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Obama Helps A Woman's Husband Find A Job!

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Your Reaction?

President? Singer? Now career advisor?!

President Obama held an open chat on Google+ reaching out to younger voters.

One viewer, a Republican, had a special request for the POTUS.

Jennifer Wedel asked the commander in chief to review her husband's resumé during the online town hall meeting.

And the President followed through!

Wedel says that she received a call from a White House official stating that the matter was being handled. Her husband has now received numerous calls from recruiters through contacts in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where the couple lives.

However, she did say it might not be enough to swing her to his side!

Check out the video above and hear more on the town hall meeting.

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5 comments to “Obama Helps A Woman's Husband Find A Job!”

  1. 1

    Now what about the other ten million Americans out of work ???
    He is so busy out fund raising, at $35,000.00 a head, he has no time to do the job he was hired to do
    Yesterday I paid $64.00 to fill my gas tank
    We need KeyStone pipeline

  2. 2

    Only a few million more people to go.

  3. 3

    Entertainer-n-chief, employer-n-chielf, golfer-n-chief. campaigner-n-chief what a rotten president he has been. please people this isn't working out for most of us, please educate yourself about the obama's, they are not nice people.

  4. 4

    Way to go food stamp president.

  5. 5

    Additionally, it's beyond obvious that he did not see that question coming and was a bit taken aback that anyone even knew about the international work visas. He thinks most Americans aren't smart enough to see through him - I hope he gets flooded with tens of millions of resumes for all AMERICANS out of work - put our country to work before foreigners! Social justice can suck it - capitalism is key and they are slowly taking that away from us.