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Chaz Bono Wants To Be The Next Bachelor … And We Think He Should!

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We're all about pushing boundaries and opening people up to the rest of the world, widening their scope of things and what have you. Plus, the ratings would be THROUGH THE ROOF!

Chaz Bono's been having a rough go at it in the dating scene. Since splitting with fiance Jennifer Elia in December, Cher's transgender son has been looking for love and coming up empty. While sources say that he's been out on a few dates with some "lipstick lesbians," Chaz is thinking of taking a more active approach with his love life … by starring in a Bachelor-like reality series!

According to a source, producers have approached him about doing a dating-type show and "he is all for it," but Cher is advising him against the idea. Supposedly, she's afraid her son has become obsessed with being a "celebrity" and she is afraid that being on a reality show like this will just end in heartache and embarrassment.

Valid concerns — but he should still do it. And he should be the ACTUAL Bachelor, not on a show like it. It's time to make America be more accepting of transgender people. If he can dance with the stars, he can find love on TV too!

[Image via WENN.]

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47 comments to “Chaz Bono Wants To Be The Next Bachelor … And We Think He Should!”

  1. 1

    Ummmm maybe Celebrity Fit Club is more in line with his needs.

  2. 2

    yuck. I don't care about the transgender part but he needs to lose a few pounds..chubby is one thing but he is way to unhealthy looking.

  3. 3

    He does need to lose some weight..but ANY bachelor would be better than the recent ones. This Ben guy looks sooooo boring…

  4. 4

    Dumb article. He isn't getting any play because of his weight. A lot of people carry extra pounds these days, it's even socially acceptable. But there are limits. Maybe he thinks his modest celebrity can overcome his size. I'm thinking no.

  5. 5

    I am beginning to think that being on reality tv is addictive. It seems that once someone has the cameras on them, they can't live without it anymore. My advice to Chaz would be to get a REAL life, do something useful, and stay away from this kind of garbage show.

  6. 6

    i don't know many women being okay dating a transgender man, and vice versa, it appears to be very difficult to date in that situation. But I would want all the parts there…from birth. I think if the women who are interested and are okay with Chaz not having everything set to go, then okay, but thats going to be very intense when it hits them like a ton of bricks…i mean lets start with a gay bachelor…then we can get the ball rolling.

  7. 7

    Im NOT interested in seeing this slovenly unemployed trust fund baby be the star of a dating show just because its Cher's son/daughter. I feel like Chaz has very little to offer to any show other than he had a sex change and he is Cher's kid - no actual talent, no actual job. Chaz is best suited for Celebrity Fit Club.

  8. 8

    and he needs to lose weight…that is not attractive…he is just waiting for a heart attack, he is fat, got hormones he is taking, plus he isn't eating right or working out. Wouldn't you want to put your best self in front of the world and while meeting a new person to date???

  9. 9

    Chaz doesn't even have a cock. He should wait….and loose some weight (not trying to be mean…it's for his own good).

  10. 10

    Re: rosebud99


  11. 11

    Being on reality tv is how Chaz is making a living, so yeah, he is addicted to it. I am very pro transgender, but am beginning to see that Chaz has some other serious issues. He really thinks a lot of himself.

  12. 12

    Well if he really want a superficial relationship with a goldigging famewhore then I say he should have one and be the next bachelor!!

  13. 13

    woman go on the show to meet a MAN!
    not sum lady who got her boobs taken off and grown a beard
    CHASTITY BONO should go on the biggest loser, only show SHE should be on!

  14. 14

    A few thoughts, 1. The Bachelor needs to go away. It's a terrible show. 2. I agree in theory that transgender people need to be presented on reality television, but maybe in a more sensitive way? If Chaz were to show up on The Bachelor, that would make it all about sex, and maybe it would be more positive to show a transgender person as a whole person, yes sex is a facet of a person, but it isn't the whole person. Just my opinion.

  15. 15

    That thought is majorly GROSS!

  16. 16


    I would think the show would feature gals who don't care about Chaz being transgender.

  17. 17


    I usually would agree with a post like this, but I'm sorry, this is just ridiculous.

    My opinion has nothing to do with Chaz being a Transgendered human being, good for him. But more so..look at the past 10 seasons of the Bachelor. They have all been athletic, attractive men who are looking for love. These Bachelors travel around the world and participate in very rigorous activities with their potential new wives.. I just don't think Chaz Bono should be taken into consideration WHATSOEVER for any season of the Bachelor, in the history of..ever

  18. 18

    She is such a turn off.

  19. 19

    Nobody is going to want that sick freak!

  20. dtm83 says – reply to this


    the bachelor is about sex appeal, to which chaz has negative zero. if he was on biggest loser or celebrity fit club, then i would be all for it. but please i am all for human equality 1000% and more then most ppl. but to say he should be on the bachelor just for equality. im so sorry in this world there will still be winners and losers and hot ppl and ugly people. and he is just not attractive enough to be on the bachelor or next top model or any show thats based on attractiveness!!!!

  21. 21

    How could this work exactly? Wouldn't the women on the show want a biological man? At the end of the day, they would be climbing into bed with a woman, wouldn't they?

