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Wow! Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres, Calls "One Million Moms" Protest Against Her A Modern Day Witch Hunt!

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We are truly impressed!!

Bill O'Reilly did a very admirable thing Monday when he defended Ellen DeGeneres amidst the hatred spewed from One Million Moms.

The organization wishes to boycott JC Penney as long as Ellen is their spokesperson because she's gay.

And when a woman tries to make a case for OMM, Bill rebuts with:

A conservative group is asking a private company to fire their spokesperson. If you don't want to shop there, that's your decision. Fine. But they're wrong to do it.

If you remember with the McCarthy era, in the 50s and they were trying to hunt down communist sympathizers and not let them work and put them. What is the difference between McCarthy era communist blacklist in the 50s and the million moms saying, ‘Hey, JC Penney and all you other stores don’t you hire any gay people, don’t you dare.’ What is the difference?

Bravo, good sir!! Bra-Vo!!

Oh and btw, JC Penney has also issued a statement saying no way in hell are they firing Ellen over this silly nonsense! Way to go, JCP!!!

Ellen has since thanked Bill for defending her. And we thank him too!!

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35 comments to “Wow! Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres, Calls "One Million Moms" Protest Against Her A Modern Day Witch Hunt!”

  1. 1

    Looooord I'm glad I don't live in america!!! so much open homophobia… it's absurd!

  2. 2

    Re: sjarmurandi – I know!! when I was little I always so America as a happy place, you know with all their freedom preaching…. now that I'm grown I see the truth and America is a sad, sad, sad, sad place

  3. 3

    Re: sjarmurandi – Exactly and discrimination against minorities too. I suggest gay people to visit France they are of course homophobic people here but majority are not, we like gay people.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for Ellen she seems like a nice person. Parents seem to be getting crazier and crazier these days.

  4. 4

    Oh and her or anyone being gay does not affect anyone's personal life so why is it such a problem? Are you going to lose your job if someone is gay or whatever. No. Where is Ellen's life and her being gay shown in a JC Penny ad? It isn't at all. It seems like people get mad over gays being with the same gender more than straight people having sex with non humans, it's so crazy.

  5. 5

    DOn't applaude this douchebag, Mario. If you go back and look at election years, Fox news ALWAYS, ALWAYS tones down the ignorant-hate-spewage they normally do because they have to soften up for the more liberal Republicans. Trust me, it's not how he felt, it's what he's TOLD to say and do. Please, for the love of an IQ, don't buy into this bullshit. He's a scumbag, plain and simple.

  6. 6

    Re: sjarmurandi – You're wrong. It's outlets like Fox News and other ignorant media outlets, INCLUDING this site, that completely polarize any given issue until it's become a complete monster, when in fact there is no boogie man in the closet. They create it with sensationalism and they know it. And they succeed in doing so. Your statement is proof of this. Remember, if people feed you shit long enough, you'll begin to like it….and then ask for seconds…and then ask why the only thing left to eat on the planet is shit. When in fact that isn't the case, it's just that it's the only thing you're being fed.

  7. 7

    Last time commenting, how ironic these christians are against gays though God says not to judge people, oh the irony!

  8. 8

    Last time commenting, how ironic these christians are against gays though God says not to judge people, oh the irony! Also they should be worrying about more important things like sex in shows between straight people and straight ads. Their against it for themselves not their children there are actually bad ads out there. I don't see any parents trying to ban soft porn from ads where children are more likely to see.

  9. 9

    Seriously, Mario. You're spreading nonsense. Stop it. Just stop it. Delete your "bravo". He devotes every waking hour to make sure he gets richer and can afford 100k prostitutes. These people are MUCH smarter than you. And I can tell you that there was a meeting in which they sat around and said, 'Bill, you take this broad down and you'll be talked about by all the tree-huggers in a positive light. They're idiots, Bill, you know this. They'll eat it up. We need to push Romney into the liberal space this final leg" — So don't be an idiot, Mario.

