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M.I.A. Will Have To Pay Any Fines Charged For Flipping Off Millions Of Super Bowl Viewers!!

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Okay, SURELY by now all of U are well aware that M.I.A. flipped a camera off in the middle of the Super Bowl halftime show — causing such a shizstorm!!

The Parents Television Council has demanded punishment for the televised shenanigans, and they sound super serious about it!!

The organization calls BS on both NBC and the NFL in their statement which reads:

NBC fumbled and the NFL lied because a performer known as M.I.A. felt it necessary to flip off millions of families. Last week the NFL formally told the PTC – and the American public – that the Super Bowl halftime show would be appropriate. Most families would agree that the middle finger aimed directly at them is not appropriate, especially during the most-watched television event of the year.

Oooh but it gets better!! To elaborate on some HIGHlights we posted earlier, they also state:

It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer. They chose a lineup full of performers who have based their careers on shock, profanity and titillation. Instead of preventing indecent material, they enabled it. M.I.A. used a middle finger shamelessly to bring controversial attention to herself, while effectively telling an audience filled with children, 'F– you.'

A simple apology rings hollow after yet another slap in the face to families. Either the NFL and NBC will take immediate steps to hold those accountable for this offensive material in front of a hundred million Americans, or they will feebly sit back and do nothing. The nation – and the PTC – is watching.

And as we wonder which kind of punishment would satisfy the PTC, sources close to the NFL say M.I.A. will be the only one paying fines if it comes to that.

Apparently she signed a contract prior to the Super Bowl, agreeing to pay any money the NFL may be charged with for actions taken by the singer herself.

So if she signed that piece of paper, why in the world would she do it?? Maybe she thought the attention she could get from this would help sell enough albums to cover fines and then some!!

Pfft. Either way… middle fingers are NOT appreciated at the halftime show!! Clearly!!!

Miss the bird dramz?? Watch it here!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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21 comments to “M.I.A. Will Have To Pay Any Fines Charged For Flipping Off Millions Of Super Bowl Viewers!!”

  1. 1

    She just did that to gain attention, which she did when everyone should have only spoken about the performances and especially Madonna. Good JOB LOSER. trying to get back into the spotlight when nobody cares about your music anymore.

  2. 2

    Whatever fine she has to pay will have been worth it. She has her name everywhere, people are talking about her and not Madonna - she is suddenly relevant - I'm sure she is happy as hell.
    Unfortunately, this means that next year's super bowl half time show will be a montage of Pat Boone recordings.

  3. 3

    "desperate performer" hehehe. That was so tacky of her to do.

  4. 4

    Lol i think it's hilarious that she had the shortest part in the song and ended up being the most talked about from the whole super bowl haha she'll pay the fine if anything she really didn't care maybe she was feeling it, it went well with the lyrics and moment anyways…and if you're an M.I.A fan you know this is just how she is

  5. 5

    She is a total, lowlife, scumbag, idiot. I hope they fine her $500,000 and make her go back to the rock she crawled out from under.

  6. 6

    big deal.. she flipped the bird. happens a million times a day in any metropolitan city. HOpefully they keep their kids off internet where they see much worse.
    these stupid parent organizations need to focus on bigger things. like teen suicide. Wish NBC and NFL would tell them to STFU over this one..
    The Janet Jackson nipple thing I can understand. .

  7. 7

    The Parents Television Council needs to get a fucking life? All bent out of shape because M.I.A. showed us a finger that NO ONE would have noticed as much except for all the hype that PTC is putting out there to draw attention to themselves! They are bigger spotlight whores than M.I.A. … so much publicity over NOTHING! Why is M.I.A. famous? Who knew who she was until Madonna plucked her out of obscurity? Stupid girl. Stupid PTC!

  8. 8

    Re: shortdork24 – exactly

  9. 9

    Re: rosebud99 – everyone's talkin' about madonna!! ratings were higher for madonna that the game itself!!!!!!!!!!! but i love love love m.i.a. and ”bad girls” and your comment is still cracking me up!! XO :-)

  10. 10

    When the biggest story of the Super Bow is not about the game but about a middle finger, something is really wrong with American culture. The rest of the world is in the 21st century, and they are laughing at America.

  11. 11

    trashy attention whore.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's not enough that you're in for superbowl half-time?!?
    Burning your bridges is juvenile. Being grateful and respectful of time and place isn't.

  13. 13

    Re: rosebud99 – Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Exactly! You took the words out of my mouth, but your words were much funnier. Now we all will pay the price for a simple middle finger that most people didn't even see live. Heaven knows who they will force upon us next year. Remember that year they had The Who perform? (((SHUDDERS)))

  14. 14

    Good im glad :) hope she pays for it

  15. MJB12 says – reply to this


    Fuckin' ridiculous. I doubt anyone would have even noticed she flipped the camera off had it not been pointed out everywhere. I rewatched the halftime show on a giant HDTV and still it was barely noticeable. It was from far away and not at all the first thing that my eye went to

  16. 16

    I do not like the PTC but in this case they are right

  17. 17

    Didn't see this, must have been during a break I took since I have no idea who she/he is and not interested in learning after reading his story.

  18. 18

    Can Madonna be fined for making inappropriate thrusting actions on camera? OH, and all the hyper-sexualized commercials, and Budweiser for glamorizing alcohol consumption?? GIVE ME A BREAK.

  19. 19

    no talent loser should pay up..familys have a right to a family show without the crudeness they would expect enough from madonna without some no talent doing this in their faces when they are watching its a disgrace…

  20. 20

    It would be NO deal at all, if the media wouldnt have made such a big deal out of it. I am sure 99% of the viewers didnt even see it lol

  21. 21

    BIG DEAL…..