  22. 22

    let's be real here, chaz has done a lot bringing attention to transgender rights, but he's not really the stereotypically, buff, charismatic dude they have on the show. plus realistically it would have more of the trainwreck appeal that "a shot at love" had more than anything.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Nobody finds love on reality tv. Ask Kim Kardsashian… or any of the people who have appeared on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Chaz needs to find some peace, and he won't find it on that freak show.

  25. 25

    first of all disgusting!!! second she wants to be on that show only for the publicity because no one actually finds love when they go to these shows!!!

  26. 26

    It's like this fat freak wants to be hated. It has as much of a chance to be the Bachelor as you do hosting X Factor. You and Bono are two disgusting and lonely famewhores.

  27. 27

    point blank…he's not a bachelor! "He" has a vagina not a dick. get the thing chopped off, take some more pills to deepen your voice and flop off at least 50pds! Besides the bachelor is a stupid show.

  28. 28

    How dare it even consider that, and fuck you for agreeing. the both of you are freaks! first of all, the bachelor only uses good looking men. The key word here is MEN. It will NEVER be a man, you can hack off your tits, slap a fake dick on, but you will never be a man. getting back to good looking men, This fat fucking pig is just that, a pig. He doesnt even register on the the scale its that ugly. And your disgusting for agreeing with that shit. Your a disgrace to the Lesbian and Gay community.

  29. 29

    Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross! He/She/It needs to get it's emotional problems under control first. Did he/she/it do it because it wanted to or because it wanted notoriery?

  30. Wrenn says – reply to this


    God help us all.

  31. 31

    A male has XY chromosones…a female has XX chromosones….."Chaz" has XX chromosone which means FEMALE so no bachelor! Its okay to be GAY people but this "sex reassignment" is wrong …you can't change your DNA. I am a gay man in a womans body and I live with that very well.

  32. 32

    For once, I completely agree with Cher. Chaz has become obsessed with becoming a celebrity and will obviously jump at any chance to be on TV., no matter how humiliating it might be. Pathetic.

  33. 33

    Chaz has the genitalia and reproductive system of a female. Much like the other "famously" reassigned person who's had two babies after his reassignment, Chaz is not yet completely male. Until he is there shouldn't even be a conversation about this. To push this forward like this Mr. Hilton can only make me wonder about your ability to accept or understand common sense and reason. This isn't about equal rights. If they choose to not have a black person or whatever does not make it an issue.

  34. 34

    Why? WHy? WHY? We were forced to watch him waddle his ass on DWTS. You know he can do what he wants with his own body, but why why why do people like Prez think we should have to watch him? Does he even watch the show? Why is this man forcing himself on the general public? Just live your life Jazz and leave us the HELL ONE.

  35. 35

    Doesn't matter if he's male, female, lesbian or gay…. It's too soon for him to be looking for love on the bachelor… He just broke up with his girlfriend of many years a month ago…his heart, which doesn't care anything about who it loves, was just broken… NO…too soon… for this… Chaz has to heal first… been thru quite a lot during his last relationship… I agree with Cher… just to soon for him…

  36. 36

    I think you would be hard-pressed to find a group of women who would seriously consider dating a transgender male. Has he even become a man all the way? I think he's a nice person and he deserves to find somebody that loves him for him, but if that is his main concern then I don't think going on a reality TV show is the best option- you get a lot of phoneys that way. But yeah, he should definitely think about losing the weight before he even starts finding love. I know a lot of the weight has to do with the hormones he's taking but still…

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Maybe Logo or someone should do a "Chaz's Next Squeeze" program or something. Mr. Bono has used up what little good will being Cher's offspring and run the show into the ground.
    Chaz ans Bristol used their parents notoriety to get a shot-o.k. They have gone way passed either/both's abilities and need to move on. How many programs on primetime or cable use fat people (without talent) let alone be the star? Chaz has had the surgery and needs to come to the awareness that he has very little going for him- welcome to the real world dude. He is just like all the other want-to-be in Hollywood; except he had show biz parents.

  39. 39

    I am the most liberal person you will ever find! I am for gay marriage, I am for equal rights for everyone!

    But…………….Chaz as the Bachelor………..NO NO NO NO NO

  40. 40

    I think that'd be awesome but honestly get girls from a another country because US girls will be there only for the money tv time & chance to meet Cher.

  41. 41

    Certainly would be interesting.

  42. 42

    maybe chaz could find someone if he weren't morbidly obese

  43. 43

    i think it would be cool to watch chaz looking for love everyones looking for love even chaz there wil be someone out there in the dating frenzy will want chaz and accept chazs choices in life. i spent years seeking my soulmate only to find them turns out they are a computer addict superheroine loving cute annoying as hell person who woulda known …theres a soulmate for chaz out there and i think it would be fun to watch yes i made fun of chaz at the start who didnt but we got past that to accepting chaz as he is .. just someone looking for their place in life…someone looking for love
    id watch it

  44. Bates says – reply to this


    I think the real Bachelor show is a great idea. There is always a chance you can be hurt in life, but you do what you think is right. Go Chaz!

  45. Bates says – reply to this


    Re: Wrenn – God's not a bigot, so yes God will help you too.

  46. 46

    Good luck. "IT" seriously needs to get over itself.

  47. 47

    Ewwwww. Now thats NASTY.