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Check Out Adam Lambert's New Music Video For Better Than I Know Myself HERE!

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It's been quite a day for Adam Lambert!

Earlier today, we learned that Queen is bringing on Adam as their frontman for their summer 2012 tour!

In an impressively strategic move, Adam has ALSO chosen today to debut the music video for his single Better Than I Know Myself (above)!

As we said before, it's a bit slower than what he usually does…but we're still feeling it!

What do U think? Are U liking this video? Any new thoughts on Adam joining Queen???

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23 comments to “Check Out Adam Lambert's New Music Video For Better Than I Know Myself HERE!”

  1. calaf says – reply to this


    I find this new track kind of dated…..it has no juice…….It sounds to me like it was done a bit too long ago, he needs a new sound because his voice got tired after a minute or tow of his screaming sound…..i give him a 4 out of 10 …wish for more

  2. 2

    ˙ɯɐpɐ ǝɯıʇ ʇxǝu ʞɔnl ɹǝʇʇǝq ˙ʎɥɔǝǝɹɔs ɐpuıʞ

  3. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Good meets evil!! Boy meets man!!

  4. 4

    BAD fucking mistake, this queen is WAY TOO FLAMING, not representative of FREDDY AT ALL.

  5. 5

    Re: Meggie246524 – How did you do that?

  6. 6

    Re: raypearson – I heard the whole Queen this is just a rumor - not a done deal.

  7. 7

    loving the video!
    and Adam just tweeted that he is not the new front man for queen, but he will do some shows with them in the future.

  8. Avaah says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – BY the way DUMBASS if by "flaming" you mean ~hot~ That Adam is and then some! His talent is unmatched by any one today! FYI not that it matters…but maybe you are too stupid to know Freddy was GAY! Get over it!

  9. Avaah says – reply to this


    Love the "3" beautiful Adams in this video. This video is the best I've seen.

  10. 10

    He lost me on the second verse. wooahooaho I HATE THE RUNS why do people do that it is irritating. Ps… he probably would be good with Queen because he would be "playing" Freddie. This dude is a stage actor, he should find himself a path to Broadway

  11. 11

    Re: rosebud99 – [re=6001886]I was just bored, so I did a "www.typeupsidedown.com"

  12. 12

    Not with Queen….not with Queen…..PLEASE not with Queen.

  13. 13

    For one, the man has released ONE album. There's hardly been enough time/music for you to have an opinion on the music he "usually" does. give the guy at least 3 albums before try to pin down his style.
    Secondly, frontman is a strong word. It implies he's part of the band. As far as i can tell, Adam's talked about doing some shows with Queen this summer (which is still more of possibility than a concrete reality so don't get too excited cuz if might not materialize), not becoming a part of Queen.That's Queen w/Adam Lambert not Adam as a member of Queen. There's a difference. The frontman title seems to be an inference on the media's part, putting words in his mouth. He said being asked to be frontman is the best thing that CAN happen, he never said it DID or that he accepted. Some things are better taken at face value rather than trying to read between lines that don't exist.

  14. 14

    Love it ! So far he has been the best voice, most artistic ,and good looking of the guys that have made it in the music reality shows. People want to see a good show when they go to see an artist in concert, they want to be entertained. I want to see more!

  15. 15

    he is pretty, will be respectful and has the vocals to cover Queen

  16. 16

    At the end he really looks like Ewan McGregor (:

  17. 17

    He really is quite gorgeous!

  18. 18

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO !!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Not what I expected for his second album. I love Adam. But what's with the excess autotune?

  20. 20

    LOVE the video! Can't wait for Adam's album to hear what he did w/ Pharrell on Trespassing & Bonnie McKee on CUCKOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    Re: jess1z1 – What auto tune????????

  22. 22

    WOW. never before realised that he is actually damn hot without all that eye make up!
    and i like the new video!

  23. 23

    Absolutely love Adam Lambert's new video and song. Everyone should be able to relate to this video in their own lives and in relation to his problems at the end of 2011, it fits him so well. I love that he has cleaned up his act and is serious with his music. Good Luck, ADAM. The best singer around.