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Journey Doesn't Need To Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

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Although Journey has yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ex-lead singer Steve Perry doesn't seem to miffed by what many would consider to be a huge snub, and explains:

“I think that, honestly, Journey doesn’t need to be in the Hall of Fame. With everything we accomplished … we’ve had our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you know? It’s in the hearts of the people out there and their experiences and their memories of what we did together and how we all had the time of our lives with the music that we loved to perform and they loved to hear. I really don’t want someone to qualify it any more than that.”

Hey! That's a pretty solid attitude!

Professional accolades are one thing, but we respect that all he's concerned about is whether or not the fans are happy!

And we doubt the fans care about something like the Hall of Fame or not!

What do U think?? Should Journey get the honor??

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16 comments to “Journey Doesn't Need To Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!”

  1. 1

    journey sux thats why they're not in the hall of fame

  2. 2

    journey sucks and he doesn't care about getting inducted because it is a joke. Seriously some of the choices they put in there are ridiculous and not even rock and roll.

  3. 3

    i dont know what they even sang

  4. 4

    Regardless, Jann Wenner has a thing for donkeys.

  5. 5

    There is nothing more worthwhile than ignorant comments with no punctuation and a positive message. While I'm sure your opinions matter greatly to you, the millions of people who appreciate Journey may not feel the same. Clearly you had no role models to teach you the tactful and mature premise of: "if you have nothing nice to say, keep your big mouths shut".

  6. 6

    Re: Maggieg – Love it, Maggie!

    Journey is one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the time period. No matter what genre of music most preferred, they could always sing along to the band's tune. I think I will put my greatest hits CD in on the way to work today. =)

  7. 7

    Seeing as Madonna made it into the RnRHOF before RUSH and there was no Alice Cooper/Neil Diamond duet at last year's induction, I tend to doubt its validity on a grand scale. Though I'm always gonna giggle at the whole VH/DLR story about their induction. It's probably legend and rumor, but it still makes me smile.

  8. 8

    Journey was bad ass for their time and If you think you haven't heard a song by them, you are wrong. They are everywhere, movies (Tron, Caddyshack, Yes Man, etc), TV shows (Sopranos, Scrubs, Glee, Family Guy, etc), commercials (State Farm), on Broadway (Rock Of Ages), and sporting events across the country. Weather you like their music or not you can't deny that this band had talent to spare and that Steve Perry is easily one of the best vocalists of the century. He is an American icon who has been immitated but not even close to being duplicated.
    Journey ~ getting the love on perezhilton!

  9. 9

    Re: piazzasbuttplug
    Yep, that guy is a real piece of work.

  10. 10

    uh NO. Journey SHOULD be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… why aren't they??! They are one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

  11. 11

    After "Don't stop believing" came out, you'd think they'd go straight to the R & R hall of fame.

  12. 12

    Theres only one voice that says it all STEVE PERRY!! thats why ROLLING STONE MAG. chose him as one of the 100 top singer. there are many great singers.. motown had many MICHAEL JACKSON, then theres the BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, ELVIS, lots of great bands in the 60's, 70's, 80's but STEVE stands out as the BEATLES & ELVIS DID. Just check out his fan base & how Journeys music keeps selling on ITUNES

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Won my first band audition way back thanks to Journey, singing/practicing beforehand for a month to the entire Infinity album. I figured if you could sing Steve Perry, you could sing anything. What a voice on him, and it's not just the voice, it's the emotion every line's infused with.

  14. 14

    dont stop believin joe

  15. 15

    It should be called the hall of same….
    Deep Purple,Rush,Yes,,Alice Cooper,KISS are not in…

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: realroadrunner – Agreed. It's become a bit Hollywood who-you-know.