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Geek Alert! iPhone 5 Has A Bigger Screen!

| Filed under: Tech Talk

apple iphone 5

According to a reliable source, the iPhone 5 really is going to be bigger and better — literally!!

The screen of the new Apple baby will be 4+ inches!! That's big! Not only that, but the casing is going to be new too!! Hmm… inneresting…

But of course Apple hasn't settled on a version to release, so there may be some alterations before we see the big reveal!!

But for right now it sounds like Siri might have some competition!!! Let's ask her what she thinks… "Let's just talk about you," she says. LOL!!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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5 comments to “Geek Alert! iPhone 5 Has A Bigger Screen!”

  1. 1

    4" is not really that big. It's bigger but Android has been at 4 inches for a year and a half and the Galaxy Note about to come out on ATT is 5". Every provider has at least a 4.3" screen with all but Verizon having 4.65 or better. Windows has had a 4.7" phone for a year or so (Titan) I'm sure the apple fanboys will jump on 4 inhes being perfect and a laundry list of why anything bigger is pointless. Until the IPhone 6 comes out of course. It will have a larger screen to feebly attempt to regain it's market share as it continues to erode. Anyway…

  2. 2

    I don't see the iphone eroding anytime soon. In fact, it has become mainstream where we live. Even the kids are walking around with them.

  3. 3

    Wanna know what the new iPhone 5 looks like? Just keep an eye out for a drunk, soon to be ex-employee of Apple, in a bar near you. He will leave a prototype behind, when getting in to a heated argument whether the original Battlestar Galactica is better than the new one… If it gets really out of hand there will be harsh languge such as "You-you-you… Windows lover! Go and re-boot your brain! Maybe it will start up this time!!!". Keep an eye out.

  4. 4

    Eventually people will be strapping tablets to their belts and that will be the new phone. People want bigger until they realize they're back where they began. (I personally use a CRT with my mobile device.)

  5. 5

    Another fantastic product from Apple. Can't wait to see it.