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Demi Moore Was On The Hunt For Zac Efron!?

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demi moore zac efron hunt

Doesn't she know he's ours, LOL!!

It's becoming more and more apparent that Demi Moore is obsessed with youth! We mean, come on… why else would an A-lister allegedly choose whipits and K2 spice to get high??

But it's not just the drugs we're hearing about!! Oh no!!

According to some insiders, Demi has been surrounding herself with young people… probably in hopes of getting some of their vibes, ha!!!

But a source confirms it:

She's been really down, and she's surrounding herself with young people to make her feel better.

And one of those youngins is her daughter Rumer's good friend — Zac Efron!!

The two were both at a party a lil while ago and an onlooker saw a "desperate" Demi track him DOWN!! They said she "seemed out of her mind" at the Venice party.

Oh goodness!! REALLY?? We hope this gurl gets herself well and better 100% and SOON!!

[Image via Andres Oterro/WENN.]

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18 comments to “Demi Moore Was On The Hunt For Zac Efron!?”

  1. 1

    Demi is not an A Lister. She used to be….25 years ago but not now.

  2. 2

    Marginal actor who is having a mid life meltdown. Narcisim is like a drug until even you stop beleiving you are all that. She is in need of some serious mental health help. Watch out Real Houseswives of Beverly Hills…she may be next

  3. 3

    So Perez, do you feel like a moron yet for making Ashton out to be the bad one? Clearly Demi's the one with major issues

  4. 4

    She was spotted in a bar in NY with Zac and Rumer right around new years. And partying with Rumer and Ryan Rottman in LA. Maybe Demi will end up writing a tell all book about all her young studs.

  5. 5

    Oh, for heaven's sake. He's 10 years younger than Ashton, even. She was old enough to be Ashton's mother but geesh, she's only about six years off to be Zac's grandma! I hope this isn't true.

  6. 6



  7. 7

    I smell desperation

  8. 8

    NOT TRUE. I don't think Zac likes girls. Plus, wasn't Rumer bearding for him in recent months? I don't believe that story at all. I use to be a fan of Demi's back in the 90's but her personality changed in interviews by the 2000 - now.

    Kutcher and Moore had an open marriage. Open marriages don't work forever. They only last so long.

  9. 9

    She's lower than that monster D-Lister Kathy Griffin…….just her name makes me ….B A R F!

  10. 10

    A-Lister? LMFAO Demi wishes she was an A-lister! . . . Just beyond pathetic that she cannot accept the fact that her career is over as is her 15 mintues inthe spotloight. Go age gracefully, be a good mom to your children and find a grown up to have a real relationship. Can only imagine what all the young hollywood kids think of her clinging to them like a backpack. Nothing appealing about a grown woman who cant act her age!

  11. 11

    Re: Babycakes!!!
    Could not have said it better!

  12. 12

    but zac has a stub for a peen!! lolllllllllllllllllllllll :-)

  13. 13

    Seeing your girly gushing over him, she's not the only one obsessed with youth. Difference being, you go for the under 17 boys.

  14. 14

    Re: be strong – Please! I don't know what part of the world you're from, but over here, 15 years (diff. between Demi & Ashton) isn't usually the number of years between parent & child. And Demi is 25 years older than Zac. Hardly old enough to be his grandmother. How many 25 year old grandmas do u know? Even with the 6 years added on….how many 31 year old grandmas do u know?

  15. 15

    its like one of those movies where the vampire sucks the youth out of the young person and stays young .. literally..

    is there anyone still against ashton now?

    young guys(25+) tend to hang around even when ur older but the correct thing to do is send them on their way not involve urself further with them

  16. 16

    i doubt this is true…but if it is, how sad and pathetic this world has become.

  17. MaryP says – reply to this


    Demi is most certainly not a "A-List" movie star as she hasn't had a hit movie in years. She's a typical Hollywood has-been: Shallow, self-obsessed, and terrified of looking older than 21. Apparently the only way she can get any press now is by overdosing.

    What a pathetic creature she's become.

  18. 18

    Even tho she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a 20 something…rest assured she is a 50 something, and what she needs is NOT Zac Efron, but a psyciatrist….I am thinking that she is taking some very serious illegal drugs….