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Family Of Hollywood Hills Murder Victim Speaks Out: Murderer Will Meet His Maker!

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hollywood hills severed head

UGH!! We still can't believe someone would do this!!

To recap, two women found a severed head while hiking in the Hollywood Hills. It was the head of Hervey Medellin's, and his other severed remains were found in the Hollywood Hills as well.

Seriously, why did this happen?? Will we ever know?? Will the family ever know??

Their confusion and pain right now is just unfathomable. But Joanna, a "niece" of his is speaking out, and it's a mix of sorrow and anger!!

She says:

We don’t know what happened. Whoever did has a problem with God, he is going to meet their maker. There is nothing we can do to help Hervey, he is gone. It is now the cops’ job to find out what happened.

I am devastated, I feel robbed.

My uncle is fine, it was his time to go. He is in heaven now with my mom – they are decorating. Whoever did this is not fine, they are screwed,” she warned. “He’s going to get his judgment from God. His karma is screwed. You can’t chop someone up and kill them and think that you are going to be OK.

I just don’t get it, if you have a problem with someone just talk about it, don’t kill them. Don’t chop someone up! Just communicate!! When they catch this man I am going to see him in jail and ask him why he did this.

According to Hervey's boyfriend, he went on a business trip to Tijuana, Mexico just days before he was found. Could that have anything to do with it?? Theories are growing…

But no matter what happened or why, we feel so bad for the fam!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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5 comments to “Family Of Hollywood Hills Murder Victim Speaks Out: Murderer Will Meet His Maker!”

  1. 1

    Why is "niece" in quotation marks? The dead man can't have a niece?

  2. 2

    They're in heaven decorating? That doesn't sound like heaven for a straight man…
    that i know.

  3. 3

    The only way I can see this family having any sense of peace is to have faith in God. But why would God allow this to happen? I'd be angry at the world if my loved one was chopped to pieces. I am thankful that nothing so tragic has ever come my way. I seriously doubt I could handle it.

  4. 4

    What is the world coming to? Crap!

  5. 5

    Too sad. just find the killer please.