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LOLz!!! SNL Makes Fun Of Lana Del Rey!

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This is a way to address the whole Lana Del Rey fiasco!

Kristen Wiig did a dead on impersonation of the singer on last night's Weekend Update on SNL.

We have to say, this was pretty genius way of SNL. And Kristen is HIGHlarious of course!!

We wonder what Lana has to say about this…

Watch! Watch! Watch!

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27 comments to “LOLz!!! SNL Makes Fun Of Lana Del Rey!”

  1. 1

    This was an amazing impression. AI kept thinking is this Lana or Kirsten. I kept switching back in fourth and said no it's Lana no it's kristen.

  2. 2

    Basically, Kristen was doing what I thought she was doing when Lana Del Rey was ACTUALLY performing a couple weeks ago. I prefer Kristen as Lana than Lana as Lana. Also, it was wicked funny.

  3. 3

    Don't tell me SNL did not know how bad she was. Shame on SNL for setting this poor girl up for the ridicule and scathing reviews that ensued.

  4. 4

    that's why i don't watch SNL anymore. it's all about bullying the celebrities. trash, trash, trash.

  5. 5

    i was waiting for this to happen.


  6. 6

    Yeah they did make fun of her but they did also kind of stand up for her through Kristen's answers. I thought they did a great job. It was hilarious and i think they got back at all the people that said shit about Lana Del Rey.

  7. 7

    I loved that they were moreso making fun of those that criticized and mocked her for her performance than her herself. Sure, they somewhat made fun of her in the process, but it was more about the people who were such dicks to Lana (including myself). It was a bad performance, but people really destroyed her for it.

  8. 8

    welcome to tv, where we love to see people rising, and love seeing they down to the ground 10 000 times more!

  9. 9

    Actually, they were making fun of people like you and other bloggers who talked shit about her. Wow, you really are stupid if you don't see that.

  10. 10

    Actually think SNL made fun of people like you that went way overboard to criticize a new artist for things that you have never called anyone else out for, like changing her name, with plenty or references in the skit to just a few of almost every pop artist that has done the same before he, having come from a a family with some money not like willow smith money or fame or many like her, which seems to be fine with you. Any way as the record sales show and as the performance on Letterman showed in the long run she wins and Perez you look silly

  11. cars says – reply to this


    Actually, the whole thing it's about critizing her critics….It's funny how she did a good performance on Letterman and websites like this didn't even commented about it…Anyway, it was fun :)

  12. 12

    Re: megan_544Re: HarleyDex
    Yup they were making fun of Hypocritical Bullies like Mario. The rest of his cronies are to blinded by his hate to see this

  13. 13

    Re: light2youRe: berkens
    Mario = Perez

  14. 14

    You are a fucking idiot Perez. They are not making fun of her they are defending her against dipfucks like you. Are you seriously that incompetent to not realize this?

  15. 15

    it seems like SNL is NOT Making fun of her. am i the only one who sees this?

  16. 16

    this was perfect. dead on impression.


  17. 17

    They aren't making fun of her. They're defending her.

  18. 18

    Perez, they were defending her through the impersonation, not making fun of her. She did a much better performance on Letterman and you didn't even report on it. Yet another biased, garbage article.

  19. Went says – reply to this


    Actually they were taking up for her by doing this sketch. If you'd actually watched it an paid attention they bring up some pretty good points about pop stars and what is selling out and what is not. Ugh. You never get it.

  20. 20

    I'm LOL'ing but it's because I would think it would be clear to anyone watching this that SNL is making fun of ALL THE CRITICS - not of LDR. And I loved the point of how bullying comes in all shapes and forms **cough cough** I love LDR - she's awesome.

  21. 21

    it's not a criticism you moron, they're defending her.

  22. 22

    They were making fun of all the critics who were ragging on her after that performance. Next time read the article, not just the headline.

  23. 23

    HaHa! If only she was this snarky in real life. I love her new album. Fuck the critics/haters.

  24. 24

    wow her tits look amazing!!!!

  25. 25

    Hilarious,Love Lana and her new album. love SNL for sticking up for her in there own hilarious way.

  26. 26

    Never clicking on another clip on your site again. I can get it on the internet without your ridiculous 30 second ads…some which seem loaded with cookies. You're pushing people off of your site and one day there may be none. There used to be real people posting on your site. Now, it's full of impostors. Sad state of affairs.

  27. 27

    i don't think snl was making fun of her as much as they were making fun of the media reaction to her. If you read between the lines they are more so defending her than anything else.