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MASSIVE X Factor Shake-Up! Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger, AND Paula Abdul FIRED!

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Talk about cleaning house!


Perez for X Factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While it seemed like little to no surprise at all, given their lackluster performances during the first season, that X Factor host Steve Jones and judge Nicole Scherzinger would not be returning for another year, sources close to the reality competition announced the inevitable last night - but shockingly, that also Paula Abdul would be let go along with them!

The insider explains that producers at Fremantle and Simon Cowell became concerned when the show performed far worse than expected in the ratings, and decided that those problems were associated with spending more money on extravagant sets than on talent, and now, they're looking for a fresh start!

They continue:

"They survived this year, but it didn’t really work. So they’ve figured they have an opportunity to fix it. They expected Paula to be the goofy girl, and Nicole to be the pretty one. But Paula was so bad that it made none of it work."

Meanwhile, a FOX spokesperson has confirmed that Scherzinger and Jones are done, while Paula's departure has yet to be officially announced.

Sources reveal that they hope to have the new additions locked in by April.

Wow. Just…wow.

These guys have one serious take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to firing people! And we thought Chezza got it rough!

But hey! If the show isn't working, it just isn't working.

And as sad as we are to see Paula go, if this loosens up the change enough to hire someone like Mariah as a judge, then we think it's worth it! And Perez!!!!!!!!!
How about U?? Are U surprised with the latest X Factor news??

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18 comments to “MASSIVE X Factor Shake-Up! Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger, AND Paula Abdul FIRED!”

  1. 1

    Since no one watched Simon's Amateur Hour (all of course with past failed record contracts and who desperately need "Anger Management" & heavy doses of Ritalin); no one will notice them gone….

  2. Glen says – reply to this


    I can understand Nicole, she was horrible. Steve I really liked. Paula was Paula so I am a little shocked at her getting the axe and not sure I believe it. The worst thing about x-factor was LA Reid. He seemed really out of touch. He openly hated on Drew. His exchanges wtih Simon seemed really Phoney. They need to keep Paula. I mean she got the group catagory and they threw together a bunch of randoms to fill it. She could of had real groups of people but no she was told to take Lakota Rayne and Intesity?? lol. Right. Do hey really want to know what was wrong with X-Factor? it was staged and it showed..

    Stacey Francis - Staged
    Crhis Rene - seriously he sang young homey 4 times on the show - and was the only song he sounded okay on
    Astro? ==no
    Melanie?? - probably the best singer but the whole you got passed up and then picked again thing - staged
    Marcus Canty? he was just okay - never should have made it to final stage
    Drew and Rachel were great finds but too young
    Josh Cratchet ? sounds like every bar singer I know

    The song choices were aweful, the over the top staging was terrible, the back up dancers were annoying- it was way way too much.

  3. 3

    They got away from the talent. Now its all about back up dancers, lights, props etc. One could never connect with the contestant because the camera was panning on everything else but the person singing. The gig is up!

  4. 4

    I kind of think it would be interesting to try out Lars Von Trier as a judge…or maybe he should stick to making wonderful films rather than talk.

  5. 5

    Re: Glen – I agree with most of what you said Glen, except LA Reid. He is the only judge with credibility, imo. I am really shocked about Paula not coming back. She was ok but more fun when she was on drugs.

  6. 6

    Re: Glen – - L.A.runs the division of Sony Records that the winner signs with. Melanie, Josh, Chris and Astro all signed with L.A. Reid's division of Sony.

  7. 7

    #TEAMCHEZZA!!! Bring her back!

  8. 8

    I comtempt for X-Factor has NOTHING to do with the judges or the host. It's the heavy-handed, over the top, melodramatic production. It's so manipulative. I can't stand that show. I won't watch no matter who the judges are.

  9. 9

    I think that Paula was a mistake from the beginning. Her attachment to the project made it seem like a retread of American Idol. Simon was too effusive over his "girls" and then his sarcastic self with everyone else. Maybe they will get better talent next year. None of this year's talent made it appointment television. Hope it's a whole new show.

  10. 10

    The voice is SO much better. Like way better. I can't wait till the premiere Sunday.

  11. 11

    "Perez for X Factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    ^ Are you out of your friggin mind!? STOP the self-promoting…it is so annoying! NO ONE WOULD WANT YOU ON THE SHOW… NO ONE! Anyway, Simon is an idiot for getting rid of Paula…if its even true.

  12. Glen says – reply to this


    I know la works for Sony, I know he was in The Deele with Babyface and they co-wrote a ot of the biggest hits of the 90's - Clive Davis signs the AI winners but they were smart enough not to let him be a judge, same goes for Jimmy Iovine. He is not TV material. That stink face he makes when people are singing looks like he is taking a dump, he is boring and montoned. The whole "I quit my job to find that next big star" schtick is lame. Have him be there as the record exec but not a mentor/judge. I mean really of the guys he picked - did you think they deserved to go through? Marcus Canty had zero shot of being a star. Astro, none - kids rapping? look up Kriss Kross and "where are they now." Drew was probably the most interesting tll she got all Jesus freaky at the end. Rachel I totally agreed she was a pre made Disney Star ready to go, her break down on TV showed me she was too young to do that.

    Idol was never the same without Paula. They need to pit her and Simon against each other she should have gotten boys and LA groups. But what is done is done I guess.

    If they listened to me - remove LA - make him the exec on site and consult with all 4 catagories - Make it Simon, Sharon Osbourne, Mel B from Spice Girls, and Ryan Tedder to add in somone with current hit writing and chart experience. Lose about 50% of the glitz, and dancing - pick much better songs…no theme nights try and stay current.

  13. zooby says – reply to this


    Mariah is a lock-in for sure.

  14. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: JulieAndrewsWorshiper – Agreed. WAYYY more entertaining.

  15. 15

    Perez For X-factor? HA… that's about the quickest way possible to watch the ratings drop like a stone from heaven. Nobody likes you Mario, and your voice is like nails on a chalkboard, why would anybody voluntarily tune in to listen to that? Simon would rip you a new blow-hole so fast it would make your deluded head spin. STFU already

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Angling for bigger ratings mostly has little regard for people. They're all very, very lucky, were paid ridiculously well, and Paula (love her) could probably retire from last year's earnings alone with half a brain, so high five on that. There's some kind of new plan afoot, and time will tell on this one.

  17. 17

    Nooooo Steve!!!!

  18. 18

    this is so crazy!! i actually really started to like Steve toward the end. i felt bad for him at first…he was getting run all over by the judges and in a hurry all the time with the show. but then he relaxed and started having some fun, joking around. i liked him - he's cute and his accent is great - i'll miss him saying 'welcome back to the X-factA… As for Paula, that sucks, although I was really sick of her and N always agreeing with each other no matter what and crying all the time. BUT! I agree that LA is the WORST judge ever. He hated on anyone that wasn't HIS protege, the face is ugly and his songs and arrangements were HORRIBLE. Marcus - OMG, by the end with all his over-the-top sex u up productions, I hated him. Drew was awesome, she just needs a little coaching - still my favorite. I agree that the performances were often over the top, but I was stunned sometimes by the gorgeousness of the single performers with the mood background and lights. OH well, I will be watching next season to see what happens, but if I don't like it, I'm out. This year it became a must watch, despite all the fake stuff and drama (melanie esp and the little Disney girl breaking down - puh lese!!)