  10. 10

    Re: SaintThomas92 – That's exactly how I feel and I was born and raised here. When I was young, I remember having this profound knowledge of how lucky I was to be an America. I was the offspring of revolution, a beacon of freedom and equality to the third world, archaic existence outside of our boarders. Growing up here feels like a broken promise. We ask for "your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and then prosecute them if they refuse to become a homogenized ingredient in our "melting pot". Just please know it's not all of us; it's not even most of us; it's our loudest, and apparently subsequently dumbest, who's misconstrued beliefs seem to be the most prevalent.

  11. 11

    Re: AliensAreTheSuperiorRace – Oh, your youth shows. It's called hypocrisy kiddo. Welcome to the real world. And parents aren't getting crazier, the problem lies in the media. I'll repeat myself. The problem lies in the media. If you're being fed shit long enough you will begin to like it. And if you're told the moon is made of cheese long enough you will begin to believe it. And given that the average IQ of the nation is now 86 and 99% of them watch Fox News, it's completely possible that in five years those 99% will think that the moon is actually made of cheese. Did you see the new "9 billion dollar abortion complex" that was built? No? Good, neither did anyone else. However there are thousands of people that *really* *really* think and completely believe that it exists. Why? Because some asshole congressman posted a faux news story from "The Onion" passing it off as pure fact.

  12. 12

    i took the time out of my day to go onto the "million moms" website and sumbit a form saying that THEIR actions are offending me. take a couple minutes out of your time to show them the error of their ways. We will stand with Ellen because she is the epitome of a role model for any young child.

  13. 13

    One million moms = One million retards.

  14. 14

    Those moms should get a job and start living in the real world.

  15. 15

    Re: adg100 – You're right. I never fell for that Bill O'Reilly BS. As soon as i read this, my first thought was 'he's just trying to appeal to the liberals/pro-gay people. It's all a big PR stunt'.

  16. 16

    Let me get this straight, she's angry with Ellen Degeneres because she "acts out her lifestyle"! OMG, her crime, not staying in the closet, and not fearing people just like this. And what percentage of the the Mom's offspring will be gay?

  17. 17

    Way to go Bill…
    So why is everyone so shocked with his response?
    The thing that I don't get is that America is all about 'freedom', especially the 1rst amendment right to freedom of speech / expression… except for all the times that its not.
    You've got these right-wingers who talk a great game about the 'nanny state' when it comes to social programs like welfare and health care - yet scream retribution when networks fail to protect us and our children (think of the children!) from the infliction of a split second image of a finger.
    And here again you've got the Mothers trying to protect us all from the perpetually effervescent Ellen DeGeneres?
    I'm on the Mothers' side anyway - but only because I find her really irritating. I don't want my kids thinking it's alright to break out into a self-conscious, squinty-eyed boogie whenever they feel like.

    It's the hypocrisy drives most of us non-Americans batty.

  18. 18

    Re: thirdfromtheleft – What do you care if someone isn't being discriminated against? How is that freedom of speech? And please don't form opinions about the US from this or any other gossip website. I'm an American, and the world that I live in is not homophobic!

  19. 19

    To One Million Moms
    You offend me. Please take down your website and go away.

  20. 20

    Ellen is such a NON-controversial person, that she's a natural for things like Penny's. You couldn't pick someone who'll represent your company better and to their best ability, gay, straight or other. Frankly, I don't shop at Penny's because their prices are too high and the quality doesn't match the pricetag, but that's something else. Find something else to bitch about - Jersey Shore is a much more appropriate target than unoffensive Ellen Degeneres.

  21. 21

    oh my god, what is wrong with people this days??, it would be such an honor to have ellen as a spokeperson i love her show! and you know what, she is not fake nor changes who she is, that is what you call having balls! to all those homophobics you need a reality check or maybe a slap on the face.

  22. 22

    "They have a moral problem with that" - they *have* no morals.

  23. 23

    You know I gotta say, for the people who are so shocked… Its because of your own ignorance, and laziness to actually learn about Bill O'Reilly for yourselves, and not through other people who hate him… Think Progress being one of them.

