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This Mirror, Mirror Sneak Peek Intrigues Us!

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Whoever they hired to cut these new sneak peeks of Mirror Mirror deserves a big, fat raise!

They took a movie that looked like it would fail in comparison to Snow White and the Huntsman and transformed it into something so different, the comparisons are beginning to drop.

While Snow White looks like it's going to badass and sexy, Mirror Mirror looks like the family fun, comical version of the story. And now they've really amped that up to a level where it firmly stands on its own.

Now… we still think we'll enjoy Snow White more just because we love a sexy catfight (and action-tastic special effects), but families and people needing something light will probably LOVE Mirror!

It's all clear, Julia Roberts! You can relax now. Your Snow White movie has a good chance, LOL!!

U gotta watch this awesome new sneak peek with Lily Collins!! Oh and P.S! Did we mention Armie Hammer is hotter than ever? (despite recently being arrested for pot in Texas)??

PresSsSsSs PlaaAYYY!!

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4 comments to “This Mirror, Mirror Sneak Peek Intrigues Us!”

  1. 1

    I want to be excited about this but ALL I see are those catterpillers on her face.. it's sooo distracting it's ALL I can think about.

    And what's with the 28 year old guy hitting on a 13 year old girl??? EWWWWW

  2. 2

    Fine..7 dwarfs are now off the unemployment lines…but what about the millions of dwarfs who still feel the chill winds of the decimated American economy? Only Independent presidential candidate ABRAHAM FUNGUS JR. can save us from this unprecedented calamity. ABRAHAM FUNGUS JR FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! ABRAHAM FUNGUS JR. for president…before it's too late!

  3. 3

    It still looks pretty awful. But they did a good job here of making it slightly LESS awful. Why? Because they were smart enough to barely feature Julia Roberts. She's terrible as the evil queen.

    Agreed that the "prince" looks way too old for Snow White. Creepy.

  4. 4

    well think about it back then young women use to get married by the age of 10 even and their husbands were much older then them and she'd be having babies by the time she is 12 and at most 14, it's the way it worked since the life span was much shorter then it is now. I'm glad they used little people for this movie, they have a hard time getting acting roles it's not very fair.