504, recurs with lines in episode #505] (29) MUST SPEAK ARABIC.

[ANGELA, LILIANNE, DELILAH] These three impossibly gorgeous, flirtatious, charming women in cocktail dresses greet Judge Clements (an old customer) and Jason and Andy as they take them on a limo ride to a mysterious destination where they find a sensual party in an exclusive club. 4 lines, 2 scenes; 3 lines, 2 scenes; 3 lines, 2 scenes respectively (35).

[LEDA] This radiant, beautiful woman with just a hint of sadness in her face is in the exclusive club. She beckons to Jason and freaks him out a bit by seeming to know a bit too much about him. 6 lines 2 scenes (43).

[DANCER] FEMALE, SCANTILY CLAD. This beautiful dancer in a very exclusive, secret nightclub recognizes Judge Clements and goes off with him. 1 line, 1 scene (43).

[MELANIE] 20s, this female fangbanger goes with Pam to entice a young vampire to feed on her. 2 lines, 1 scene (49).

ZOMG!! U know, we're actually very excited to get more back-story with Terry's character this season. He's always been so interesting, and the actor who plays him is phenomenal.

But UGH!! Must the new season start in June!?! C'mon guys… just push it up… just a little…

What are U most excited about this season??

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4 comments to “Who Wants New True Blood Spoilers!?!”

  1. 1

    I want to know whether or not they're going to introduce Qunn. As much as I love Eric, I also really enjoyed reading about Quinn's character in the books. They worked with wolves so why not a tiger?

  2. 2

    this show sucks now. too much man on man crap ruined it…. :(

  3. 3

    I don't give shit about this characters back story! I want more info on The Authority, the return of the original King, Tara's fate (both Bill And Eric had just fed on Sookie so her cries for help would have brought them there in an instant and unless Tara died instantly, either could save her), who the wolf approaching Sam is… and what the hell happened to the Were-panther clan! The show has to stop taking these needless detours and creating meaningless subplots!

  4. 4

    stupidest spoilers ever…