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DA's Office Is Having Doubts In The New York TV Anchor Rape Case

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da has doubts about tv anchor rape case

Can't say we're entirely surprised to hear this. There's definitely something fishy about this whole thing.

To recap, yesterday we learned that New York TV anchor Greg Kelly was being accused of rape from a woman he met back in October 2011.

As we mentioned before, we had heard that the two kept texting and calling each other after the incident, which was the part that seemed bizarre to us.

Then earlier today, we learned that the woman was also accusing him of getting her pregnant from the attack.

Now, we're hearing that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office is having "serious doubts" about the rape claims.

According to one source, the investigators "don't buy her story."

Here's more from another source:

"It sounds like she got caught [cheating] by her boyfriend, and then he forces her hand: 'If you’re not lying, you better report.'"

Here are some more reasons why the DA's office is reportedly skeptical about the woman's rape claims:

-Three month lag in reporting the alleged rape to authorities
-The woman maintained contact with Kelly following the alleged incident
-The woman doesn't remember some details because she was intoxicated

Definitely sounds suspect to us. We'd expect to hear more on this soon.

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10 comments to “DA's Office Is Having Doubts In The New York TV Anchor Rape Case”

  1. 1

    Classy Perez! Blaming the victim, eh? Maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself since you don't know the whole story and the accusations are pretty damaging. How many rich and powerful men have gotten away with rape by just throwing out the "consensual" word? I don't know who did it, so I'm not going to feed into this media attention.

  2. 2

    An ex tenant of mine was having an affair and got caught and she told her husband that she was kidnapped and raped by 2 men. The police investigated and came to the conclusion that she was lying about it all. Charged her with all kinds of criminal charges, she paid mega fines and was put in county jail for a few months. She also had to pay for the time that the police dept. was working to find the truth.

  3. ptay says – reply to this


    because a woman is drunk she cant be raped? and fyi, most rape vistims don't go to police right away. this is sickening and the reason why most women dont report their crimes. shame on you.

  4. 4

    There's so many awful myths in our culture about rape and this post by you and your team Perez is only helping to perpetuate them. While it is possible that someone could indeed falsify a rape claim, it is actually a tiny, tiny percentage of all rape cases where the person makes it up. Also, most rapes are acquaintance rapes where the survivor knows his/her rapist, so if this is the case here, it is possible that they could continue talking and texting, but that doesn't change what he did. And being skeptical because it took her 3 months to report it- really!?? Sexual violence of any kind is a very traumatic experience and sometimes it can take the survivor years to even report it, and many times they don't. Please do some research and educate yourselves about this before writing posts on your site like this, so many people read this website and it's a shame to think their perceptions about certain things are influence and perpetuated by narrow-minded writing like this.

  5. 5

    I honeslty don't think he did it. I honeslty feel she got caught cheating and she is lying about the whole incident. Why keep in contact with your so called rapist? His father is the Police Comissioner of New York making him a prime candidate for scam artists. I stand behind him 100%. FREE TOM KELLY!!!

  6. REPUB says – reply to this


    Re: Manda756 – Maybe you should shut your DAMN mouth too because you dont know the whole story eaither But you are taking the side of someone that continued texting him then finally decided MONTHS later that it was rape I wouldbet my left nut she is a money grubbing WHORE

  7. 7

    Just a whore that got caught being a whore.

  8. 8

    Hi Perez,

    I have read your column for years, and I've been impressed lately at the topics you have chosen to discuss. You have been supportive to the anti-bullying campaign, and even removed yourself from making very negative comments. That is why I am very disappointed to see you report on something in this manner. None of the three points you make fall out of the sphere of rape trauma syndrome. Also, in most states you must be sober to provide consent to sexual activity. Being drunk does not mean she wasn't raped. Also, it can sometimes take YEARS for victims to deal with rape, and this is no different. Rape is widely underreported and partially because it garners reactions such as this article. similarly, people who are in domestic abuse situations often find themselves back in touch with their attackers. It takes a a great deal of support and work to end rape, please do not perpetuate the cycle. I'd love to see you suggest people visit the RAINN website if they have questions or need support.

    Thanks for listening Perez! I hope to see that this is a topic you could take under your wing as you have done for the anti bulling campaign.

  9. 9

    It would be a terrible thing that happened to her if this is true and the only reason I'm skeptial is because they were texting back and forth, you do not text your rapist EVER. If someone get's raped it scar's them and why would they want to even keep in contact with that person, unless and the only explaination is she got date raped and just remembered what happened now, or had to put the pieces together when she found out she was pregnant so she thought they had a good time keep texting, found out she was pregnant and then realized he had a good time and she had a traumatic experience.

  10. 10

    Re: PazyAmor – actually their is a huge amount of falsify their rape claim. A lot of women do it to get their boyfriends/husbands in jail or someone they don't like that they slept with, they well I guess it's more attempted rape they falsify more then actual rape, but women can be crazy to seek revenge, I'm a woman I've had friends lie about attempted rape when we all knew she was just a mad slut because he got what he wanted and didn't want to date her afterwards.