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Wanna Know Some DWTS Potentials!?!

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jwoww kendall kylie jenner tim tebow dancing with the stars

OMG, we are getting SO excited for this!! The official cast list for season 14 of Dancing with the Stars will be revealed February 28th!!

But until then, there are LOTSA potentials out there… names that have been whispered all throughout Hollywood as possible new cast members.

Wanna know who they are??

Kylie and/or Kendall Jenner - Apparently the producers would give an arm and a leg to get one of these girls on, but it's gonna be tough getting the go-ahead from cautious father Bruce Jenner!!

Taylor Armstrong - Okay, we're not so sure if we believe this one… don't they always shy away from Real Housewives???

JWoww - OMG YES PLEASE!!! We totally believe this. She's super hot, and we bet her dance skills are IN-SANE!!

Regis Philbin - Awww… Rege!! They've been after him for the longest time!! Who knows… now that he's not jibba-jabbin' with Kelly Ripa every day, maybe he has some time to finally do it!!

Dolly Parton - We hear the producers are constantly trying to get this Tennessee belle on board but she keeps saying no. Maybe this season is different? We hope so!!

Victor Cruz - Apparently this NFL star turned them down!! Boo!!

Tim Tebow - Karina Smirnoff wants him BAAADDD… but so does the rest of the country right now. America might have to wait til season eighteen for this good ole boy to sign on!!

Sherri Shepherd - Aww… SherBear!! She'd be fun to watch!

Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain - Ha!! HaHa!!! We'd love to see them dancing together!!

Paula Deen - This would be GREAT for her health now that she's been diagnosed with diabetes. We hope she does it!! Her personality is awesome, y'all!!

and last but definitely not least…

Perez Hilton - We would LOVE to do it!! We already keep up with the show enough, LOL!!

Ahh!!! Can't wait to see the big reveal on Good Morning America Feb. 28!! Of course, make sure to check in with us if U miss it!!

Anyone we didn't mention U'd love to watch??

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14 comments to “Wanna Know Some DWTS Potentials!?!”

  1. 1

    Dolly Parton is the only star on that list. I hope she doesn't do it. She is way too good to mix with those tacky reality stars.

  2. 2

    Give me a fucking break. First off, those jenner whores, yeah, we don't need more of them. But JWOW being hot, YOUR A HOMO, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HOT IN A WOMAN. And just so you know, she's the kind of hot that guys want to assfuck, and cum on her face, but that's it, cuz she's a skank and get's no respect. We love the whores, we want to degrade them, but when it comes time fo stay with someone, it has to be someone we respect, and she aint it. Again, your gay, quit telling us what is hot in a woman. And lasty. your name has been mentioned? Yeah, but you you stupid fucker. No one, outside your mom, want's to see you…anywhere…alive!

  3. 3

    You'd get sent home first week, no question. America HATES you.

  4. 4

    Its Dancing with the STARS not dancing with an annoying wannabe. keep dreaming Perez.. Spongebob has a better chance of being on that show than YOU.

  5. 5

    Regis and Dolly are too old and fragile for that show! I am never watching anything with a Kardashian related person and no one else you named (save you) would interest me at all!

  6. 6

    Dear hoochpit,

    You are an idiot. That is all.

  7. 7

    OMG, people are HATEFUL!! Perez, I'd vote for you!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    I thought they said after last years fiasco that they were going to try and hire STARS?

  10. 10

    Hey, anybody besides you I would be happy with in comparison, including those famewhoring kardashians. Yes, I think Perez is a bigger famewhore than them especially after his "open call letter to fox" for the spot as an x factor judge. DESPERATE, MUCH? I think they would have asked you by now if they actually wanted anything to do with you, loser.

    Peace and love :)

  11. 11

    Victor or Tim good choices….the others not so much. Why is Perez always trying to get on T.V, First he's desperate to be a judge on any show… Now he thinks America wants to watch him dance? YUCK! the only thing we want you for is news that we can share with others on here. P.S cant stand his voice or his looks.

  12. 12

    Gotta say, aside from Dolly & Regis, that's the lamest list of "maybe's" that show has had since it's been on, and I am a fan! They do need to stay away from reality "stars".

  13. 13

    I DON'T want to see those little girls on there. They can still be saved lol BE A MAN FOR ONCE BRUCE! I don't want my man on there either, I don't know why, but stay home Tim. I'd actually like to see you Perez. Only because I'd like to know your story. You would'nt have been so cruel on your site years ago, if you didn't have some heavy shit on your heart. You gained ALOT of weight, there's something there, I know it.

  14. 14

    LMAO at perez pretending like he's being considered to be on the show, no one would watch you! LOl. Victor Cruz is definitely hot, i'd love to see him dance around, but I coulda predicted her would opt out.. this show is more like dancing on the d list….because only D List celebs sign on for it….!