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19 comments to “Kim Kardashian Made The Cher Death Hoax Bigger Than It Should Have Been”

  1. 1

    I wish somebody would report that kk was dead. and my second wish would be that it was not a hoax

  2. 2

    I stopped counting typos after the third one. This is sloppy!

  3. 3

    I'm glad I sleep through unimportant shit.

  4. 4

    so sloppy jesus do you know how to proofread!!

  5. 5

    More publicity stunts ??? Why even bother reading anymore of this?

  6. 6

    12 million flowers? Really?

  7. 7

    Stay tuned as Kim Kardashian recites the capital of all 55, err..54, err 49 states.

  8. 8

    Re: Lilybear17 – I am sure she employs people to make up fake accounts to follow her.

  9. 9

    Kim KarTRASHian is scum of the earth, why would anyone support this recycled human condom. Mama pimp Jenner probably masturbates to Kim photos

  10. 10

    Re: liquid kitty – LMAO!!!

  11. Dov says – reply to this


    I thought kim kardashian died….Damn!!! Maybe next time!!!

  12. 12

    Almost couldn't tell them apart there for a minute.

  13. 13

    How ironic. KimWhoreSore telling 12 million strangers. . ."these people need to get a life."

  14. 14

    Cher looks like a drag queen who dressed to look like Cher…just plain scary

  15. 15

    do you mean 12 million FOLLOWERS?!

  16. 16

    12 million flowers? She must have a huge garden.

  17. 17

    Somewhere Cher is planning her Resurrection Tour….

  18. 18

    Really? Fataszz makes everything bigger than it is, SHE is the one that creates the drama so all cameras are on her….she is a nobody and will grow old alone and the selfish biitch she is playing with all of her wedding gifts, clothese, makeup artists, spray tans….the braindead selfish biitch needs to drop out of sight for a very long time. She is a repulsive, NPD, superkvnt….she needs to hit the road forever….with no PR person announcing her every move. KHLOE!!! QUARANTINE THAT ASSHAT SISTER FROM YOUR SHOW OR I WON'T WATCH!

  19. 19

    wow, I love Kim but come on, I can not beleive you would make fun of someone who is dead, I mean come on, But now that we know she is alive it is kinda funny, In a sick way.