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Ashton Kutcher Is 'Deeply Concerned' For Demi Moore

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Kutcher feel better soon

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Despite being busy partying in Brazil for the last week, Ashton Kutcher is apparently "deeply concerned" for Demi Moore after her latest health scare.

He hasn't mentioned anything on Twitter, but a source has said:

"Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi. He still cares about her and wants the best for her. But their marriage is ending and they are both moving on with their lives."

The Two and a Half Men star has been in Brazil shooting a catalog for a fashion brand and schmoozing with Brazilian celebs, but now he's back in town and Demi is out of the hospital.

We don't really care if he writes about her on Twitter, but we hope he can SHOW her in person how much he is deeply concerned for her. Their marriage may be over, but that doesn't mean he can't support her in a time of need.

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18 comments to “Ashton Kutcher Is 'Deeply Concerned' For Demi Moore”

  1. 1

    F- you Perez. They are broken up. I wouldn't go out of my way to console an ex. You don't know under what terms they split. Her behavior is her own doing, Ashton has no obligations to her. I hate when you get all self righteous

  2. 2

    Perez really you ar giving him advice on how to behave? Really? He owes her nothing at this point and it may be that this very behaviour of hers is part of the reason they split! We don't know what happened here so let them be i charge of this please.

  3. 3

    If she is indeed popping pills, then this is all on her and has nothing to do with Ashton. And, IF he did cheat, Demi may not want him near her and would probably have told him to stay away.

  4. 4

    no because thats what she wants and she needs to learn that he wont be manipulated its done ,,beleive me woman will think of every trick in the book but she needs to just let HIM GO

  5. 5

    Yeah, as deep as shallow waters.

  6. 6

    Amen to that!Re: perez posse member 777

  7. 7

    Ashton " I hope Demi Lovato gets the help she so desperately needs; she been messed up for so long and need long-term mental health treatment….."

  8. 8

    WHO CARES about either of these two dumbasses

  9. 9

    Okra Panfry's Bucket-O-Wings says – reply whats the matter loser,,,did you forget your ANTI-RECOVERY RANT??? who are you hiding behind those fake ass avatars and names you've used

  10. 10

    Demi give aging cougars a bad name. She should be strong & regal instead of insecure & screaming for attention. Sad.

  11. 11

    Re: RegalSnarls – EXACTLY!

  12. 12

    "Deeply Concerned" = doesn't give a rat's a$$
    Clearly he dumped HER or he would be rushing to her side excited at the chance to get back together. Poor Demi. Oscar Wilde said it best, "Who being loved is poor?" Well Demi is surely loved by her kids but where are they all we see is Rumer? Puffing on a cig. I guess I would be too with that kind of pressure!

  13. 13

    LOL- dont you love it when hack bloggers who have never had a serious relationship themselves, get all high-& mighty & self-righteous?? Me thinks Ashton must have said or done something to you to make you so pissy at him. Oh, & btw, I love how you accuse Ash of "partying it up in Brazil", & then when you delve a bit deeper, you actually find out that he is down south WORKING. LOL. Ashton must have really pissed in your Cheerios somewhere along the way.

  14. 14

    If he goes back in any way it will be in her worst interest…If it's over then she has to grow past this….She needs rehab…..badly and a lifestyle makeover…

  15. 15

    if he was that concerned he would have kept his dick in his pants…

  16. 16

    I told my boyfriend that Ashton was "deeply concerned" about Demi and he said, ME TOO! I think everybody is including Perez so shut up LoadySmurf! Demi issued a statement saying she had to divorce Ashton because she cared so much about the example she was setting for her daughters but guess what? SEIZING OUT ON LAUGHING GAS WHILE HIGH ON ADDERALL AND CHUGGING REDBULL does NOT qualify her for mother of the year in my book…she's an ACTRESS she needs to get humble and work the steps of recovery to a true foundation in true self confidence and love.

  17. 17

    Re: raypearson – There is no such thing as "Recovery"; it's a term invented by the multi-billion dollar 12-Step religious cult treatment industry…..

  18. 18

    Not cool.