    Bill O'Reilly has defended gays before, even thought it was wrong that someone posted photos of Adam Lambert and his partner kissing; because he felt whoever did that was trying to hurt his chances at winning. In one of his books he also writes how he thinks gays shouldn't be denied the happiness of marriage.

    O'Reilly doesn't like people going after good Americans, and doesn't believe being gay makes you a bad person, or bad American.

  24. 24

    Re: sjarmurandi

    That's quite an ignorant, and untrue thing to say. I've seen homophobia in many different countries. You'll find hate no matter where you go in this world, because its just a sad and dark side of humanity, that no laws will ever remedy.

    However try being gay in a Middle Eastern country, save Israel. Try being gay in Russia- North Korea, certain parts of Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, and surprisingly gays also have a hard time in Greece. You also cannot get married in Japan.

    Yeah there are homophobic people in America, but I've run into very homophobic people in Britain, and Germany. MOST Americans however don't care if someone is gay; and certainly it is not legal nor is it praised if someone is attacked, or killed for being gay.

  25. 25

    Oops forgot to mention, O'Reilly also supports gay couples; adopting kids.

  26. 26

    I think OMM should really be One Million Morons…Q-Why cant one of the million moms come on to the show? A- They are moms, they are busy. LOLz! I think they dont want to appear on the show because they are too busy getting their hair and nails done while their minority nannys take care of their children and cant be bothered with questions they have no answers for. Eveytime I see these interviews, they always throw the book down and become judgemental…Thou shalt not judge or be judged…that is your "Gods" job!

  27. 27

    Re: adg100 – You obviously never watch the O'Reilly Factor.. Stop commenting on stuff that you NEVER watch!! Bill has been in favor of gays adopting, and with this issue he does what is right. That's what he does! He also donates millions to charity like the wounded warriors fund.. The products that he sells 100% of profits go to charities.. not like the Kardashians with their 10% contribution. Stop being a pin head…

  28. 28

    Re: ranran84 – I understand what you're saying, they're hompohobic people in Spain too, but at least they dont pretend to be a country based on "freedom" and equality….

  29. 29

    Re: SaintThomas92 – there are*

  30. 30

    Ellen is one of the sweetest celebrities out there! Shame to those one million "moms"…its hilarious to me that they think their little hatred party is going to get people to stop shopping at JC Penny. If anything, more people will start shopping there! Good job JC Penny for sticking to your decision to hire Ellen as spokesperson.

  31. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: adg100Re: adg100 – Lol talk about hypocritical, you keep talking about how it's the MEDIA that kill the country, and cause this hatred towards things, yet you bash FOXnews jesus are you ignorant and stupid. Foxnews gets hated on constantly b/c it is the only thing that is remotely close to the center, MSNBC/CNN/HLN i can go on and on, are so left wing its absurd, so because Fox news is "different" it gets so much hate, you are definitely right that the media is the problem, only difference is your attacking the wrong part of the media, fair and balanced news isn't around anymore even i know that, but Bill o'reilly tells the truth and dominates anyone who tries to tell him different, and Fox news is as close to it as there is in this day in age, the entire system has to be changed.

  32. 32

    Adg, Bill actually echoes the sentiments of most conservatives and it is the liberal media that makes conservatives like me seem like bigoted hate mongering homophobes. U have the whacked out christian fundamentalists that represent a very small portion of the party, yet seem to get the most attention when it comes to stereotyping a whole belief system. So shut ur face, you are beyond ignorant.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, good for him, and am surprised. Sexual preference over the age of majority shouldn't be an issue.

  34. 34

    These are the same women who are out there taking there taking thier breasts out in public because they are too lazy to pump a bottle of breast milk and want to shove breast freeding down everyones throats. They think it is ok to flash a breast but nnot ok for Ellen to have a wife she loves because she is gay? Can't these women go get an education or something instead of trying to be obnoxious?

  35. 35

    this saddens me that there is still this level of hatred in the world there are so many problems in the world yet hatred of one another seems to be the only thing people want to do.. these woman should be ashamed to be alive

    ellen u have my vote