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Costa Concordia Survivors Being Offered $14,400 Each In Compensation

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costa concordia passengers to receive compensation

Sounds like they're gonna have to up that amount if they're trying to avoid lawsuits!

To recap - earlier this month, we heard the VERY upsetting news that a cruise ship carrying 4,000+ people ran aground off the coast of Italy.

Then we heard that the ship's captain Francesco Schettino was being held in jail for abandoning ship…and were disgusted to hear that the despicable man was trying to claim that he ACCIDENTALLY abandoned the ship! Boo!

Now, we've learned that Costa Cruises is offering survivors of the cruise ship disaster a lump sum of $14,400 (11,000 euros) each in compensation, which is meant to cover the following:

-Damage to and loss of property
-Psychological distress suffered
-Cruise cost + additional travel expenses

Injured passengers and the families of deceased passengers will receive separate agreements from the cruise line.

While this may sound like a reasonable number for SOME passengers, there are many who aren't satisfied.

Here's what passenger Jesus Garcia Heredia had to say about it:

"If we can reach an agreement, I am willing to agree not to sue, no problem, but not for 11,000 euros. I don't accept this. There was a lot of loss that day. We had it really bad there."

And here's more from passenger Mark Plath:

"Also, I helped people quite a bit, to calm down on the boat, as well as leading them to shore and to cars awaiting above, quite a while later. My wife assisted a lady with blood all over her face (my wife is a nurse)."

"I am not a fan of class-action lawsuits, but I think that Costa needs to take individual experiences and actions into account."

What do U think? Should the passengers each receive a more significant amount of compensation from the cruise line?

[Image via Guardia Costiera.]

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8 comments to “Costa Concordia Survivors Being Offered $14,400 Each In Compensation”

  1. 1

    ……………and a 30% discount on future cruises (guess they are dying to go).

  2. 2

    you idiot, this is an offer to all the uninjured passengers, and is in addition to reimbursement for all expenses. when the facts don't fit your agenda you make up your own.. OH BTW YOU ARE WAY LATE ON THIS STORY AGAIN.

  3. 3

    Trauma distress, cost of the cruise, travel expenses, lost documentation, plus all of the personal property that was lost (clothes, jewelry, electronics, etc.) can add up QUITE fast, and in my opinion, can be much greater than $14,000… I don't know If I would settle for that.

  4. 4

    The compensation ought to fit the parent company's ability t eel it. CARNIVAL CRUISES which has a horrendous track record already owns the line. IF they give $14.400 to every survivor on board (INCLUDING crew of 1000) is $57.6 million really enough for Carnival to truly care or be affected? I don't think so. Its sort of chump change for the huge cruise line industry. And say they don't pay their employees (the crew) that compensation and offers it only to guest passengers, that's only $44.6 million that they're offering really. They have millions in clean up. But $14,400 for so recklessly nearly killing thousands of people in their care who all paid for the experience? You get more compensation in some fender benders in a Walmart parking lot.

  5. 5

    Re: raypearson – please get off the site….your negativity is really mean, and it's not fair to people who actually care.

  6. 6

    Well…they at least offered something. probably doubled what was paid. I think they should have given more….but idk. Just shows what companies hide away..

  7. Jaded says – reply to this


    I'm a little disgusted by the guy who thinks because he did the right thing and helped people he should be compensated more than the people that needed help.
    Don't be a hero if you expect to get paid for it later on. Next time make sure that the person you are helping is willing to pay you for the help.

  8. 8

    RAYPEARSON- I get on this website for maybe, MAYBE 20 minutes every day and i am SICK of you. Your negative attitude blows balls and you are just a douche….i HATE seeing you here and I TRY my DAMNEDEST to ignore you, but you and your comments are so PUTRID, it wreaks in EVERY way…….